MDC to summon Bennett

via MDC to summon Bennett – DailyNews Live by Chengetai Zvauya 15 SEPTEMBER 2013

Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC will summon  exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennett to seek clarification on statements he made that the MDC president must quit.

Bennett, who is in self-imposed exile, called for a new leadership of the troubled opposition party, suggesting that Tsvangirai’s continued stay in power did not reflect the will of the people.

In an  interview with the Daily News, MDC chairman Lovemore Moyo, said his party was summoning the former Chimanimani legislator for clarification on his statement.

“I am yet to read the interview where Bennett made these statements but I can confirm that I have heard about it,” Moyo said.

“As the party chairman I am going to summon and ask him to explain these statements you are referring to.  We have internal processes which we use to discipline our members who make statements that bring the party into disrepute.”

“Bennett is a senior member of party and should know better, and he has to explain to us what he meant in the interview he made about the party leadership. Otherwise, I don’t want to comment much on the issue without hearing his side of the story.”

Bennett, now living in South Africa and United Kingdom since he fled the country in 2010 facing charges of treason, told South African newspaper Business Day that Tsvangirai should resign.

“Tsvangirai has served two terms and is nearly completing a third,” Bennett said.

“Deep introspection needs to be undertaken by our national collective leadership not for purposes of looking for scapegoats but for our party to reinvigorate its leadership with a leadership which reflects the will of our people. Regrettably, some within our leadership, as is the case with many political parties, do not wish the grassroots democratic will of the people to prevail.”

Notwithstanding Bennet’s stance, Moyo said the party still believes in the leadership of Tsvangirai and other members of the national executive who were chosen at the party’s congress.

“We still believe in Tsvangirai as our leader as I know that he has the mandate of the party members to lead them,” said Moyo.

“I am still the national chairman of the party until 2016 when we go to the national congress for the elections of new leaders of the party.”

“The struggle for democracy is not yet over, and the elections results are a minor setback, we shall bounce back. I can tell you that if Zanu PF had not rigged the elections we had defeated them and this is why we had gone to the courts to challenge the elections results.

“We are not going to cooperate with Zanu PF in any way as we don’t want to legitimise them because they stole the elections.”



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    Mapingu 9 years ago

    Bennet might be very right in principle, especially if some of the pronouncements on some kind of ‘bedroom’ or ‘kitchen’ doctoring of party constitution to suit the whims of those at the top, are true. The constitution is a sacred document which should not be allowed to be tempered with ‘Nicodimously’ by a few pundits in an organization. Its amendment need to as transparent and democratic as possible. No wonder MDC lost her erstwhile partners during the era of the national constitution making-process. They seem to have a penchant for disregard of democratic tenets. That’s disastrous. One can help hope they learnt from their shoddy performance in the recent past election.

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      Haurase mbereko nokufirwa.Vanhu marara nezamu mumukamwa! Struggle for freedom is not easy and does not come on a silver plate. We need people with balls and not the likes of ‘Pachedu’ business who desert the people and run for dear life when things get tough.Now they start calling for change in leadership through remote control. All like minded people should come back home and face the challenge which Mugabe has created by vote rigging. Who among you have dared even uttered a single word against Mugabe publicly in Zimbabwe. Now that you are in safe havens you start talking nonsense. Unless you are working for Zanu and would want MDC to die a natural death through the so called leadership change.

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      Chiunduro 9 years ago

      I still believe in Morgan,Biti ,Gono alliance is the creation of all these problems.I think Biti is not a leader,but can do dirty work for others like what proffessor is doing on the other side.As for Bennett, i think he is dictating what he wants because of his riches.They are afraid of contesting Morgan @ the congress,that is why they want to force him out

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    Johann 9 years ago

    Roy Bennett only states the obvious.
    It was under the leadership of Mr Tsvangirai that the MDC forfeited any democratic chances and entered into this so called GNU. It was Mr Tsvangirai who personally endorsed the unelected president and called for his international recognition despite the fact that it was clear even to the ordinary man on the street that his own position was merely a window dressing to the fraud that Zanu held all the real power. It will be a long time until real democracy ever has a chance, Mr Tsvangirai cocked it up in 2008 and which ever way you look at it this was endorsed in 2013.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    Agree. With such a history, MDC will be hard pressed to prove they will be any more interested in the rule of law and democracy than the current administration. Tsvangirai could remain an important force within the party, but by manipulating the rules to remain as the leader of MDC, he’s not helping convince folks he’s the leader for freedom he claims to be. I’m truly concerned.

