MDC-T to discipline “sell outs”

via MDC-T to discipline “sell outs” | The Zimbabwean by Sofia Mapuranga 17.09.13

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) says it will investigate and discipline its councillors who voted for Zanu (PF) mayoral candidates.

In Redcliff, Freddy Kapuya of Zanu (PF) polled five out of nine votes against Takura Chikwira’s four of the MDC- T.

This is despite that the MDC- T boosts of seven elected councilors against Zanu (PF)’s two. In Kwekwe, Matenda Madzoke of Zanu (PF) beat rival Aaron Gwalazimba of the MDC- T after he secured eight votes despite that both parties hold seven seats respectively.

The party’s spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora attributed the defeat of mayoral candidates from his party in these constituencies to victimisation and possible vote buying.

He said the party would take disciplinary action against the councillors found on the wrong side of the party’s founding values and principles.

“This is the work of a few individuals. We believe that they could have acted in the way they did because they were victimised. It is possible that they thought that having a Zanu (PF) mayor would save them from being removed from council by the Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo like what happened in the past,” he said.

Mwonzora said the possibility of vote buying by Zanu (PF) mayoral candidates was very high. “We cannot rule out vote buying because (Zanu (PF)) are experts at it,” he said.

He said voting for Zanu (PF) mayors by MDC- T councillors was a betrayal of the electorate “who voted them into power to change the Zanu way of doing things in urban local authorities”. Said Mwonzora: “We believe that these councilors should be disciplined accordingly.”

Zanu (PF) spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said the development was an indicator that the urban electorate was realising that his party was progressive and people oriented. “Even the MDC councillors are satisfied with how we do things as a party. Our policies and what we have done in the past shows that we have the people at heart,” he said. “Women and youth empowerment and the cancellation of water and electricity bills are success stories spearheaded by our party and this is why they voted for Zanu (PF) candidates.”



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    nikuvhu 9 years ago

    We are still operating. Nikuvhu will be around for some time as long as diamond mines are open.

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    Money money money. Yes those are indeed “sellouts”. But its nothing but just money for these pôliticians including old ones Dzikamai Mavhaire, Jonathan Moyo, Lovemore Moyo, Samkange all of them just like Julius Malema, Thabo Mbeki, luxurious Jacob Zuma together with their loose sisters Lindiwe Zulu and Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. Its nothing but just money especially from Zimbabwe diamonds!!!!!

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    Discipline should start with the president of the MDC because he is the one who taught his followers the gospel to selling out. I remember him on CNN saying Mbeki must switch off power export to Zimbabwe (sabotage). Now his followers are switching off their support from MDC.

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    chimusoro 9 years ago

    Shut the whole party down!

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    pidzo 9 years ago

    regai tione kuti tsvangirai dzoitonga sei….

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    kevin 9 years ago

    How can the losers discipline the winners?

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    Munyaradzi 9 years ago

    MDC got it wrong by failing to come up with a viable solution to the problem of the 31 July stolen vote. Indeed party cadres seem to be losing hope in the party after party chairman Douglas Mwonzora said party cadres must wait for 2018 elections. MDC won in 2008 but failed to take over power. It is claimed that it won again the July 31 vote but was robbed. If MDC can not manage to protect the people’s vote, then why continue voting for them. Ko ivo vanoramba vachibirwa varipi?

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    WELL SAID KEVIN,they lost on the parlimentary seats and now they want to sneak in through as ‘MAYORS’. Yes to some extent they did sellout but in good vain to prove a point to the MDC T leadership(democracy does not impose)

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    Qiniso 9 years ago

    Nothing is wrong working with zanu for the benefit of the country. Its time mdc start reorganizing itself for the next election, instead of concentrating on this boycott beat.

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    Changamire Leo 9 years ago

    This is a very interesting case.I fully understand the reason why our MDC-T Councillors voted for Zanu Pf mayors.First and foremost the MDC-T imposed candidates for the position of mayors so that they will be able to control them rather than have them engaging in debate.It was because of this imposition that our Cllrs were left with limited choices and ended up voting Zanu Pf guys.The aspect of money changing hands can not be ignored as well.I think this is the time for the MDC-T to seriously work on its structures instead of disciplining its members who voted for Zanu Pf.The MDC-T leadership should swallow its pride and acknowlegde that the MDC-T Cllrs exercised their democratic right by choosing the Mayors of their choices.Thats the only bad part of democracy when it turns against you.