Mudede confirms what Zimbabweans have always known

via Mudede confirms what Zimbabweans have always known – DailyNews Live  11 MARCH 2014

Since independence, registrar-general (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede has confirmed what the public has always known —that there is a lot of corruption at his offices.

But this government old horse and bureaucrat need not have waited until summoning by Parliament to admit to this long-running problem, and sad state of affairs.

For the record, people have been struggling to get official documents such as passports and birth certificates, in a contrived scheme of inefficiency to create desperation and induce bribes from ordinary Zimbabweans.

With many starting to queue for papers as early as the night before – to an extent of hiring street kids to do that for them – why is it that the causes of perennial queues have not been investigated and yet Mudede unabashedly says crowds are not always there for passports but for other services, which he dare not mention.

Frankly, one has a feeling that the RG was wrongly advised, given that countries such as South Africa no longer accept Zimbabwean emergency travel documents (ETDs) because many have largely been fake.

While other countries are still grudgingly accepting these documents – upon production of an official receipt – it was often difficult to distinguish between the real ones and forged ETDs since they were done internally.

This has, however, inconvenienced many a traveller, especially the cross-border trader and at a time industries are rapidly shutting down, and jobs are hard to come by.

And as Zimbabweans grapple with this key socio-economic issue, Mudede has the temerit to tell us that only two officers have been caught in Seke and Bulawayo, yet headlines rage on Asian and west African nationals continuing to obtain residency papers on “forged marriage certificates”.
Melusi Matshiya, the Home Afdairs permanent secretary, said in admitting the official paper rackets: “We have had serious cases and we decided that it is better to dismiss those found to be corrupt, as we are having some appealing to the court and being cleared of any wrong doing. But we are not going to continue working with them as they are bad apples and we don’t even transfer them to any sub office.”

Despite our – and indeed the generality of the population’s – reservations on the effectiveness of this policy, it must be clearly understood that corruption at this key office and which issues vital documents has security implications for the country.

For instance, some criminals and even extremists might find sanctuary in our shores, and country after obtaining these falsified documents, and this really has a chilling feeling on the spines of many Zimbabweans that there could be some unsavoury characters in our midst and profiting from some greedy, and corrupt people in the RG’s office.

As such, it remains to be seen whether Mudede will sweep his house clean and clear the queues.

But for as long as there are queues – whether for the other services that the documentation chief alluded to or not – it means that the system is not working somehow, somewhere and desperation wil continue to fuel corruption.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    If the government authorized a private company to issue passports, birth certificates and so on most of the problems would disappear.

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      Reverend 8 years ago

      Thats a great idea but it would no doubt be given to zpf or the Chinese.

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      John Thomas you are 100% correct. And we want it to happen NOW!

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    farai 8 years ago

    Whenever you see A Zimbabwean institution or individual doing something that appears to be irrational or unreasonable, understand that corruption is at play.

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    Mavhu Mavhu 8 years ago

    Mudede should explain why every passport application should be processed in Harare. Provincial offices should be authorized to issue passports. The same officials who sit in Harare processing passport applications should be deployed to provincial offices of Home Affairs.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Pretentious baffoon. He is doing the ‘ I am the good manager, I am acting on it’ Just check his salary details.

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    In fact Mudede told parly that I am not able to manager my organisation, I can only do that with the help of the police.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    well get the police in and give us an up to date electronic voters role, if they got the tech for tolls why not the voters role. RG you should be removed with no benefits…

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    Mee too 8 years ago

    firstly why do we have to buy Passport Application forms US$50.00 for the forms that you stand in line to get for Many hours, and vetted like an animal being bought at auction. In other countries we download the forms from the internet free.

    second. Yes why issues only from Harare? Most corrupt place in the world.

    third. why not submission by email, internet or even registered post as in many countries, that would rid the queues. Collection by the same means.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago

    POOR MUD…!

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    sooner or later zanu has to go if it costs blood then so be it.when will these traitors of the people stop the madness