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via MPs to be exempted from toll fees | The Herald March 1, 2014 by Zvamaida Murwira

Government will soon exempt legislators from paying toll fees once the necessary paperwork to enforce the policy has been completed, a Cabinet minister has said. Transport and Infrastractural Development Minister Obert Mpofu said legislators should submit number plates for their respective vehicles to the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration so that they are captured in a database for easy implementation of the policy.

Minister Mpofu said this in Senate on Thursday during a question and answer session.
Matabeleland South Senator Watchy  Sibanda (MDC-T) had asked what had become of their request to Zinara that they be exempted from paying toll fees.

In response, Minister Mpofu said a meeting was convened recently by him and Zinara boss Mr Frank Chitukutuku to deliberate the treatment of legislators at tollgates, some of whom had called him, sometimes at night, to complain about ill-treatment at tollgates.

“We agreed that we will come up with a solution. We also highlighted that the cars being used by MPs should be given separate numbers so as to make it easy to ensure that the car that would be passing through belongs to a senator,” said Minister Mpofu.

“The problem that we face is that there are some of us who want to be given that exemption of not paying tollgates while they will be using cars that do not belong to them.”

He said all MPs would soon be required to submit registration numbers for their vehicles with Zinara so that when they approach a tollgate, the machine would recognise that the car belongs to a legislator.

“We will fix the problem. However, I would like to apologise for all the problems that you might have faced. Most of the time I receive phone calls, especially at night. It is one of those (issues)receiving maximum attention,” he said.

Matabeleland North Senator Herbert Madolo Sinampande (MDC-T) asked if it was the car or the person that should be exempted.
Minister Mpofu said: “It is not the person, it is a car and the equipment that we are using that has to be reflected on our screens.”

MPs have been clamouring for exemption from paying toll fees, arguing that most of the time, they would be performing parliamentary duties.

Government introduced toll fees as part of measures to raise funds to repair road infrastructure.
It has since installed toll plazas in some areas, which are highly sophisticated tollgates that are computerised to minimise pilferage.



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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Are they all thinking of starting transport companies? Or is this an oblique way of warning us that toll fees are going to go up big time? MP,s should pay just like everybody else

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    This world is upside down!! Look at the people who want to be exempted from paying toll fees!! The poor folks have to pay while the rich don’t want to part with even a single dollar. Heaven is watching !!!

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    So thier cars dont destroy the roads? They are just greedy. They must pay.

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    Arrogance of the highest order. Shame on you lot.

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    What makes these Ministers and MPs think they deserve special treatment and above all other citizens. They must pay, period! We may also argue that we must be exempt when we are business because we contribute to the fiscus.
    And if they are to registe vehicles, how many are they registering?

    I thought that the MPs are mandated to develop their constituencies, so can’t they make a dollar toll contribution for development of roads as they drive to their constituencies

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    I say it again! Rotten, rotten, rotten to the very core!

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    i wonder what this is all about, because these chaps have not been paying toll anyway.

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    Who is likely to damage the road more a poor man and a rich man? MPs and senators want free fuel, cars serviced by CMED and now they don’t want to pay toll fees.If you implemented something and you trust its worthiness, then ALL MUST PAY INCLUDING THE PRESIDENTIAL MOTORCADE.I go to Masvingo once in three months, and someone shuttles daily, doing groceries in Messina weekly, going to his farms daily and on op of that exemptions.I tell you these madalas are sleeping.Very very very soon the people they underestimate will have au uprising .It will start with small towns Kwekwe, Chegutu,Chiredzi and spread.Mark my words.We as MDC we will never support any greed house of member advocating for such exemptions while the poor are surviving on tree roots.Where are u going you don’t want to pay? Some of you were last seen in their constituencies last elections

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    exempt from paying taxes; exempt from the rule of law; exempt from everything. Leadership in Zimbabwe!! let them worship at their shrine to money and greed – the Reserve Bank.

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    Roving Eagle 9 years ago

    The culture of perks is destroying Zimbabwe. Duh! toll is for usage of the road, the MPs should be at the wanting to pay more, so they contribute to the improvement of the roads for everybody not to ride on the backs of the poor. The should be ashamed to be even asking for the special treatment. If they get better treatment anywhere because they are MPs then that should be a concern because that better treatment hides a problem they should be finding a solution for. DON’T RUN AWAY FROM POOR TREATMENT AT TOLLGATES, SOLVE THE PROBLEM FOR EVERYBODY INCLUDING YOU. YOU SHOULD BE OUR HIDDEN BOSS AT THE TOLLGATES SO YOU KNOW PROBLEMS CITIZENS FACE.

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    I am not knocking the liberation war fighters.I have a lot of respect for true fighters (most of who died a long time ago).

    We had some very good ones who had Zim at heart but there where opportunists in there too.The cowards,dodgy killers and bullies. They have survived the longest. They are the ones who right from the start expected everything for free.They ate rural folk’s chickens for free. Had free sex with rural folk’s daughters and have continued to want everything free since independence. Killed rural folk for fun.These are the people who remind you at every opportunity..’Do you know who I am?’ To them that means hand over because ‘I liberated you.’ They believe in their stupid heads that on the basis of them having been to ‘war’ ( mind you some are fakes never fired even a water pistol in their miserable lives) they should take take and take by force if necessary. They where never prepared to work.Selfish to the core they couldn’t care less if Zim crumbles so long as they have the luxuries.They have ulterior motive and always had.Now they want to drive free past toll gates but will not attend Parliament. They are more interested in grabing this or the other. But Robert thinks it’s all good

    Shame on you parasites.

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    The Rover 9 years ago

    Absolutely despicable…Essential services such as Zesa/Refuse have to pay toll yet these leaches want more for stuff all…what a disappointment they remain…$1 a trip…wow!!

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    Heading- MPS TO TREATED LIKE AMBULANCE ! 9 years ago

    This is our beloved Zimbabwe. We are doomed if policies are implemented to save the few political clout. EVERY MP SHOULD PAY HIS TOLL FEES AND CLAIM FOR IT. Zvino maMP Mukada kutreater sema Ambulance kkkkk nyika yaoma

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    chinoz 9 years ago

    ndichinoz akatanga nazvo chete hapana mumwe zvino tichaisa tollgate muconstituency make