MDC-T MPs gagged from debating presidential speech

via MDC-T MPs gagged from debating presidential speech | SW Radio Africa By Tichaona Sibanda September 25, 2013

All MDC-T MPs and senators will not be allowed to engage in any debate about the President’s parliamentary opening speech, during this session of the eighth parliament.

The gagging order was issued by the MDC-T parliamentary caucus to its legislators this week, ahead of Tuesday’s first sitting of parliament following its official opening by President Robert Mugabe two weeks ago.

MDC-T MPs boycotted the opening following the party’s defeat in the July 31st elections, saying Mugabe’s re-election was not legitimate.

The order to stop the legislators from debating the speech has irked some of the MDC-T MPs who believe it gives them an opportunity to hold the executive to account.

However the chief whip and MDC-T MP for Mutare central, Innocent Gonese defended the move arguing that it’s a measure of consistency adopted by the opposition.

Gonese told SW Radio Africa on Wednesday that they did not attend the official opening and by so doing made a symbolic and powerful statement that elections in Zimbabwe were fundamentally flawed.

“By the same token, we cannot then be seen participating in the debate of the speech given by Mugabe whose re-election we do not recognize. Our position as such is we cannot dignify his official opening of parliament by subsequently engaging in a debate of his speech that we boycotted,” said Gonese.

Asked what they will do in the absence of debating Mugabe’s speech, Gonese explained that there are other motions that will be tabled by ZANU PF and the MDC-T of which they will be free to debate.

“We have already moved a motion on Health and we will be tabling a motion on Agriculture. There is a plethora of other motions that we will engage in but not the presidential speech as a matter of principle,” the MP said.



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    Mr Gonese is right. Debating Mugabe’s speech is just as good as saying he Mugabe came thru the front door when we all know that he came like a thief at night, a robber of the elections, lol!!! The situation in Zimbabwe is one of dispair for the majority of the people, we should do more to protest and expose these cowards.

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    Plan noted and what is the expected output of the move?

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    gonese listen,which health motion are you talking about. if a president cant finish their term let there be fresh elections in 90 days. why was that changed. amend that thats your strategic business in this parliament.Biti aripi, so queit zvinhu zvakapresser.machinja acho vakomana. 2 voters roll in print and electronic must be given to political parties in a specified number of days before elections kwete kuti in reasonable time ndochii. this is what u shld focus on.agriculture for what ndeye vanhu vari mupower. iwe pusha bill rekuti munhu haavhoti ne slip kana asiri pa voters roll. haudi kutonga here iwe. push angenda inoitisa kuti ma elctions aite even. politics dzenyu makadzinhongepi.mamayor amuri kuti ayende what does the law say are you sure if you fire them they are not going to remain as councillors. mdc munorasisa vanhu nema casual approach panodiwa seriuos. makamboendesa nyaya inonyadzisa to a wrong court kwaakuzoenda to another ipo pama council elections . chiiko.
    Siyanai nezvemaspeech. do groundwork for 2018 speech unoidii. im angry

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    Nhai zvako iwe Zi.. Urikutaura zvinonzwika manje machinja acho haateerere. Vanoda zvataurwa nebhunu. People will not support you nokuramwa kana kutukirira. Zvinongoda kutaura gwara rako rakanaka rinopikisa zvakaipa zviripo. Kwete zvana Biti kutukirira hanzi ‘ma kombi driver anoita kunge vakazvarirwa kaZvimba’. Ndi former Finance minister iyeye watinotarisira kuti zvimwe kuda achazotonga nyika? He has the guts to insult zvimba people who voted for him. So he has beef with everyone from zvimba? Wakaneta Biti

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    Somebody seems to lack proper reason here. Are we ever going to have a tangible opposition I wonder? What do you achieve by these piecemeal approaches? It smirks of hypocrisy for people to say we don’t accept the President and then go on and recieve his say cheques. Come on guys lets be serious lest we risk oblivion. You went to the courts and came empty handed. If you meant anything you should then have boycotted altogether and sought other avenues of redress. If that is not possible then why not concede and move forward within the space you currently occupy

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    I meant you go on and accept his pay cheques