Moyo sets up Media industry probe committee

via Moyo sets up Media industry probe committee December 21, 2013  by Feluna Nleya NewsDay

GOVERNMENT has set up a 22-member inquiry team to probe the Information and Media industry with a view to making it a “veritable factor of human and national evolution, development and transformation”.

Addressing journalists at the launch of the inquiry in Harare yesterday, Media, Information and Publicity minister Jonathan Moyo said findings of the probe team would assist government turn around the information sector into a coherent industry which effectively props national programmes.

“We are talking about knowing this dimension well enough to develop and direct it towards purposeful ends,” Moyo said.

“To tackle all this, the ministry has decided to make a case for, and operationalise a major inquiry into the information sector so we begin to do the right things.

“We have set up a whole team which should motivate this inquiry which we hope will be broad-based. A team which we hope will touch every sector, capture every thought and opinion on how best to reshape this strategic sector.”

Members of the panel are: veteran journalist Geoff Nyarota (chairperson); Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) events and conferencing general manager Thembe Khumalo (vice-chairperson); Zimbabwe Independent editor Dumisani Muleya; Daily News editor Stanley Gama;

Zimpapers editor-in-chief Pikirai Deketeke; Financial Gazette editor-in-chief Hama Saburi; former NewsDay editor Constantine Chimakure; Chris Chivinge from ZBC, Zimbabwe

Union of Journalists secretary-general Foster Dongozi;

AMH publisher Rita Chinyoka; Chris Chinaka from Reuters; ZiFM chief executive Susan Makore; musicians Plaxedes Wenyika and Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave.

Other members are Daily News chief operating officer Sharon Samushonga; Tsitsi Mabhukucha, Priscilla Munangati; Midlands State University lecturer Nhamo Mhiripiri; Zachary Wazara, Rangu Nyamurundira, Misa-Zimbabwe’s Jacqueline Chikakano; and Financial Gazette CEO Jacob Chisese.

Among its terms of reference, the team is expected to inquire into the welfare needs of workers and staffers in the information sector, assess and determine the policy, legal, technological, business, human resource, editorial and institutional adequacy and readiness in the information sector, among others.



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    Nothing new comes from Moyo. He destroyed the poor lives of those young people in music industry. Paralyzed the ZBC he is just a joke and a mockery to information and publicity.

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    Mr Mixed Race 8 years ago

    I welcome the inclusion of people like Geoff Nyarota who brings back the memories of Willowvale car scandal.I hope he is still the same principled person who can be trusted.

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    msizeni silwelani 8 years ago

    We have other boards of inquiries whose findings were swept under the carpet. I recall a probe into the education system and the war victims’ compesation fund. The recommendations were well documented but never implemented. And still hipped somewhere in the archives.

    As for Nyarota, he is remembered for his suppression of the Gukurahundi masacres while at the helm of the The Chronicle.

    However the team looks inclusive though its independence can be guaranteed at Zanu pf’s media crippling expense.

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    Just another waste of tax payers money. No one in Govt can read a report. It will like all previous reports be thrown into the dustbin or even flushed in toilet, that is,if water is available!

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    As usual from Moyo we get fancy terms but what about the excessive package the head of ZBC was getting? If he is serious lets see what happens with this one!!

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    Jrr56 8 years ago

    Hey fellows lets make the information sector into a coherent industry which effectively props national programs, one that we all operate on the same page. You print what I say and everything will be fine. My mate Kim wrong UN has taught me well how to manage the press and errant family members.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Why now, Zanu had the chance to do this introspection during the GNU???More hogwash, the pirate stations still have the political edge

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    Mhofu 8 years ago

    This is one of Moyo’s ambition projects. He knows uncle will be with Mandela and others soon. And so what a better time than to reach out to those who control news and put them on his side whilst waiting for his moment. It seems reasonable to me. And just look at how they are all gloating over Moyo already, including the papers that were once bombed……now they all can’t wait to queue up and sing his praises. Chenjerai vakomana nevasikana. You might end up being to Moyo as those 11 ++++++ were to Gunbura. Friendly advise only.

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    I am worried Zimboz have faith in these ZANU initiatives!!! Mark my words it’s a worst of time & energy to look forward these guys they have proved to be worse that idiots. I am not saying this from empty pockets just evaluate what they have done for the past 3 decades!!!

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    family guy 8 years ago

    that is the only thing he knows about, it’s not a surprise, unfortunately this time it won’t have an effect as noone one cares about the zanu media industry. i wonder why he is even wasting his time bcoz there is still no media freedom as we continue to see journalists and independent media personnel being prosecuted…what a shame really that zanoids stole their way into party, people were becoming hopeful when tsvangison was PM