More Farmers Growing Tobacco in Dry Regions

via More Farmers Growing Tobacco in Dry Regions 28.11.2013 by Sithandekile Mhlanga VOAZimbabwe

Latest figures released by the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB) show that tobacco production has increased in non-traditional growing regions such as the two Matabeleland provinces, Midlands and Masvingo, which may help boost the country’s production.

According to the TIMB, registered farmers for the crop in Midlands increased from 171 to 484 growers from last year while Masvingo registered 435 from 134 growers within the same period.

Matabeleland North and South increased by only two growers, bringing the number of registered growers to eight in both provinces.

The growing interest by farmers from these dry regions is attributed to lucrative prices for the crop.

So far, the tobacco industry marketing board says it has registered 84,070 growers in the country, an increase from 62,743.

However, movement for democratic change shadow minister for agriculture Sam Siphepha Nkomo tells V-O-A’S Sithandekile Mhlanga says the country should focus mostly on maize production because of high costs of importing food.



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    maMDC mangova nechirwere che antagonism. You think opposing everything innitiated by ZANU PF will ensure your relevance. Who in his logical mind opposes such positive growth?

    Bear in mind, national food security does mean “producing everything you eat/eating everything you produce”. It means producing excess of that which you have a market competitive advantage so you can have enough to consume and surplus to export and make profit….that profit is what you use to buy that which you dont have a market competitive advantage.