MDC-T a genuinely African party, Chamisa

via MDC-T a genuinely African party, Chamisa | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As Zimbabwe celebrates Africa Day this week MDC-T National Organizing Secretary Nelson Chamisa has said his party is a genuinely African party whose leaders were born on the continent and believe in its institutions.

He said the fact that his leader Morgan Tsvangirai is being medically treated in the country, while President Mugabe is consulting foreign doctors, shows that the MDC-T is more African than ZANU PF.

Chamisa’s comments come after Tsvangirai was hospitalized in Harare. News of his illness came after the former Prime Minister failed to attend a party rally on Sunday, which was Africa Day.

But as Tsvangirai was being treated in Harare Mugabe had just jetted back from what his aides claim was ‘a routine eye check up’ in Singapore. Mugabe, who claims his party is more patriotic than the MDC-T, routinely goes to the Asian country for treatment and it is difficult to know when he last sought medical attention inside his own country.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Cutting Edge programme Chamisa dismissed fears that the MDC-T is splitting, saying the party is ‘purifying’ and is going through the process of renewal. He said his party is different from the old African liberation parties which he said had a tendency to stifle debate and reform.

The Kuwadzana MP said: ‘There is no splitting; it’s a distillation and peeling off process. There are certain elements that then choose to find themselves some comfortable corners and safe zones. It’s a democratic process.’

Chamisa blamed some party members for trying to seek leadership change through ‘undemocratic methods conceived in beer halls.’ He said: ‘You can’t just take up a megaphone and say so and so must go. There are platforms and there is a Congress and that must be respected.’

These observations come after MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti led an attempt to ‘renew’ the party leadership. The attempt which came after the assault and expulsion of deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma, for asking Tsvangirai to resign his position, saw the party split into two factions.

Since then the Renewal Team and the Tsvangirai camp have been fighting over the party assets with incidents of violence being reported. But Chamisa claimed that the party was getting rid of ‘agents and infiltrators’ who are trying to create a ‘crisis.’



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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    So boring.clap trap. Yawn. Such comments will never overthrow zanupf. Fools galore

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    An African party in 1980 started the meltdown in 1980. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kikikiki

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    Was the RF not an African party?

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    mdc is an African party but you are a monkey coz you imposed candidates last year resulting in the party losing the election. you are the missing link in the party and the earlier morgan realises it the better.

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    The election was lost because of fraud by Mugabe and his thugs. As was every election including the first in 1980. back then everyone knew that Mugabe was busy incriminating all and sundry but that fool Lord Carrington thought he knew best and ignored Smith and between him and Lord Soames thought that they knew best. Also they resented Smith as he had ran rings around them for years they could not trick Smith, but the bishop was another matter. None of them heeded his advice and that is where we are today,

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    That was intimidating

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    Insider 8 years ago

    It certainly is an African party, it is led by a fool who had everything going for him but screwed it up once he got a taste for power and became totally absorbed in the good life such as houses/women/whisky and fancy cars. He is considered a buffoon by the international community and will have to work very hard to rid himself of the label. Personally I think it is too late and he is yesterdays man. Please let a leader emerge who has the respect and respects THE PEOPLE AND THE COUNTRY.

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    mucha 8 years ago

    What’s the story here? So all Zimbabweans who seek medical treatment abroad are not genuine Zimbabweans?
    It is not MDC-T seeking medical treatment locally but Tsvangirai. Similarly it is not ZPF seeking medical treatment abroad. These are individuals, so don’t mix things.

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    So what is so special about being an African party? There are hundreds of them throughout the continent & it hasn’t done us any good. My advice to Chamisa is, if you have nothing worthwhile to say then zip it!