MDC-T prepares for October congress

via MDC-T prepares for October congress | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Thursday, May 1, 2014

All senior MDC-T posts will be up for grabs at the elective Congress in October, including that of the Presidency, party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said on Thursday.

The former Nyanga North MP told SW Radio Africa that ‘no post will be reserved for anyone’ adding that anybody who wants to contest for any post from the President down to national youth chairman is free to do so.

The standing committee, the top 15 leaders of the party, would be chosen during congress. The congress will also come up with policy decisions to guide the party, chief among them the need to unite with other pro-democracy forces to challenge ZANU PF in the 2018 elections.

Despite facing acute financial difficulties as a result of donors allegedly withdrawing and cutting off aid to the party, Mwonzora said they were confident they will find money for the congress. He said their estimation for October was based on the assumption that they will be prepared both financially and materially.

‘We will find the money…this is a very important program for the party. There is a lot of vacuum created by the departure of key members of MDC who have gone to form their political party,’ he said.

The party has embarked on a massive fund raising campaign which began last month with party members being asked to pay 50 cents each to boost the party coffers.

This week the party launched another separate campaign for its members.
Ordinary citizens are being asked to donate a $1 using an Eco-cash facility.
The government also owes the MDC-T US$3 million which the ruling ZANU PF party is deliberately withholding as part of plans to allegedly ‘destroy’ the movement.

Zimbabwe’s Political Parties Finance Act stipulates that a party that garners at least five percent of the vote in a previous election is eligible to receive public funds.



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    That’s what they should have waited for. Unfortunately they wanted a coup.

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    Exactly Jack. They could not wait because the real people behind them were pushing too hard.

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    cypriano 9 years ago

    may u please send us the code so that I can pay my 5 dollars only.

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    What sort of a Congress is this where the result is already pre-determined?

    All they want to do is to formalise dictatorship and pretend Tsvangirayi continues in his position through a democratic vote.

    The truth of the matter is, if Tsvangirayi was indeed a true democrat; he would not continue to offer his services or to stand, after he has been in office this long.

    It does not matter whether his supportrs still want him to continue; he would simply step aside to give others a chance in much the same way Mandela did after his first term in office that ended in 1999.

    This nonsensical argument that “my people still want me” is typical of African dictators. People still wanted Nelson Mandela to continue, since he still had a second term to go, but he still declined!!

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    “He would simply step aside to give others a chance in much the same way Mandela did after his first term in office that ended in 1999.” What term of office has MT served? Who did he dictate to since he has never been in Power? The Dictators normally do coups so who is the Dictator?
    “What sort of a Congress is this where the result is already pre-determined?” ARE YOU A MOLE THAT YOU KNOW IT’S PREDETERMINED? A Zanu or Biti spy perhaps?