MDC-T, Zanu-PF Clash Over Passing of Electoral Bill

via MDC-T, Zanu-PF Clash Over Passing of Electoral Bill VOA 04.06.2014

Zimbabwe’s parliament has passed the Electoral Amendment Bill amid concerns that the amendments don’t go far enough to guarantee free and fair elections.

The opposition MDC-T accuses Zanu PF of fast-tracking the bill, saying the ruling party seeks to, among other issues, re-introduce postal voting, bar Zimbabweans in the diaspora from voting, legalize the use of voter registration slips and deny automatic access to the voters’ roll.

Amendments were pushed through parliament using ruling Zanu PF’s parliamentary majority. The new constitution requires lawmakers to hold public outreach meetings before a bill is signed into law.

Zanu PF insists that all procedures were followed when the bill was brought before the Senate and House of Assembly.



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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    The MDC is giving legitimacy to the regime’s shenanigans in that parliament. They should just walk out in protest and never comeback until all reform are adhered to. MDC are still blundering on like fools. Can they tell us the reason why they are still in that house?

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Justice 8 years ago

    Exactly right …get out of there, make a principled stand for once.

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    The MDC had a golden opportunity to get these things done BEFORE the last elections and they stuffed up badly. Morgan, Biti et al need to crawl over a mile of broken glass to beg the nation for forgiveness. They need to stand up and be counted. NOW! Instead of fighting over playground spoils. May the Lord Himself raise up a leader for Zimbabwe: a man after God’s own heart. I do not see one yet!

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    Oh yes! And this time the whole nation must also stand up and tell ZPF what electoral changes they want. Enough is enough. 2018 rigging is already well under way and may the God of justice expose everything: past, present and future.

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    This is very painful to contemplate ZPF is already rigging for 2018. Zimbabweans lets wake up and save our country from these pillagers, we have been a laughing stoke for too long!

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    They must make noise while in the house so zanu can forcibly eject them because if they walkout zanu will say they have nothing to offer or they immature

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    This is no news at all.If the MDC hoped to have their say in parliament surely they should have taken sabbatical leave from their canal appetite and campaign vigorously to produce a majority voice. Now that they are a minority, it is bound to be a majorityZANU PF way throughout the next five years.