MDC-T plots anti #mugabe demos

via MDC-T plots anti-Mugabe demos – Southern Eye by Moses Matenga 14 April 2014

THE MDC-T yesterday said it was planning countrywide protests against President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF rule saying this would be the best way to salvage the people from the current crisis bedevilling the country.

Addressing party supporters during a provincial rally in Kuwadzana in Harare, Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa said the economy was nose-diving because Zanu PF was proving to be clueless in dealing with the current crisis.

“We will go back to the 2008 situation if nothing is done. The Zimbabwean problem is a political problem, it’s a crisis of governance,” said Chamisa, who is also the party’s organising secretary.

“Section 59 of the country’s Constitution gives us the right to demonstrate. We will not be violent in our demonstration, we will not use guns, but our rights will be our guns.”

However, previous mass actions by the MDC-T have failed to remove Mugabe and Zanu PF or mobilise enough support to protest.
MDC-T’s 2002 final push in protest over the results of presidential elections also failed to remove Mugabe.

Former St Marys MP Job Sikhala, who recently joined the MDC-T from his project MDC99, said Mugabe should prepare for the biggest fight of his lifetime.

“If you see Sikhala coming to unite with Tsvangirai, note that you are in the final phase of the revolution,” he said.

“Even Mugabe and his Zanu PF are having running tummies because of this unity. We are tired and we can’t wait until 2018. You don’t even have a dollar to buy vegetables and you would have died by then. We are looking at extraordinary methods and means to deal with Mugabe.”

Sikhala proposed that the MDC-T should stop participating in all by-elections and focus on campaigning to dislodge Mugabe.

Chamisa said former MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, recently fired for insubordination should stay home and stop confusing people.

He warned MDC-T MPs to remain loyal and “clear” in support of the party leader or risk expelling themselves from the party. Mangoma was fired together with national executive member, Last Maengahama, youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkhwananzi and former legal advisor in the then Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s office Jacob Mafume.

Mafume is the spokesperson for the MDC-Team which is calling for leadership renewal.

“Those who are saying we are not following the values of the MDC were not there when the party was formed,” said Chamisa.

“Mangoma joined the party in 2006 when he came from another party. We gave him power and the problem with nestling is it wants to fly before it has wings.”

Chamisa said the party was getting stronger after “vomiting” some members and rejoining with founding members of the struggle like Sikhala.

He also described continued participation in by-elections as “nonsensical and useless”.

“MPs and provincial leaders must be clear. If you can’t be in the right position, you subtract yourself and we are clear about that,” he said.

Chamisa said Zanu PF was in disarray and the confusion in the party was evident in Parliament and government where they are exposing and fighting each other while the country suffers.

“The main actor will not die before the end of the film and we will make it to a new Zimbabwe,” he said.


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    Muri kutononoka. When is the D-Day. Ngachitsve mhani. Muchazosungwa manje pasina zvabuda.

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    The war will lead to the great purge, blood will spill in the streets, innocent souls will be slaughtered, opposition members will bne tortured and scattered leaving the masses without leadership. The crisis will lead to the birth of new charismatic leaders who will rise on the occasion…who will fight the evil forces and bring to an end the bloody loooting fake revolutionary sell outs. The question is , what shall trigger this revolution.

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    Liberator 9 years ago

    Kana pfuti dzacho toridza futi. We are sick and tired of these ZANU PF thugs and murders who are mass killing us. As Zimbabweans we are an endangered population due to ZANU PF. In 2008 more than a million Zimbabweans died of hunger and it was never said. In prisons there are mass graves when more half of the prisoners in Zimbabwe died of hunger. We tried peaceful demostrations and they failed. How can we be peaceful against those violent murders. Lets fight fire with fire. Lets use a tried and tested method. We are ready and prepared to fight for our freedom. Ngatiridze pfuti tidzorere Zimbabwe kuvanhu veruzhinji kwete kuti vanaMliswa nanaMugabe chete ndivo vanhu.

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    Insider 9 years ago

    Civil disobediance, take out the CIO’s who live in the townships, send them back to work with broken limbs and blind. Their work friends will soon dance to a different tune. Dig up the roads leading into the townships so that the Police trucks cannot get in. Take the fight to the streets in any way you can and we will win. Let us attack every member of this stinking Government and also their relatives, they too will dance to a a diferent tune when their mothers and fathers take the pain. We beat Smith we can beat Mugabe

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    thats the spirit Insider, its time to fight back, which is not dying, we are buring our family members everyday.. at list lets die trying to emprove our country..Mugabe and your evil wife your days are numbered…

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    reader 9 years ago

    Would it not be better to show our compassion by just arresting Mugabe and some of his thugs, it should not be difficult if we converge on him when least expecting it, his body gaurds only have 20 bullets in the gun and most of those will miss.

    Take him out of circulation with Disgrace and the CIO, the PF stalwatrs/Theives hold them to ransom, freedom for freedom. they will soon buckle.

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    Insider 9 years ago

    Sorry Reader, the bible says an eye for an eye. This is the only thing these people understand, let them feel the pain they have inflicted, let them feel it tenfold. I cannot feel compassion for these dogs

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    Zvakwana 9 years ago

    ZPF through their elaborate CIO web know exactly what the people are thinking and doing hence when the time comes these murderers and thugs will have to dissappear to other friendly countries when the time comes.

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    mandy 9 years ago

    Totally agree that the time is now. However, lets all be clear who the enemy is.
    I have a suggestion. A people’s struggle needs more friends than enemies. Those staying in Harare should all start by going to the judgement night and then start from there.

    But meanwhile lets all remember that the people who are staying with you in the townships cannot all of a sudden become your enemies simply because they work for the system be it CIO, army, ZRP or zanupf for that matter. Has it ever occured to you that are they are suffering in the same manner as you and are only too keen to see the dictator go. Take for example, cashbert dube on whose side can he be at the moment. Your neighbor who is working in the CIO who warned you above an impending arrest or something bad. In short lets not paint everybody with the same brush because we do not know who they voted for in the first place. But we will know the agents of the regime by their works. Those who will come and confront because you want to demonstrate, those who will be spying on you and those who pretended to be with us but are now receiving acres of space in the Herald and state media.

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    Patriot 9 years ago

    Now all those bottled emotions are coming out. Are you guys democrats or thugs. 2018 is not far from now, why not wait for your chance if it is true that you are democratic. Go out on those streets and you shall tell others that, this thing should not be done. So you think that you are the only one’s who know what to do. Kubva pindai mumastreets timboonerera. Chegore rino.