MDC-T Youths Chase Away Kay From Meeting

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – MDC-T Youths Chase Away Kay From Meeting By Tafirenyika Nemadire October 2, 2013

Former MDC-T legislator Ian Kay was on Monday chased away from the party’s district meeting as retribution for calling for leadership renewal within the Morgan Tsvangirai-led party.

Last month Kay, the MDC-T Marondera Central losing parliamentary candidate joined the party’s exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennett in calling for leadership in the opposition party after Tsvangirai lost the July 31 harmonised elections to President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

“This is like a soccer team. If the coach continues losing, there is need for the technical board to sit down and deal with the issue,” Kay reportedly local media. “There is need to plan ahead before the ship sinks and if there is need to change the coach, then let it be. Or should I say it is like a rusty bolt? There is need for it to be removed and replaced with a new one rather than leave it like that,” he added without elaborating.

But on Monday, the Marondera MDC-T district recommended the expulsion of Kay from the party instead of waiting for the decision of the party’s national leadership.

Angry party youths who include Richman Karonge, Peter Nyadendera, Charles Ngwenya and More Marata the party’s youth chairman for ward 1 in Marondera’s Dombotombo suburb chased Kay from the meeting.

“We confronted Mr Kay at the meeting which one of his allies, who is the party’s Marondera district chair Chengetai Murowa had organized and defaulted. Marowa defaulted after realizing that we were going to take them to task. We told Mr Kay that we are aware of the meetings he and a senior party official (name withheld) are holding in secrete hotels on replacing president Tsvangirai. We also told him that we are aware that he is the one who caused the dismissals and suspensions of MDC-T members here in Marondera. He did all this to make the party lose and then give the blame to Tsvangirai. That is the reason why we wanted to beat him up,” said one of the youths, who caused havoc at the meeting.

The meeting, which proceeded after the departure of Kay later resolved to call back suspended party members and those who lost the party’s primary elections, including those who contested as independent candidates in the July elections in protest against the imposition of unpopular candidates.

Kay a senior official in the MDC-T followed the footsteps of Bennett by publicly opining that Tsvangirai  should step down.

As former white former commercial farmers, Bennett and Kay have been part of a key constituency for the MDC-T party which is credited with helping finance the party since its formation in 1999.

When reached for comment, Kay referred Radio VOP to contact Marowa for details about the Monday meeting.

“Ask the chairman, one Murowa for official comment. The meeting went on well and it was not disturbed but for an official comment please call the chairman .This is coming from drunken people but for the whole story and comment call Mr Murowa. We agreed what we agreed at the meeting,” Kay said before terminating the call.

Efforts to reach Murowa were fruitless as his mobile phone went answered for several times.



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    Rudadiso 9 years ago

    Only primitive people resort to violence as a way of resolving differences.

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    Suspended party members have been reinstated by the District and one Kay chased away for being responsible for the defeat in recent elections which the Party say were rigged. It’s the beginning of the total disintegration of MDC T all because of foolish, incompetent and blind leadership. He will not go to let someone takeover the because he considers it has his personal party. Surprised even some professors follow such a poor leader.

    • comment-avatar
      nesbert majoni 9 years ago

      Don’t be double faced you are ZANU pf. Why don’t you tell Mugabe to step down. Tsvangirai made it very clear that if the leadership change is to take place there are proper channels which must be followed. SIMPLE. He never said he want to remain on top for ever.

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        Mugabe’s sucessesion is not a national debate bt a Zanupf issue. If the Zanupf congress endorses him thats it, nobody shld complain, so is Tsvangirai.

  • comment-avatar
    zondi 9 years ago

    So with this situation, where will the MDC get its funding now that it is expelling the ‘rich friends?’

  • comment-avatar
    Jukwa 9 years ago

    Over the next few weeks, zanupf style tactics like chasing away Mr Kay will become more frequent. Freedom of speech and expression will only be tolerated if you are in the Tsvangirai camp. Keep an eye on Nelson Chamisa. He is organizing the clean out and doing the dirty work to keep Tsvangirai’s hands clean. To the people, I say watch the behaviors of these people closely. We want tolerance, not savagery.


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    These youths are the ones destroying “their party”. Telling the press that they wanted to beat one of their members just because they differ with him defines their organisation as directionless and full of small minded thugs. Politically they are being systematically crushed by Zanupf and instead of accepting debate amongst themselves they are talking of beating up each other. This time since the whites are abandoning them they will all perish in jails if they engage in their primitive acts of violence. Where will they get the money for lawyers like in the past? Its a pity that there are people who believe that this party can ever do something for them.

