Memorial service for murdered Guruve family members held

via Memorial service for murdered Guruve family members held | The Zimbabwean 01.06.14 by Sofia Mapuranga

A memorial service for two members of a Guruve farming family, killed after an attack near their home earlier this month was held at Thorn Tree Lodge in Harare

Malcom Francis, 72 and his daughter Catherine, 35 were brutally beaten by unknown assailants while they were taking a walk near their farm.

The Francis family members died a few days later.

A family spokesperson who spoke on condition of anonymity expressed gratitude at the support given to the Francis family by the Guruve community, church, farmers and tobacco industry.

“The response and contributions that we have received from the community and sympathetic well wishers is overwhelming and we are assured that their medical bills are going to be settled,” said the family spokesperson.

“We are grateful for all the thorough effort that is being made by the police in trying to establish the murderers.”

The spokesperson however said the farming community was disturbed by the limited progress towards bringing the culprits to book considering that the same murderers struck two years ago and the culprits were never found.

“These type of incidents are becoming common in Mashonaland central and we are worried of who is going to be attacked next,” he said


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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Were the UK USA ambassadors there ? Or afraid as usual of upsetting their beloved freedom fighter liberation hero of 1980 ? Gullible naive whitehall

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    Bambazonke 8 years ago

    Exactly 100% well said bloody cowards

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    exactly, sometimes i wish this area of the continent was colonized by the French!!!

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    Thanks to the Guruve community for supporting their fellow Zimbabweans, the Francis family, after two of their family members, who are Zimbabweans were killed by a gang of murderers. I have absolutely no understanding as to why the UK, US or any foreign country’s ambassadors are expected to have attended this memorial service. This was not a diplomatic incident, but a crime of murder.

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    ZANUPF RACISTS.!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Do good and be good. Today a tree is a giant to ants but once dead ants will devour it. It’s takes one tree to make millions of matches but it takes one match to burn a tree. A time is coming when one incident will cause the people to arise. Mugabe and his henchman will be no more.

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    lost birthright 8 years ago

    Well said Joe !

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    there is deffinately a trend in this area of murders against white farmers, its obvious zanu pf is behind this, its a way of removing the last stubborn farmers from the area. if I was farming here I would of packed my bags long ago