Minister raises #mugabe boot-licking bar

via Minister raises Mugabe boot-licking bar – DailyNews Live by Ivan Zhakata  1 MAY 2014

Officials in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party have a clear idea of how to get ahead.

They have adopted a time-honoured strategy for getting what they want — flattery.

Brown-nosing the dear leader has become a fashionable thing in Zanu PF.

And it doesn’t matter how high up the person is, they are all kowtowing, toadying even, obsequiously boot-licking the veteran leader who has ruled Zimbabwe for 34 years since independence in 1980.

Fawning over power brokers to curry favour is an art in Zimbabwean politics synonymous with Zanu PF.

And new minister of State for Harare province, Miriam Chikukwa, is refining this social skill.

Speaking yesterday at the official launch of Pure Gold Security Services at an event organised by the firm’s parent company, Pure Gold Housing Trust, Chikukwa brown-nosed Mugabe, apple-polishing him as God-ordained to rule Zimbabwe. She got the ball rolling with a fawning acknowledgement of Mugabe’s superiority.

“There are some people who think that president Mugabe is a dictator, no, he is not. In whatever he is doing, he is God-fearing,” Chikukwa said.

“God stood with him, that is why he is the president. This is the reason why he is there because he was blessed and is living in blessings.

“It is God who gives us kings and from the day he was born, God told him that he was going to be the president.”

Flattery is most challenging when the object of your adulation has no obvious merits, but for a man who led a 16-year guerilla war against colonialists, a freedom fighter and acclaimed intellectual, any creative mind can find an appropriate opening in these situations.

“Mugabe is God-ordained to rule Zimbabwe forever,” is one refrain used by officials to refer to the Zanu PF leader. In an intricately crafted kiss-up, Chikukwa said the 90-year-old president would never die.

“He will not die as most of you want him dead because God still wants him to live,” Chikukwa said.

She said Mugabe’s visit to the Pope’s canonisation in Vatican was by the grace of God. Mugabe returned from the Vatican City on Tuesday where he had attended the canonisation of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII.

Mugabe, a Catholic, is subject to a European Union travel ban, but can attend ceremonies at the Vatican.

Chikukwa said she was “very proud” to be working for a God-fearing president.

Mugabe was her “political father”, likening him to a biblical king in the book of Psalms.

“I am proud to be working with president Mugabe and I envy him,” Chikukwa added.

The launch was attended by senior police officers including assistant commissioner Isaac Tayengwa and government officials.



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    Notice she did not once speak about the reason why she was at this function. She most likely had no idea why she was invited.


    All she can do is bleet like the sheep she is.

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    Petal 9 years ago

    Like the story of the Emperor who walk the street with no clothes on because the tailor was pretending to sew the imaginary clothes on the Emperor and singing his praises then he walked out on the street and the ordinary people LAUGHED!

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    Well Hutu did say you shall see some very naked people.

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    Is she for real?

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    What does she actually DO as a Minister of State for Harare? These are the sorts of people whose salaries, allowances and lifestyles Zim taxpayers are funding??

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Well, on the other hand, perhaps God’s hand was in it… if you know Old Testament history, you know that God “raised up” (put into power) cruel leaders to punish the people of Israel because they had turned away from God by false worship, offerings to idols, being dishonest in business, crooked justice, not caring for the poor and orphans, etc., etc. HHhhhmmmm…. makes ya wonder, eh.

    Obviously, Miriam does not understand those things, but again, scripture records wicked individuals who spoke truths not realizing God would use their words for His purpose.

    Think on these things.

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    KIBBS 9 years ago

    Closest thing to a Zombie I’ve ever come across. Perhaps she ran out of Oxygen up there and did pass away!

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    This is typical zanupf to get a snort in at the trough gravy train you have to A lick Mugabe – I thought that the way he acts he thinks he’s the next holiest thing to Jesus. His recent behaviour at the Vatican certainly indicates that he sees himself at least as holy as the the Pope.
    By our standards and we are his judges he is nothing more than a terrorist dictator thief and murderer. If any ordinary person had committed his crimes they would be jail for life or would already have been executed. As I’ve said before one standard for ordinary folks and another for so called presidents.

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    She singing for her supper.

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    Phillip 9 years ago

    Pfungwa dzikaita shoma dzinokivadza tenzi nebasa

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    Maita kurima hamubviri 9 years ago

    thank God she is just
    a minister for Harare.

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    Michael Saruchera 9 years ago

    God have mercy on us, mufudze uyu unonzi Mugabe wauraya nyika hapana here anogona kumudzora.

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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    How very pathetic, excuse me whilst I puke!!

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    we need to fight, why are we so afraid of one person an old man for that matter. When will Zimbabweans reach their breaking point and take a stand.. enough of this BS, why do we have to wait until this man dies.. were can I get a gun

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    Obviously a mental case. Need I say more.

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    Rhuli 9 years ago

    Laughable how some people will stoop down to certain levels just to win an idiot ‘s attention… This “minister” is clearly mentally retarded…

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    Even Tswangirayi wants this sort of adulation and praise singing. Otherwise he boots you out.

    I really dont think Zim will ever come right, even if Mugabe goes. The damage is already done – I mean psychologically!

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    dennis chikuve 9 years ago

    Pathetic and disgraceful. She deserves to be executed by a firing squad that will hopefully aim for the foul mouth. Me too want to puke.

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    gwaya 9 years ago

    Guys, we need to remember that she is not a minister but an appointee aspiring to be a minister the next time the boss reshuffles.

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    Simbi Mukoti 8 years ago

    Uyu wakapata uyu

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    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 8 years ago

    Mugabe never led a 16 year guerrilla war. He only left Rhodesia in 1974. The war was raging already, Mugabe or no Mugabe we were hitting the Rhodesians hard.

    From 1977 to 1979 Mugabe was then Zanu Leader. Since then all hell broke loose, Zanu created a MONSTER out of Robert Mugabe.

    He never fired a gun, whether happy nor angry.

    Lord have mercy on Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans.