Monuments to Mugabe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 8th March 2014

via Monuments to Mugabe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 8th March 2014

Rumours that the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has agreed to fund statues of Mugabe costing some $5 million have been dismissed in London.  DFID has been one of the most generous donors to Zimbabwe, recently contributing another $10 million for basic education because of Mugabe’s failure to come up with the money.The Vigil believes, however, that because Mugabe is still on the EU’s targeted sanctions list it will be impossible for DFID to agree to pay for the statues.

Reports say local government minister Ignatius Chombo is behind the statues project. He is said to have commissioned North Korea to build two bronze sculptures of Mugabe; the bigger one costing $3.5 million is to be erected in Harare and a smaller one costing a mere $1.5 million is apparently to be put up in Mugabe’s rural home in Zvimba. The larger statue is said to be ‘the height of five men standing on top of one another’ – an appropriate tribute to Mugabe.

Mugabe has reportedly insisted that the statues be erected only when he is dead but they are said to be on standby ready for delivery at a moment’s notice. North Korean cargo planes are believed to be on 24 hour readiness (see: – $5million for Mugabe statues).

The Vigil notes that publicity about Chombo’s championing of the Mugabe monuments comes as the minister is being subjected to increased scrutiny by the CIO about how he acquired the vast wealth exposed in his divorce case (see: –  Chombo under graft probe).

It is believed that, if donor funding for the statues fails to materialise, Chombo will be able to deflect this scrutiny by offering to contribute something from his own voluminous pockets. A generous gesture like this might counteract the criticism in the Herald, which laid into Chombo on Friday with an editorial noting sarcastically ‘No one in Zimbabwe’s public office has ever done anything wrong. Everything bad about the economy, infrastructure, water, electricity, education, health and sport is as a result of some natural cause or sanctions. Our public officials are, apparently, hardworking angels who have never put a foot wrong and we should all be eternally grateful that they take their precious time to serve us – for hefty salaries, of course.’ (See: – Dr Chombo, the ball is in your court | The Herald).

As far as the hefty salaries are concerned, the Vigil fears that little action will be taken by Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana. He says the salaries may be immoral but so what: they are not against the law. Red-faced chief executives and other Zanu PF robber barons may be persuaded to help pay for the statues now that they have escaped prosecution. Perhaps they could sponsor a finger or an ear or the trademark glasses . . .

The UK government might think it has got away with refusing to pay for Mugabe’s statues but Prosecutor-General Tomana says that, despite Zimbabwe being bankrupt with only $0.5 million in the bank, it will continue to fund the legal action against the EU for imposing sanctions (see: – Mega earners to go unpunished).

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Madame Taussad should make a statue of Bob holding hands with Hitler and give that to Bob right now as a gift.

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    Jose Ekmann 8 years ago

    In as much as our beloved leader wishes statues to be held in abeyance until his demise we can only pray for a timely delivery of Korean order.