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Mega Salaries: Chinamasa figures disputed

via MEGA SALARIES: Chinamasa figures disputed – Southern Eye by Richard Muponde/Nduduzo Tshuma 20 March 2014

SOME local authorities in the southern region of the country have disputed figures released as earnings of town clerks by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa showing that some smaller municipalities were paying obscene salaries higher than some cities.

Chinamasa on Tuesday announced that the government had placed a cap on earnings of chief executives of parastatals and municipalities before making their present salaries public.

The breakdown of salaries and benefits released by Chinamasa placed the Victoria Falls town clerk and Masvingo town clerk in the top 10 earning executives of municipalities.

According to the figures, Victoria Falls town clerk Phillip Ndlovu was the fifth highest paid council executive in the country with a monthly pay package of $16 199 comprising $3 534 as basic salary and $12 665 in allowances.

Masvingo town clerk Adolf Gusha’s package stood at $11 378 a month.

However, the two councils dismissed the salaries purportedly earned by their respective town clerks saying the figures were an exaggeration.

Victoria Falls mayor Sifiso Mpofu said the town clerk was remunerated slightly above $8 000 a month, inclusive of benefits.

“That’s not true. He’s not earning that much. Our town clerk is earning slightly above $8 000 basic salary and perks,” he said.

“I don’t know where the minister got his figures. That salary is fair and with an improved financial situation, we could even increase it.” Masvingo mayor Alderman Hubert Fidze also disputed the figure given by Chinamasa saying it was not the one his council sent to him although he declined to divulge Gusha’s remuneration.

“His salary does not reach that much. He’s earning a reasonable salary which goes with the nature of the job he does,” he said.

“No one wants someone to earn obscene salaries, but as for our town clerk, he doesn’t earn that much.”

Gweru town clerk Daniel Matawu earns $6 400 a month and mayor Hamutendi Kombayi said he was being underpaid considering the work he had to do.

“Considering the work he does that figure is too little. We would have wanted to increase his salary to about $8 000,” he said.

“If we consider salaries being earned by town clerks in other cities, his salary demoralises him.

“That man is efficient. We are up to date with our salaries and he does his work diligently. He should be handsomely rewarded.”
Beitbridge Rural District Council chairperson Gladys Tlou expressed shock at the revelations that chief executive officer Albert Mbedzi was earning a monthly salary of $15 210.

“It is too much money. We are always demanding service delivery, but how will they manage that with such salaries,” she said.
“We did not even know that he earns such money because we are not involved in the negotiation of salaries. It must be reduced because it is too much.”

Gwanda mayor Knowledge Ndlovu was rather cautious in his response to revelations that his town clerk Gilbert Mlilo was taking home $20 588.

“At the end, it boils down to the issue of service delivery. Is the performance of the local authority at par with the salaries earned?” he asked.

“I would not say it was justified, but I think to an extent they justified the salaries in negotiations.

“These things I think were done before elections and we found them as they were after the polls.

“What we expect is that service delivery will not be affected after the reduction in salaries.”

Kwekwe town clerk Ngwena Musara is said to be earning $7 863, but mayor Matenda Madzoke refused to talk to Southern Eye about the issue.

“I don’t know you. I have never met you. So how would I know I am speaking to someone from Southern Eye,” he said.

No comment could be obtained from Bulawayo mayor Martin Moyo on the salary of town clerk Middleton Nyoni pegged at $11 379 as his mobile phone continuously rang without being answered while his deputy Gift Banda was also not reachable.

However, Bulawayo United Residents’ Association chairperson Winos Dube said the salary was fair, especially in comparison with those from other cities.

“From the look of things, if I was to compare with other cities, we have a better administration,” he said.

“It could be in tandem with his qualifications, but compared with the hefty salaries from other local authorities, we have a responsible council.”

Dube also expressed fears that the proposed salary caps by the government might fail to attract “the right people with the requisite expertise to get the job done”.

Obscene salaries were uncovered after Cabinet demanded salary schedules of government departments, local authorities and parastatals following revelations that some executives were overpaying themselves.



  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 4 years

    The gravy train is rolling on.And these are the small fish. Sacrificed for the big fish.

  • comment-avatar

    The real truth is now coming out.These politically appointed mayors are the real sellouts and looters.Why? The answer is simple because if the town clerks earn more they also get more regardless of how the towns are run.
    What have they done for us the poor to deceive these huge salaries and benefits you misguided and greed mayors?It does not matter what figures were given by the minister because they are all above the $6000 allowed per month you thick and dull political stooges.
    If you do not like it leave and look for non-political jobs where you will be asked to work for a change.
    Honorable minister do not listen to these people who have nothing to show us any achievement they have done in their towns.When you pass through Gweru it takes you more than 15 minutes on a Sunday due to badly timed traffic lights which cause traffic jam than easing it.You call that progress-shame on you useless people.
    At V Falls the high density suburb is so dirty and you think you deceive to earn more than $6000 per month,what a joke you are.

  • comment-avatar
    Save 4 years

    I dont think its nowhere near the truth that capping salaries of town clerks would result in mass resignations. With unepomplyment rates in the 90’s and local universities churning out thousands of graduates, there are more able, qualified and cheaper options to fill those posts. With the state of Zimbabwe’s economy today, I do see how any council should have a salary exceeding $2000.
    Zimbabwe should do away with this “benefits approach” to compensation. Workers, executive or shopfloor should get one figure after tax and its up to them to decide what they want to spend it on. Successful companies and governments in even some of the biggest economies pay for only two benefits over and above the basic pay, namely pension and medical insurance. Zimbabwe will never develop for as long as this unjustified entitlement remains. We dont even need to go far to campare; ask local private companies, including those listed on the ZSE if they pay such salaries. The answer is no.

  • comment-avatar
    Saddened 4 years

    I agree with ‘Save’ that the salary level should be set at $ 2000. For these council executives to earn over & above this amount they should meet certain targets & criteria. I am totally against paying these executives salaries’ of $ 6000 and above without setting any performance parameters as their record to date is woeful. The funds councils utilise are paid by us for various services yet we are not receiving anywhere close to the expected standard of services.

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    Stevie G 4 years

    This is unbelievable! How anyone can seek to “justify” any of these salaries in this environment is atrocious?

    What does a Town Clerk do to earn over $10 000? The roads are undrivable, the verges have grass you could hide a herd of cattle in. Water availability and qality is dodgy to say the least, never mind street lighting, waste collections and proper, safe processing of sewage.

    Their answer to all of the above is to use Council money to buy a bigger 4×4 so they cope with the potholes.

    My answer is, if they think they are the creme of the crop and “deserve” these huge salaries, they are welcome to go overseas or to South Africa where they can “earn” these wages.

    The reality is, there is no earning power of the Rate-payers to justify these salaries. Our outstanding bills will just get higher and higher because we, the ratepayers can’t “afford” these charges to support your ridiculous salaries.

    What is the end of this? Will you auction all our homes when we are unable to pay? Perhaps that is what you want so you will buy everything?

    The frustration of the people will eventually bring everthing to book. You play that game, be willing to live with the consequences.

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    Swagger Muchando 4 years

    It all started with Zanu pf corrupt culprits, l hate this regime.

  • comment-avatar
    Dennis Chikuve 4 years

    Blame the hyperinflation prior to reverting to the US$ and other currencies. Ignorance of the true value of the US$ and the psychlogically damaging effect of hyperinflation has distorted judgement in people. Bread and other basic goods cost mor ein Zim than in the USA and Canada. In these countries, everyone buys their own car and mantain it. No car or entertainment allowance. There are set figures for meals when one travels and everyone travles on economy class and has to account for expenditures WITH original receipts to get re-imbursed. Zimbabwe is suffering from a serious bout of ENTITLEMENT and the attitude that one has to grad whatever since there might be no more in the future. Corruption, mistrust, a breakdown in the rule of law, incompetence at all levels and all sectors and a serious lack of accountability that is enforced through proper rules and regulations have become endemic and the culture in Zimbabwe. It will take a long time and the right mix of servant leadership and hardwork to resucitate Zimbabwe and restore its dignity. For now, it is business as usual that is why I will not invest in Zim while the current state of affairs is not addressed to every citizen’s satisfaction. I do not trust Chinamasa, Zanu PF and all the cronies that have and continue to benefit and reap where they did not sow. Shame on you!

  • comment-avatar

    Well said @Dennis Chikuve,we are dealing with very very corrupt leadership and society at large.These guys never worked for all the riches they have but we have reached the end game because our resources cannot sustain it any longer.I am sure that the last will be the first at the end of this terrible journey to fairness.I look at these looters with shame because they do not value life,if they did they would not cause all this suffering to their own countrymen and women.They are worse than animals.

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    Chaporonga 4 years

    mwana waPatrick here anotaura matuzvi akadai. chii chaanoita. musatinyangadza mhani hey.