‘Muchechetere not qualified to be ZBC boss’ Charamba

via ‘Muchechetere not qualified to be ZBC boss’ Charamba – NewsDay January 16, 2014 by Veneranda Langa

MEDIA, Information and Broadcasting Services secretary George Charamba yesterday blasted suspended Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere saying he was not qualified for an administrative post nor did he deserve the hefty salary he received during his tenure.

Charamba made the remarks when he appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Information and Broadcasting Services chaired by Umzingwane MP William Dewa saying he had produced a damning report where he ran short of saying the whole ZBC management should be fired for incompetence.

The presidential spokesperson said he had created more enemies than friends at ZBC due to the various interventions made by his ministry to deal with the rot at the public broadcaster.

Muchechetere hit the headlines recently as being one of the highest paid CEOs with an income of about $40 000 per month, while workers at ZBC had gone unpaid for seven months.

Charamba told the committee that $4,6 million had already been disbursed to the broadcaster to settle salary arrears, adding that the ministry was planning to retrench some of ZBC’s 1 098 workers.
“There is a damning report where I ran short of saying we just have to dismantle the whole ZBC management,” Charamba said.

“The incumbent (CEO) did not have the qualities to be where he was, but the former Information and Publicity minister (Webster Shamu) could not move to deal with ZBC issues because it was during elections and so we said we were going to get rid of the CEO or underpin him with the post of chief operations officer because here is an editor who was running an institution as an administrator and he was not qualified for that post (CEO’s post).”

He  added: “The moment you ask for fundamentally more than what you are bringing in as CEO then it means that contract is fundamentally flawed.  We have a  47-member strong executive team who account for 33% of the whole salary budget – that is unsustainable.  Their contracts were signed by one member of the board and not the whole board and there was no documentation to the parent ministry to say the board had concluded their perks.  There was absolutely no legal basis to uphold those conditions of service.”
According to Charamba, if ZBC could receipt $13 million per year there was no explanation why it accumulated salary arrears worth $4,6 million.
He denied there were ghost workers at ZBC, preferring to say these were workers who had no clear contracts.
Charamba also told the committee that New Ziana will have to retrench about 77 staffers.
“We are again seeing an imbalance at New Ziana where we have a disproportionate amount of workers related to administrative support services and again retrenchment costs will come to play,” he said.
He said the biggest challenge he will face with the budget allocation was to ensure Transmedia managed to install 25 more signals for the new radio stations that are set to be licensed soon.
Another hurdle for the ministry was to meet the 2015 international requirements to digitalise, adding that ZBC would need a complete overhaul in terms of equipment in order to digitalise.



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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Now that we know that only one member of the board signed his contract therefore let us see you prosecuting this looter to set an example.As I said before its pleasing to note that Mr Charamba accepts that they knew that he was not qualified for the CEO but for political reasons he was kept until after the elections. Shame on you Mr Charamba because you could have saved the nation thousands of dollars if you had taken action in good time but politics made you ignore the realities.

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    Livingstone 8 years ago

    If Muchechetere was not qualified for the post how did he find himself at the helm of the corporation in the first place.When he was appointed as CEO, Mr Charamba you were already the permanent secretary of the ministry and you never publicly raised these issues.

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    Murombo Chikuve 8 years ago

    The chickens are finally coming home to roost. What goes round comes around. The die is cast. Stay tuned for more self-destructive actions that the corrupt and shameless men and women at the helm of governance in our country are really capable of. The revelations so far of wide scale looting of public funds and the impunity is but the tip of an iceberg. Charamba et al will get their punishment sooner than later. God bless Zimbabwe and deliver her from this rot. We deserve better than this. Hope the police will act fast enough so the culprits do not escape or alter books. Enough is enough! We want our money back.