MDC-T restructures

via MDC-T restructures January 19, 2014 by Patrice Makova Zimbabwe Standard

THE MDC-T has once again ruled out the possibility of holding an extra-ordinary congress this year and will instead embark on a massive restructuring exercise as part of efforts to turn around the party’s waning political fortunes.

The party has been under pressure from some of its officials, funders and supporters who are pushing for a special congress to elect new leadership following  its disastrous performance in last year’s July 31 election,  won resoundingly by Zanu PF.

But MDC-T spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora said the party’s national standing committee met last week and effectively ruled out the idea of an early congress. They resolved the congress will be held when it is due in 2016.

Mwonzora said the party agreed to unite under the leadership of former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai until the next congress.

He said rather than going for early elections, the MDC-T national standing committee opted for a “massive” restructuring of district, provincial and national structures among other measures aimed at rejuvenating the party.

The MDC-T spokesperson did not clearly spell out how the restructuring would be held. Some party officials said they feared the exercise would be used to eliminate dissenting voices.

“Branches and provinces considered rebellious are likely to be dissolved and replaced with puppet ones,” said an MDC-T national council member.

But Mwonzora said: “No one is going to be dissolved. We will use the exercise to fill vacant posts so that there are no gaps in our structures.”

He said the MDC-T will be undertaking a lot of activities to make the party stronger and start preparing for the 2018 elections.

“This year we are going to re-strategise, regroup and reposition ourselves as a government in-waiting,” said the MDC-T spokesperson.

He said the national standing committee agreed that factions have no place in the “new” MDC-T, while at the same time not discouraging people from challenging Tsvangirai and other leaders.

“Our position is that there is nothing wrong with those who want to contest our president [Tsvangirai], secretary-general, [Tendai Biti] and others,” said

Mwonzora. “This should however be done in accordance with our constitution which stipulates that positions are contested at the right time during congresses.  The next contest is therefore in 2016.”

He said the issue of the mayor of Mutare, Tatenda Nhemarare who was fired from the party  together with nine councillors from the eastern border city, Victoria Falls and Redcliff for defying a party directive, did not come up for discussion.

He said as the councillors appealed, their cases were now being handled by a tribunal headed by former minister of constitutional affairs, advocate Eric Matinenga. Nhemarare and the councillors were fired while the mayor of Gweru Hamutendi Kombayi was recalled for “indiscipline” and voting against candidates imposed by the party leadership.

Mwonzora said this year, the MDC-T would be more visible vowing that the party’s shadow cabinet ministers would keep the Zanu PF government on its toes.
He said the shadow ministers will continue proffering the party’s alternative policies.

“We will offer our parallel policies and soon we are going to start organising more rallies,” he said.

Cracks within the MDC-T have been widening since the July elections which Zanu PF won by an over two thirds majority, with President Robert Mugabe garnering 61% votes compared to Tsvangirai’s 33%.

While the MDC-T contested the electoral outcome, alleging massive vote rigging and intimidation, analysts said it was clear that Zanu PF successfully regrouped, as MDC-T snoozed.



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    mucha 8 years ago

    The party has been under pressure………following its disastrous performance in last year’s election, won resoundingly by Zanu PF.

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    So no one in the leadership will be held accountable for being duped at the polls.

    Remember what they said? ….

    “No compliance with the terms of the GPA, No Elections”
    “No reforms, No elections!”

    What did they do? They lead the people into election with:

    No Compliance with any terms of GPA.
    No compliance with any roadmaps or reforms.
    No removal of oppressive legislation even when they held a majority in parliament.
    Took no notice of NIKUV being in town earning USA$13 million to facilitate Zanu PF back into power by smart rigging.

    They took no notice or advice and and heeded no warnings because they knew better than their own advisers.

    And now we hear Mwonzora pontificating a skin saving exercise to protect those who lead the nation into failure and now they intend to escape accountability.

    There is a saying “You get the government and the opposition you deserve.” Unless there is radical change to the leadership of the MDC, Zanu PF and their Chinese masters will rule Zimbabwe till kingdom come.

    Each and every one of us has a responsibility to push for change and some of that radical change has to happen at leadership in the MDC. The grass roots of the party must act now!


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    @ Nzou-you are right about their failures.Its funny that they want to restructure lower levels which did not cause the election failures.We all know that it was the leadership which failed the people not the other way round.MDC is full of real dictators guys,people of good will should act now to stop them before they become like the ruling party.This is right time to have leadership restructured so that the new leaders have adequate time to come out with a new strategy for the next elections.The leadership wants to paint a false picture to the masses that everything is normal when it is not.The sooner you accept your failures the better ,this would allow you to make extraordinary quick decisions to plan ahead not to dwell in the past.Step aside and allow new mindset,commonsense and wisdom to lead the masses whilst there is time before the next elections.

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    Lost Cause 8 years ago

    We all know what caused us to lose the election. Restructure the top and create a better gvt in waiting. Not councillors in waiting

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    Maid Marion 8 years ago

    Wait for 2018?? What ever for. Where is that so called dossier with all the facts surrounding the ‘nikuved’ elections??? Stand up, admit you mistakes, call for fresh elections and don’t stop until they are held. Turn defeat into victory!

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    So if zanu won resoundingly why is everything going down my fellow zimbabweans sometimes becareful what you wish for

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    Time wasting. A moribund and useless party led by a useless, uneducated womaniser. The green machine is what you should be talking about; not this rubbish!

    • comment-avatar
      Mpunzi 8 years ago

      Said like a true loser who follows the ultimate loser … Ncube

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    Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

    MDC have been a total failure. Anyone who still has any lingering hope of Tsvangirai ruling Zimbabwe needs their heads examined. If they cannot see Tsvangirai for the blundering incompetent idiot he is, even with the benefit of hindsight, then they are blind.