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Mpofu could be in trouble with #mugabe

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mpofu could be in trouble with Mugabe by Matthews Estell 12 March 2014

Former Mines and Mining Development Minister Obert Mpofu is under spotlight from after saying on Monday that he was not aware of the existence of the Marange-Zimunya Community Share Ownership Trust launched by President Robert Mugabe in 2012.

Five diamond mining companies operating in the area pledged to contribute US$10 million each to the Trust but the companies have since denied making the pledge.

Some Zanu PF insiders said Mpofu might be in trouble with Mugabe for his apparent siding with the diamond mining companies in humiliating the head of state.

“Mpofu cannot claim he is not aware of the Trust yet he was minister responsible for mines. It appears he has joined hands in embarrassing the president,” a Zanu PF source said.

Mpofu was adamant when contacted by the state media on the issue.

“Talk to the miners (diamond companies). I am Minister of Transport (and Infrastructural Development). Why don’t you talk to the minister of Mines (and Mining Development?)

“These are official issues. Miners have already spoken, so what else do you want?” he was quoted saying.

The state media reported that although Mpofu’s response suggested that he was in agreement with the mining companies in Marange, he participated at the launch of several CSOTs launched by the President.

It was further reported that Mpofu attended the launch the Chegutu, Mhondoro-Ngezi and Zvimba Community trusts in 2011 where he said the mining sector had failed to transform into meaningful direct benefits to communities.

At the launch of seven community share ownership trusts in Hwange by Mugabe in October 2012, the state media reported,  Mpofu said chiefs from Matabeleland North, especially in Victoria Falls, had approached him to express concerns over the destruction of crops and human lives by elephants and lions in their areas.


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    Peter tosh 4 years

    Your only obedient son!

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    Sonofngwazi 4 years


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    Sonofngwazi 4 years

    MA ONE!

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    Sonofngwazi 4 years


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    obert marange; u are trading on dangerous turf. be careful before u become another statistic

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    Reverend 4 years

    Are we surprised he lied!?

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    Ruramai 4 years

    It is quite possible that Mugabe participated in this fraud. That is what he has done in the last 34 years; lie to the people of Zimbabwe.

    Besides, when you are as old as Mugabe, can no longer be on top of your game, have to be travel to Malaysia ever so often and sleep longer than you are awake because that is what old people do – it is that much easier for your lieutenants to hoodwink you.

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    NBS 4 years

    And that is where grovelling before a mere man gets a person! Oh my oh my when are Zimbabweans going to wake up and see?

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    munzwa 4 years

    doesn’t bob control all the mine concessions here, remember the meikles attempt to get into the diamond business!!!

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    gorongoza 4 years

    Ko iye Bob wacho anenge achinyeperwa aripi? Doesnt he stay in this country? Zim is a very small country for him kuti anzi ari kunyeperwa! He is in this looting together with his backside-lickers! Who is trying to foll who?

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      Zimguard80 4 years

      That’s the naked truth that everyone should know!!! Bob must ever come up with this nonsense of being misled. Those ministers are just window dressers who do as they’re told. Bob is heavily entangled in all this corruption, and he doesn’t have the courage to take it head-on because he’ll expose himself.

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      Nesbert majoni 4 years

      You are 100% correct Gorongoza. Mugabe is the chief culprit here. Zimbabweans it’s highly time up we use our common sense than listerning to the rubbish dished out by the press. In Zimbabwe He Mugabe is the chief looter

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    senzachena 4 years

    Hopefully Mpofu is one of the walking dead, all his stolen money will not assist him when the truck comes around the corner!!

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    Tawanda 4 years

    I pity the president. He is too old to be engaging in all these matters. Old people should rest. Is he the only one who can rue Zimbabwe. Then after his demise we shall have an expatriate president. Others are forced to go on retirement from the age of 55 to 65. Whoever came up with the age 55 -65 knew how incompetent the mind becomes as one grows old.

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    Madlanduna 4 years

    Guys ! Guys from all the past month or years we have heard and read all about looting , some to the point owning bank owning plane and the waste is that one said to Tony blar keep your Britain I will keep my Zimbabwe, we are in the place here coz we living in some’s place

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    Madlanduna 4 years

    My point was nothing will ever happen to any of those looters we won’t do any thing to stop in somebody’s country

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    Nyoni 4 years

    Should we care what happens to a criminal. One less for the gravy train.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 4 years

    Mugabe is too old he can’t do anything to Mpofu. He nolonger take action against Ministers unless if he was an opposition Minister

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    The Truth. 4 years

    Kanti vele “who is Mugabe”?

    Is he some God on earth or what?

    Surely, a heading like “Mpofu could be in trouble with Mugabe…” who is Mugabe?

    Had you said “Mpofu could be in trouble with God Almighty, I would have understood…”

    Mugabe, eats, farts, and shiiits just like all of you – whats so special about this gukurahundi. He breathes in oxygen as you do and breathes out carbon dioxide like you do.

    He fall sick and will die like all of us and leave behind all the material accumilation he has been fighting for for all his 90 years; buried six foot under like all of you without the stolen farms and mansions.

    Wake up – the gukurahundi is no God. He is simply a gukurahundi, thats all!!

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    obidient son 4 years

    Mina obedient Obert Mpofu I not in trouble. We have very simple commandments in our party.

    1) be obedient always
    2) Stealing allowed

    Chombo is trying to is taking my footsteps but his major problem is that he is taking stands even in high density areas.nxa

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    oliver chikumba 4 years

    matter of tym pachamama munhu muZim Morgan akutonga nxa