MDC rebels come out guns blazing

via MDC rebels come out guns blazing – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba 12 APRIL 2014

Expelled MDC deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and his renewal team have dismissed their expulsion from the party, saying it is a legal nullity.

The opposition party on Thursday summarily expelled Mangoma, national executive members Jacob Mafume and Last Maengahama, as well as youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi.

The four are part of the so-called renewal team within the MDC that has been agitating for the removal of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The stunning decision was reached at a National Council meeting at the party’s headquarters in Harare where the quartet was accused of attempting to effect a coup d’état, among other serious allegations.

However, the fired members have come out guns blazing, saying their suspension is illegal and thus null and void.

Jacob Mafume, spokesperson for Mangoma and the renewal team, yesterday told journalists that he and his colleagues were still bona fide members of the MDC.

“The Thursday meeting of the national council was a kangaroo process which made a kangaroo judgment and we view that judgment as a legal nullity,” Mafume said.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    If your friends don’t like you any more and vote to get rid of you the best thing is to go. Their is no court in the world that can make somebody like you, especially if you are an attention seeking bundle of neurotic ambition.

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    Tafunuka 8 years ago

    It appears as if it’s Mangoma who wants to be president and not Biti. If it’s Mangoma then no one is going to dance to his Drum beat, I guess.

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    Just Go Guys,you are no longer wanted fo sure.your leader is following u at Congress .we are preparing his wont Mis him ,he is coming to join you soon

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    Moses was chosen by God to take away the chosen nation to the chosen land. With all the suffering people of Zimbabwe are going through honestly you can’t blame one man. Zimbabweans need to know the root cause of their suffering, it’s not Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, he is just an innocent man with a mammoth task to unseat a devil sitting on the throne. The devil came a wolf in a sheep skin and used all tactics to brain wash the people of Zimbabwe to the extent that they can’t see the importance of their birth right and nationhood. They gave up to false manipulation and intimidation. You have to die for your freedom, you have to sacrifice for the future of your children. Fighting Morgan Tsvangirai and not taking your government head on is pointless. Morgan is the light you have, hate him or like him, he still remain relevant to the struggle of Zimbabwe. Support the REAL force for change and cast away acts of jealous and envy. Mangoma and crew you need to repent and apologise to the people of Zimbabwe. The whole world is waiting for the people of Zimbabwe to start help themselves first, for if they come in without your national resolve and determination, you will never see the importance of your indipendence and be able to safeguard it. You need a unity of purpose to fight zanupf. Free yourself from this evil, Morgan Tsvangirai is your Moses.

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    short 8 years ago

    Well MDC really needs to learn a thing or two from Renamo

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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    Mupurisa 8 years ago

    I am sure most of us are getting so tired of this story by now! It’s amazing that all those responsible for this whole drama don’t seem to realize how destructive this whole saga is for the already soiled image of the MDC and all concerned. Please just sort this problem out, once and for all, and QUICKLY too. Then hopefully they can refocus and remember the real issues, i.e. : ZIMBABWE IS BURNING WHILE YOU QUARREL LIKE BABOONS!! Dofo dzevanhu!!

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    Tsuro Magen'a 8 years ago

    Why force yourself on others.

    One way of measuring If one is doing well in our struggle against Zanu and liberate us is the time or interview length the Herald or ZBC gets. I never knew Mafume or his face in all these years of our struggle. This time he has made headline and a good photoshop. What makes him qualify now. Zanu ne Herald now like you so much?

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    Iwe Mafume where did you study your Law degree? You are the complainant and at the same time become the judge to declare your dismissal null and void. the Mdc has the right to freedom of association and freedom not to associate with you. Your court application will take years to finish. Ukahwina we will appeal to Supreme Court ukahwina futi we will appeal to the Constitutional court iwe uripanze.just form your party and share the posts

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    Tsvangirai is simply taking whatever measures he and Chamisa can dream up to ensure that they remain unaccountable for consistent failure to deliver.

    They are now behaving like ZanuPF. They are zanufying mdc-T to protect their jobs and newly acquired wealth.

    The people’s message to the Renewal Team is “Stick to the founding principles and values of the MDC party as you are right now, It is not you who have abandoned them. Stay on course to repair the damage rendered by thugs and fools.You represent and are fighting for the soul of the party. The people are with you and support clening out the corrupt, the pseudo zanoids and the tin pot dictators who are contaminating our founding values and principles It is time to go back to MDC by dropping the T”.

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    chief svosve 8 years ago

    We are sick and tired of this bunch of power hungry people.You should repent for wasting the Nation`s precious in the unity gvt

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Nzou, I tend to agree with you….

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    Nzou and svosve you are talking nonsense what has mdc got to do with government issues ,its our duties as citizens of zimbabwe to take government to task mdc squables is a private business lets deal with government s shot changing us ourselves you idiots.

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    shumba liverpool 8 years ago

    Legal nullity…sour grapes..

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    Well said jobolinko!

    Seems people can’t see the big picture here.
    The government is short-changing us big time and we, the people should take them to task.
    Our house is crumbling around us.
    Don’t we care?

    The MDC can sort out their squabbles at their own pace.

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    Go to hell guys!!!You must take founding principles with you and just start campaigning for 2018