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    Alex Zimuto 9 years ago

    I am a member of Mdc based in Uk. Ladies and gentlemen, To my understand Mr Kay was 100% write, Mr Tswangirai mast be replaced, Surely if someone lost for more than twise, how can he keep on contesting? It’s only we blacks we don’t want someone who tells the truth and open, Remember’ Mr Kay as a member he was making a suggesting, then the youth wanted to beat him up, is this not ZANU PF style? Let’s have freedom of spech, and remember Mr Kay is one of the top doners. If we can not remove Mr Tswangirai now, what about if he become a President of Zimbabwe, that is clear that another Mugabe again, Maybe it’s just because I leave in a democrated Country where by if someone lost he personally qweete. And Mr Tswangirai him self must see by him self and leave the post,not to be asked. We still have verry powerfull guns like Mr Biti and others why can’t we try them?

    • comment-avatar

      Alex Zimuto,for someone in the UK you need to improve grammar and spelling.Inga maComputer mazuvaano come with spell check wani!

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai survival will depend on ZANU tactics.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai has said go ahead with any succession debate, do it without violence and wait for the next congress.In the meantime act out the MDC principals.

  • comment-avatar
    Kevin Watson 9 years ago

    This is not democracy. This is the Zanu PF way of doing things. These youths should be expelled from the party for bringing it into disrepute. If you disagree with Ian Kay then go to the meeting and tell him so and show him why he is wrong, you do not chase him away.

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    @nesbet Majoni

    Thank you so much , you have taken my words . Ndeipi is very abnormal he must back off we are fine with MDC T leadership , he is a stpuid ZANU PF member , he must go and tell his oldest president in the world to step down , Morgan suffered a lot to be where he is today , he managed to stand up against all the hell from Mugabe , he got assaulted , lost his wife , arrested etc but he never retreated , such calls to say he must step down are from idiots who doesn’t have vision and with goals to distroy MDC T , THEY ARE WORKING FOR ZANU , so they must go to hell , time will be appropriate for us to decide about how we change our leadership .

  • comment-avatar
    germane 9 years ago

    MDC extremists are making another ‘big man’ of Africa. Political failures should do the right thing and resign, to enable renewal in a party. No one is irreplaceable, only dicatatorships keep this myth going.

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    Khabo I admire your loyalty to a man who truly has suffered and championed the caused but it is important to allow people within the party to have there say and come to a democratic agreement otherwise we are as bad as ZANU pf. Agree to disagree and not want to beat up others because they have a different point of view.

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    If this is true, then its very unfortunate. When are we ever going to understand diversity. We all have different views sometimes, must we resort to violence everytime we disagree. MDC should set an example by being tolerant first in its ranks and by example as a rule. Is this type of behaviour the same as our friends in Zanu PF? If there are voices in MDC which need to heard, so be it. MDC leadership made a grave mistake by accepting to participate in election when all was not well. They should take rersponsibility for this disaster. Chasing Kay will not solve the challenges MDC is facing. If leadership must change, call a summit, debate it, vote and move on. The outcome if process is fair and free, everyone must accept that, simple.

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    Zimbabwe was liberated without donors like Kay , Alex and your donors please excuse us , Africa ,Asia , Middle East have got people who can be our donors .Talk good about Kay otherwise they will suck you out of England since you went their through the back door .

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    Hazvisi zvitsva kuudzwa kutiMorgan must go.Ko kurota hakurambidzwe.ZANU knows that come 2018,Mugabe will be not contesting and whoever stands against Tsvangirai will bea walk in the park.Vanhu vanoti Tsvangirai lost twice really must be examined their heads.When did he lose? Kamuzu or Kumuzu , whicheveryou need brain therapy.MDC will never abandon their fearless leader because of people who want to poke their noses in our party.Why don’t you ask ZANU to start fulfilling election promises?
    Those in UK must just shut up.We were in Mudzi, where Headsman make voting audits but still brave grannies and grandpas voted MDC.Those are our heroes .Money or not, we will pay membership fees to keep the party going and we know our sacrifice will never be in vain.ZANU PF is a party of skewed brain people who are selfish.How do you explain indiginisation of Econet, an indigineus company?
    Gore riya Ndabaningi Sithole akaona kutambura kwavanhu akapa hif Churu farm to the landless for accommodation ,ZANU kwava kuuya with bulldozers kuputsa.Kusanyara