Full set of 5 YouTube videos: #mugabe interview on eve of 90th birthday

Full set of 5 YouTube clips covering Robert Mugabe’s interview on the eve of 90th birthday published by state media on on 20 February 2014

Mugabe’s interview on the eve of 90th birthday part 1 13:09

part 2 14:45

part 3 13:08

part 4 14:09

part 5 04:28


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    And to think over 50% of the population voted for this senile fool. All the clever people must have left before the elections.

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      You mean he rigged it to over 50%

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      bingo wajakata 8 years ago

      How do you know 50% voted for him. This is the problem of jumping into it without following the long story. Are you aware that up to now South Africa has refused to release a report on Zimbabwe 2002 elections! In fact the latest news is that the original report has gone missing from a South African judge’s office. If you had bothered following ZIM elections you would on the least know that ZANU-PF has not won any of the past three last elections. SADC and South African leadership has let the people of Zimbabwe down by allowing Mugarbage to steal elections and get away with it. In fact Mbeki actively went out of his way to make sure that the opposition in Zimbabwe was silenced. The only consolation is that South Africa is going to face a similar if not worse fate. I know its hard to believe but the writing is already on the wall and those with eyes can see the pattern.

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    Japhet M. Zwana 8 years ago

    What if Christ had fed his disciples and himself instead of the multitudes?

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    Alisdair Budd 8 years ago

    He’s rambling, having trouble staying awake, focusing on anything, and living in the past whilst muttering platitudes.
    He also starts and finishes a sentence on different topics after changing tack halfway through without noticing, and repeats himself frequently.

    All of which are classic symptoms of the early stages of senile dementia.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 8 years ago

    Absolutely shocking. In this entire one hour interview, Mugabe has not a single compliment or kind word for anyone. Not one. A profoundly mentally ill person. Senile too.

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    Mangwiro 8 years ago

    The guy cant even open his mouth. His jaws are locked!!!! and hence the voice has changed. And he still thinks he is still ‘fit as a fiddle’

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    Nimrod Mupanesengende 8 years ago

    I have watched the interview and what I see is a relad President Mugabe. Those that want to observe what is not there should remember that we heard that before. He was too old to run in 2000, in 2002, in 2005 and in 2008 and again he was too old to run in 2013. President Mugabe is certainly healthier than most people who are dying of stress for loss of political clout, power and land. If you want to see senility, look at former farmers who are now wearing nappies in old people;s homes or are squatting with their children. They never comment on those but they just have to target our beloved Mugabe, shame !!!!

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    Haruna 8 years ago

    What kind ok an interview is this. No issues raised about the future of our country, the corruption eating the economy etc. This old man is tired.

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    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    This man and his resentment and bitterness! Bottom line-How many Zimbabwean citizens has he killed in the pursuit of power? He will answer to God soon.

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    bam bam 8 years ago

    He cant be president for much longer because it is very clear that he has lost his sack of marbles oh my god he is a lame duck president and is just a figurehead for his mafia organisation zanu pf who are robbing and looting every asset in the country as fast as possible

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      I personally am glad to see that interview. If it gets aired on major channels this will show the Hippocratic nature of SADEC and the AU.The man is so so old that he is getting flash backs.The interviewer (Tarzzan) looks just as foolish. He is like a little boy asking Grandpa to tell us(inganu) stories we were told by the elders that had animal characters. We were spellbound because we were little children. For my English only understanding brothers remember when you were told fairy tales? Same thing.

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    Apologies for the error. And then you see a picture of a very very worried Grace….

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    Leon Gushaz 8 years ago

    Sianayi nechitunha ichi! Uyu watova mudzimu (obr better still NGOZI)

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    When I look at the old carcass I don’t see any indication of eye surgery one would also expect him to avoid bright lights and take care of the eye operated on. Ie drops and the like . So I take it he went to drop off another load of diamonds or loot in Singapore or like I claim have a blood transplant. If he makes another trip in 6 weeks time he is indeed having blood transfusions. The carcass can hardly hold a coherent conversation let alone a debate. This is what we call a leader?
    How low have my comrades standards dropped. In the 34 years.

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    Cde Chooks 8 years ago

    Slurred speech…inability to focus on a message…drifting in and out…these are classic signs of post-stroke brain trauma.