Mpofu spent $318k on travel allowances

via Mpofu spent $318k on travel allowances 12/03/2014 NewZimbabwe

THE ministry of mines, under the charge of Zanu PF’s Obert Mpofu, “illegally” spent about $320,000 on travel and subsistence expenses in 2012, a recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor General has revealed.

The report showed that the funds were “unconstitutionally” borrowed from the Mining Development Fund (MDF) since treasury had not drawn up parameters governing the operations of the Fund in terms of the Public Finance Management Act.

“The borrowings were unconstitutional and in breach of Mines and Mining Development Fund constitution whose core objective among others is to support and sustain the mining tittles system.

“However a total of $108,283 had been reimbursed to the Fund by the end of the year, leaving a balance of $210,711 which is still outstanding,” said Comptroller and Auditor General Mildred Chiri.

Chari said as a result, the expenditure of $4,7 million appearing in the appropriation account was understated by the $210,711 which was not reimbursed.

“The implication is that there is risk of undermining the government budgeting process if funds are borrowed unprocedurally and it promotes financial indiscipline,” she said.

According to the report, two receipt books with 200 pages were not made available for audit.

The two receipt books were signed for by the ministry’s chief accountant when ordered from Print-flow but there was no evidence that they ever reached the ministry or that they were used for any official purposes.

“The books could have been obtained and used clandestinely. There is risk that the receipt books could have been used for fraudulent activities with the intention to defraud the public in general and the miners in particular,” Chari said.

The report also expressed concern over the fact that officials were being paid mobile phone allowances in excess of their prescribed limits set by Treasury despite repeated warnings against the practice.



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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    Obedient Son knew he was covered by Dad.

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    Reverend 8 years ago

    No I do not believe Obert would do such a terrible corrupt thing, he is reall such an honest guy like the rest of the zanupf ministers and mp’s and of course the pressie!!

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    pigs grow fat while lambs starve!!!

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    Harper 8 years ago

    Ask Obert why he claimed an Income Tax Rebate for six children (max rebate) when he only had two. Ask him why he left Customs.

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    The Truth. 8 years ago

    Mpofu was just following common practice in the gukurahundi party. In that party, State resources are party resources and even personal resources, depending on how close one is to the top Gukurahundi, Mugabe!!

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    Swagger Muchando 8 years ago

    Zanu pf imbavha dzoga

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    Misheck Chimedza 8 years ago

    Obert Mpofu, like the late Mayor of Harare, Solomon Tavengwa, lived and studied in India. It is possible that he has acquired a very perculia DNA from that exposure, a DNA the common person cannot understand but is entirely compatible with ZPF.