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    TRUTH 9 years ago

    I thought you could exorcise this African mentality of cult like personality and collective thinking. It is only when something bad is not spoken about that its ugly face manifests itself. Why would you not gift Zimbabweans with a different style of leadership? Shame on you! We want people to speak publicly, not in dark corners, anything done in darkness bleeds darkness and it is this darkness which is the problem to the people of Africa.

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    Freedom to speak one’s mind is essential. Lovemore Moyo says he hasn’t read Bennett’s statement and then goes on to talk about disciplinary action. How ZanuPF can you get Lovemore?

    Is Bennett guilty until proved innocent? The whole lot of you should have been made accountable for allowing the election to be ambushed by ZanuPF after being warned by so many MDC supporters. Lovemore, you ignored all the warnings and were stupid enough to go into an election without even inspecting the voters roll. How idiotic is that Lovemore?

    Ever heard of Nikuv Lovemore?

    Now, you are trying to shoot the messenger, Bennett. At least Bennett is not a coward and believes in being accountable, unlike the rest of you.

    I call on all Zimbabweans to stand alongside Bennett because Bennett is entitled to express himself freely like any other Zimbabwean and demands accountability.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    MDC needs a new leader. Morgan has carried the torch for a long time and we all salute him for his bravery and his kind hearted spirit. But we can see that he is not able to beat Mugabe in elections. So let there be leadership renewal as an ordinary part of the process of change and growth, and let it come without anger or fear or blame or division.

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    ZANU YAORA 9 years ago

    I am not sure at what point and where the MDC constitution was changed by Tsvangirai to suit himself, who helped him to change it, from what to what? Can you guys shed more light on this, so we don’t waste time discussing here say.

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    Ed Mrehwa 9 years ago

    What part of leadership change dont you understand mr Moyo?. These internal processes you are talking about have not worked & that is why some frastrated party members & supporters are openly calling for leadership renewal. Democratic change must start from MDC, remember charity begins at home. Morgan has had his three chances & he must give others a fair go at it. He can become a party elder & offer advise when needed. If change does not happen within MDC then there are chances that another strong party will be formed by 2018.

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    TICHATONGA 9 years ago

    Fellow oountryman, this issue of leadership renewal you are talking about is without basis let our dear leader Morgan Tsvangirai with our unwavering support finish the struggle. Come 2016 you can then start to position yourself for his post since you all want to lead the Party. Take a look at some African leaders in your midst who have led their parties for four decades and they are still at helm of their respective parties.

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    Ndlovu 9 years ago

    Roy Bennett would be the natural new leader for MDC -but he might have the wrong skin colour?

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    it is not surprising that bennet is a sellout. those are the people who should be flushed out of the party as we prepare for the coming elections. of what goodness is he when he utters such rubbish instead of giving constructive ideas.
    chakafukidza dzimba dzimba matenga benett weeee, ndezvemumba medu, he is the same tsvangirai who gave zanu pf hardest challenge ever of cause with support from ma face ake. RUBBISH BENNET

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      Sunungura 9 years ago

      Saunyama, you hate Bennett because you are cowardly Zanupf boot licker. Go hang! Bennett is a hero amongst the people and a man amongst men.

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    pidzo 9 years ago

    hapana chekumuudza axplaine his side of the story.if you you don’t approach nyaya yake neungwaru finance munoirasa.

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    Dokotela 9 years ago

    Summon Bennet for what? He has the right to say it as he sees it. MDC claims to be a democratic party with freedom of speech. Bennett has said what he thinks, so why summon him. Show me the difference between Zanu and MDC. At this rate, MDC is just another Zanu, a party which will finally go down because of resitance to change. Is the slogan of the Party not Chinja!! Chinja is the way to go now for MDC to survive.

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    you desert the people and then tell them what to do , thats wrong , Bennet please stay and enjoy your hiding and let people facing the really situation say it out , Tsvangira have played such an important role to bring Mugabe almost his kneels , Bennet you ran away from Zimbabwe , be safe and keep on hiding stop telling us what to do , i don’t care what ever the freedom of the speech says , the fact is that i will never compare you with a brave man like Morgan

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    Munyaradzi 9 years ago

    So, is the Lovemore Moyo trying to convince the nation that the only way forward is to wait for the 2018 elections after this stolen vote?

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    @ Rwatata,boet to see Tsvangirai is also not good. U write a constitution stipulating that presidential terms in a party r only to terms but when ur time is abt to expire u mend the rule in ur favour then it should have stud as a sign that Tsvangirai and Mugabe r the same. How can u say u want to champion damocracy while it should not apply to u. Bennet is right u lose move over and let other continue with the struggle