MPs summon Mugabe to Parly

via MPs summon Mugabe to Parly – DailyNews Live by Chengetai Zvauya 1 OCTOBER 2013

President Robert Mugabe should attend Parliament regularly to answer pressing national issues, legislators said yesterday.

The request was tabled by MPs  during an induction workshop for lawmakers held in Harare.

Wednesday and Thursday have been reserved for the ministerial question-and-answer time in the National Assembly and Senate respectively.

Agnes Sibanda, an MDC MP,  tabled the request saying Mugabe must come to Parliament to answer questions given the bunking by government ministers.

“We always have questions for President Mugabe and he must come to Parliament, than for us to see him only during the official opening of Parliament and that is once in five years,” Sibanda said.

“It will be good if he can attend frequently as his ministers are not attending parliamentary debates.”

Jacob Mudenda, speaker of the National Assembly, said there are provisions in the new Constitution which compel members of the executive to attend Parliament.

“The Constitution of Zimbabwe Section 107 (2) states that all members of the executive must attend Parliament,” Mudenda said.

Austin Zvoma, Clerk of Parliament said that the House was in the process of setting up administrative procedures to enable Mugabe to attend and answer the lawmakers’ questions.

“It is in our Constitution and we are making the necessary arrangements that the President can come to Parliament and answer questions,” said Zvoma.



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    You think 89 years is joke , he will turn the parliament into his bedroom unless somebody is assigned to sit next to him to keep on shaking him to wake up ,oh , ya, ZANU PF and Mugabe , destroyed what was a food basket , for how long must i keep on climbing Matopo hills to fetch wild fruits (umpumbulu)to survive my kids , i will end up staying there on top of the mountain and be a dissident again .

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    Zeezee 11 years ago

    Whatever! Hell will freeze over before Mugabe answers to anybody!

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    You know if you MDC MPs are allowed to ask the president some questions, especially my favourite Mr Chamisa, do you think our president will be able to stand the heat…he will rather hide than dare questions from you…

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    Tjingababili 11 years ago


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    Shame 11 years ago


    It is not wise my brother for any normal human being to frequent the Matonjeni hills. All colonial thieves burried themselves there. One day someone will mistake you for one. That won’t be nice.You know how it is said these days that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. It means something, obviously a lot.

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    Nyoni 11 years ago

    Moo mo mo who ziziiiiiìi….. Wake me up please when I am dead.

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    Greyhora 11 years ago

    That day will sadly never come. Mugabe deems himself a demi-devil answerable to nobody but his master the devil! Since the mother-of-all electoral thefts granted these devil-worshipers the coveted 2/3rds majority, they will simply amend/delete “nuisance clauses” in the constitution, just to protect their demi-devil from scrutiny.