Moyo propaganda suspected in indigenisation ‘climb-down’

via Moyo propaganda suspected in indigenisation ‘climb-down’ | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Monday, May 26, 2014

An alleged ‘climb-down’ by ZANU PF on the controversial indigenisation policy has been received with caution, with some observers questioning if nothing more than propaganda is at the heart of this change.

The indigenisation campaign, which has been central to ZANU PF’s pre and post election strategy, has been described as a key reason why critically needed foreign investment is being withheld.

The Indigenisation Act stipulates that foreign business must cede 51% of their shareholding to ‘indigenous’ Zimbabweans. Since its enactment the law has seen many major international firms face threats and ultimatums from ZANU PF, to fall in line or face being booted out the country.

But in recent months, with the local economy facing collapse, the rhetoric has started changing and even Robert Mugabe said the policy was being ‘misinterpreted’.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo this weekend then used the Sunday Mail newspaper as a platform to ‘unpack’ the ZANU PF position on the indigenisation plans. Moyo, who has for years been regarded as ZANU PF’s chief spin doctor, told the Sunday Mail that the party was taking a “pragmatic approach” to indigenisation and that the policy will be ‘reviewed’ and ‘tightened’.

“We are reviewing and tightening the indigenisation and empowerment policy by being pragmatic without being dogmatic about it. There has been some confusion and misunderstanding over the modalities for achieving (the 51 percent threshold),” Moyo told the Sunday Mail.

He added: “Consequently, we pointed out that, going forward there is a need to review, tighten and strengthen both the law and policy so that among other things, we clarify the fact that the indigenous Zimbabweans cannot be expected or required to buy back their God-given natural or economic resources.”

Economic analyst Masimba Kuchera told SW Radio Africa that until there is a “concrete” change to the laws, there will be no confidence in the changing rhetoric being uttered.

“It seems ZANU PF has realised that their hardline stance is not going to win them as many friends as they had wished, but whether it is genuine or not remains to be seen,” Kuchera said.

He explained that attempts at a ‘moderate’ approach have already been voiced, with the ZANU PF politburo resolving to honour Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotions Agreements (BIPPAs) in the Save Valley Conservancy. This resolution was made earlier this month but still nothing has changed in the Conservancy, where BIPPA protected land was seized by party and army officials.

“For confidence building sake we need something written down. Hopefully the issue around indigensation will be tackled in such a way that it is written into law and changes are made,” Kuchera said.

UK based Zimbabwean commentator Wilbert Mukori meanwhile said the ‘pragmatic’ propaganda being voiced by Moyo is part of wider efforts aimed at normalising relations with the West. Mukori told SW Radio Africa that the party is trying to curry favour with international governments.

“They are desperate to assure investors. But the reality is no one is going to buy it. Even if they scrapped the indigenisation laws, no one will believe it because they know this regime can just change it and revert back to its usual ways of illegal land grabs,” Mukori said.

He said ZANU PF’s past of ignoring property rights for its own gains means there is no confidence, regardless of the propaganda being voiced.

He added: “The reality is this is an illegitimate government that rigged the elections. For them to say they will now restore the rule of law, it just doesn’t work. The only way to build confidence and restore Zimbabwe to the rule of law is to hold legitimate, democratic elections.”



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    I agree that the first thing they must do to have any hope of getting foreign investment is to hold a legitimate free and fair election. The problem is that zanu can’t do this as they know that they will loose.

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      Wilbert Mukori 7 years ago

      It is true that Mugabe would not freely hold free and fair elections because he will not win such elections. Tsvangirai has proven to be breathtakingly incompetent but is the 2013 had not been rigged then Mugabe would have lost the elections to Tsvangirai – it goes to show just how much Zimbabweans hate the tyrant.

      Still, Mugabe will have no choice but to go back to holding free and fair elections now that he has finally realised he cannot rig economic recovery as he had done with the elections. He has rigged elections in the past and got away with it this is the one time he is not getting away with it.

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    zanupf fear me 7 years ago

    No wonder the ” economy ” is in free fall off a cliff. Rudderless country

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    Eventually it will become clear to these thick ZANU pigs that there is no way out.

    Here’s a hint. You should be trying to negotiate a way to retire pigs, while you still can.

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    Moyo keep your God-given resources and Westerners will keep their money and we’ll see where it ends hey?

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    You fool the same people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time,

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    A well stated article. Regaining trust is never easy if not impossible if the track record is long. Talk to any spouse with an unfaithful partner. Zanu has lost trust and regaining it will take more than a few sorries, we will change. Zanu has prostituted itself to greed and corruption for power sake and I don’t see them ever regaining trust. They need to be replaced and urgently but I am preaching to the converted.

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    JOHNSON 7 years ago


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      Wilbert Mukori 7 years ago

      Zimbabwe will have free, fair and credible elections and those elections will sweep the slate squeaky clean. Squeaky clean of those MDC leaders whose breath-taking incompetence landed the nation in this mess after they failed to implement the reforms. And squeaky clean of the corrupt and murderous Zanu PF thugs who have grown fat on looted wealth and whose hands are red with the blood of the over 30 000 the regime has murdered!

      There is going to be a real democratic transformation in Zimbabwe and none of these “process and not event” nonsense people like Tendai Biti love to talk about. The issue of basic human rights, the right to free and fair vote and the right to life itself will be settled once and once for all this time. Mark my word, the next elections will be an epoch in Zimbabwe’s history!

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    As usual the Zanu elite have already shown what they think of indigenisation – calculate what they THINK the profit is and demand half or more. Army and Police chiefs demand 500,000 from a game ranch. Typical, reaping what you did not earn – the new African role model.

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    Chara 7 years ago

    Moyo you are not a minister responsible for indigenisation so why are explaining on behalf of Nhema. I heard people say you are a spin doctor but I think you are now a doctor without anything to spin.

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    that greedyness caused malawi local government minister to shoot himself when news came to him that joyce is loosing the plebsite
    we will see much of this in zimbabwe once we have a regime change unless if the migrate to other countries aw all know they have some foreign accounts,homes businesses

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    Petal 7 years ago

    This nutty Professor Moyo was the one who started off in politics by drafting the Constituion(?) and he thinks is he his big deal like others in the Bufoon Government

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    munzwa 7 years ago

    The jews are still tracking down nazi officials and their relatives, 70 years on….food for thought..