MDC-T: Zim heads for political, social unrest

via MDC-T: Zim heads for political, social unrest 16/01/2014 by Garikai Chaunza NewZimbabwe

THE Opposition MDC-T party’s shadow cabinet has said the country’s is in a state of emergency and predicted political and social unrest as the cash-strapped government struggles with a failing economy and fails to honour pre-election promises.

“We realize that the country is in a crisis which manifests its self from a failed leadership,” Nelson Chamisa the MDC-T shadow cabinet spokesperson told Thursday soon after a meeting held to review the state of the country’s economy.

“Economically the country is in a debilitating and excruciating melt town owing to unprecedented company closures and job loses especially in our major cities and towns.

“This is despite the fact that the country has everything in terms of resources but we have nothing to show as being exhibited by the quality of life individual citizens are experiencing.”

Commenting on the government’s failure award civil servants better salaries which Zanu PF promised during last July’s election campaign Chamisa said “as the alternative government we have realized that there is an industrial turmoil with civil servants’ pockets being empty.

“We as the MDC believe that peace cannot be genuine without industrial peace. We need industrial peace for us to have genuine peace, and clearly the incumbent regime is failing to put in place circumstances and conditions of peace.

“They have abandoned pro-worker and pro-poor policies because they are now the new employer. You will realize this through the collapse of the employment councils; issues of collective bargaining being not pursued, the minimum wage not being not pursued.”

In the run up to the national elections Zanu PF blamed the MDC parties for lack of progress in then inclusive government and accused them of blocking efforts to improve the salaries of government workers.

President Robert Mugabe promised to give civil servants salaries commensurate with the poverty datum line when voted into office.

Currently the poverty datum line stands at above $560.

However, on Wednesday the government offered its employees an increment of $79 which was rejected. Government workers are getting a minimum of $200.

The $79 adjustment would have seen the lowest paid civil servant getting a basic salary of US$375, well short of the Poverty Datum Line of US$540 demanded by unions.




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    mucha 9 years ago

    Is this news? Wishful thinking and rhetoric talking. Only trying to remain politically relevant to the masters.

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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    Mr CHAMISA, your party had its chance. You were led along by the nose by the likes of MUGABE, ZUMA, SADC, MBEKI etc. You capitulated at every point of contention during the so called GNU in the last five years. You spent those years driving your fancy cars, dresing in your fancy suites, living in your fancy houses, with your fancy women. You forgot your founding principles and lost touch with the people on the ground. You were warned that you were losing popularity and that RGM and Zanu would win the day, by fair means or foul. You took no cognizance of the warnings and went on your merry way believing what you wanted to believe. Regretably I believe you are yesterdays people, What is needed is leadership, direction and bravery not hot air.

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    Let us cut the rhetoric and cut to the chase. This is God’s judgment on Zimbabwe: ZPF and the church. Who will begin a clarion cry and call the nan to repentance? Where ate the church leaders? Where are the prophetic voices to the nation? Instead of wasting time tearing each other to pieces let us humble ourselves and in to repent: individually and collectively. Bottom line is: No repentance! no restoration! Surely we are blind for a Christian nation. We are trying to rebuild without repentance. Isaiah 9:10-11

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    In all fairness Mr Chamisa you have not learnt lessons from your election loss.You are still naive and misguided as I last met your team in BYO before the elections. We tried to put sense into your small heads but you played big and complacent so you should just zip your mouth you loser.Let me give you facts how people think about you here in Mat.-you let us down badly that we feel you are all sellouts.Why sellouts? You had all the golden chance to take it all but you were clouded by your bigness and stupid complacence that you even forgot your roots.

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    Uncle 9 years ago

    Fugama unamate ,bring MDC nochange will be enhenced better to call unto the real power house like our fathers did in 1980 when they call upon God and all was delivered,