Mpofu strikes riches

via Mpofu strikes riches | The Financial Gazette  by Clemence Manyukwe 17 Oct 2013

AT a time when a number of ministers are experiencing nightmares over constrained funding for some of their departments due to the precarious nature of government’s finances, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Obert Mpofu must be counting himself lucky.

Mpofu is sure to heave a sigh of relief as the burdens upon his shoulders have been lessened following the decision by the Executive to transfer the collection of tollgate fees to the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA), which falls under his ministry.

The function was previously vested in the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), which is under the Ministry of Finance, now headed by Patrick Chinamasa.

For a man who was in charge of the mines ministry during the life of the inclusive government, which had the sole authority over the country’s mineral riches, including diamonds, a move to the Transport Ministry had appeared not so attractive.

But following his arrival at the Transport Ministry, he has made sure that his ministry becomes one of the richest portfolios in government by bringing tollgate fees under ZINARA’s wings.

The transfer of the collection of      the funds from ZIMRA to ZINARA was announced in a supplement to the Government Gazette last  Friday in statutory instrument 147 of 2013.

“It is hereby notified that the Minister of Transport and Infrastru-ctural Development has, in terms of section Six of the Toll Roads Act (chapter 13:13) made the following regulations — (1) these regulations may be cited as the Road Tolls (Regional Trunk Road Network) Regulations, 2013 (No 55),” reads part of statutory instrument number 147.

“The Road Tolls (Regional Trunk Road Network) Regulations, 2009 published in statutory deletion of the word ZINARA and the substitution of Zimbabwe National Road Admini-stration (ZINARA) wherever it occurs. This amendment is with effect from 1st October, 2013.”

Government statistics show that between August 18, 2009 and April 10, 2012 ZIMRA collected US$57 million in tollgate fees and remitted US$47 million, retaining US$10 million in the process for administrative purposes.

The new arrangement means that ZINARA would retain all the toll funds.

While ZINARA has become a truly prized family treasure, Mpofu’s headaches will only come from perennial loss-making entities such as Air Zimbabwe and the National Railways of Zimbabwe, which were forever begging for funds.

During Mpofu’s tenure at the mines ministry, there were persistent claims from Treasury that diamond proceeds were being looted, claims  he dismissed.



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    Mafuta 9 years ago

    It won’t last long. all the motor vehicle licencing fees should pay for all this. Pretty soon all the tollgate money won’t be enough, because it was never intended to pay for road expenses anyway, but to go into bigshot pockets.

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    Bruce 9 years ago

    The same money from Zinara will find its way into his pocket and Mugabe, Mugabe knew that Mpofu is good at diverting the money that is why he put him there. The only challenge is that if they loot more like they did with diamond, treasury will be dry and that will drain the resources down to zero.

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    Buthelezi Dlamini 9 years ago

    Thumps up lets develop the road network especially rural

  • comment-avatar
    Chara 9 years ago

    Mpofu is Mugabe’s front man in looting , how is it possible that all of a sudden there is a policy shift and coincidentally a known thief Mpofu is on the scene. Mbavha idzi.

  • comment-avatar
    Guvnor 9 years ago

    Is this a model of responsible and ethical conduct of government business?

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    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    Zimbabwe is either the Haven of Free Speech.
    Or its enemies are a group of irresponsible loudmouths !

    To blatantly accuse Mpofu of malfeasance, without any substantial proof, is gratuitous criminality.

    Strident allegations of corruption and criminal activity in the absence of any evidence is irresponsibly and stridency without accountability.

    I have been following the cavortings of Minister Obert Mpofu and I am convinced that he has the Midas Touch.

    Before Mogabe the White Farmers exported funds from Rhodesia and squandered the money on prestigious items in London at the Harrod’s Store.

    And nobody gave a Damn !

  • comment-avatar
    Peter tosh 9 years ago

    If whites were stealing, that does not give Mpofu the right to steal you fool.

  • comment-avatar

    Dharma don’t forget when e zacc tried to investigate him they were thwarted and harassed by police so how can there be evidence? Four senior staffers in Tsvangirai’s office were also arrested and accused of impersonating e police for compiling evidence on corrupt senior gvt ministers of which Mpofu was 1 of them? In e circumstances how do best do u gather information? What I know only those w something to hide are afraid of independent investigations

  • comment-avatar
    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    Mankind is ONE and Indivisible !
    AVARICE is forever on the prowl……… ferreting for OPPORTUNITY.

    In the final analysis Public Funds are fair game.
    The loot only becomes filthy lucre when it leaves the homeland.

    Wealthy natives enhance the homeland.
    Riches that ‘Leap-frogs’ from is native soil into foreign coffers is called “Empire Building” by the culprits.

    The World Economic Foundation convenes in Davos, Switzerland six times per year at a cost of 300 Million Dollars per annum. It purports to unravel the problem of World Poverty which was rated as 68% in 1987 and at 74% in 2012. Twenty-two hundred Delagates attend these meetings and everyone has a Good Time.
    The money which was squandered on the luxuriation of these Mandarins could have eliminated the Ghettos of South Africa derived from Tax Payers of the Labouring Class.
    A great example of Oblique Parasitism

    Thank Minister Mpofu if he keeps the Cash in Zimbabwe.

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    love joe 6 years ago

    You pipol you have no eyes and ears. Mpofu is Secretary of Finance in Zanu PF. These guys needs money for 2018 elections. The source, “Zinara”