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#mugabe must walk the talk

via Mugabe must walk the talk – DailyNews Live  17 MARCH 2014

When President Robert Mugabe was sworn in last year for another five-year team, he promised to deliver on the election promises he made to the 14 million people whose eyes are fixed on him.

Addressing 60 000 people at his inauguration soon after his disputed poll victory last year, Mugabe said the time for elections had passed and his leadership was now tasked with improving the lives of the people who voted him in office.

He said: “I stand before you as now a sworn President of Zimbabwe. My mandate comes from the just-ended election which my party won resoundingly. But there are key truths that come with that victory, which come with that honour.

“…the peasant who cast his vote on July 31, created my victory and thus made a portion of my presidency, I am at his service, and his emissary and servant. He or she did not cast that precious vote in vain, did not repose it in us without expectations of a good, deserved return.”

To ensure that Mugabe had to deliver on his promises, he appointed a cabinet tasked with turning around a battered economy.

The economy had shown signs of improvement during the life of the inclusive government but soon after elections, the situation deteriorated again, at least $2 billion was withdrawn from banks as people panicked that the Zimbabwean dollar was due to return and investors completely shut the door on us.

The Daily News, as part of our policy of telling it like it is, without fear or favour has been looking at the performance of cabinet ministers especially those from key economic ministries and as it turns out, most of them have failed the test.

What is shocking is that some of them, like minister of Agriculture Joseph Made, minister of Energy Dzikamai Mavhaire, minister of Industry Mike Bimha and minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa are completely clueless and Mugabe must take firm action against them.

Newspapers have an obligation to speak on behalf of the voiceless, and the masses are complaining — there is hunger, disease and unemployment.

Social services have deteriorated to alarming levels — people have no clean drinking water, pot holes have become part of our everyday living, raw sewage is flowing all over the place and the people are confused. Does the government care, they ask?

This is why in commuter omnibuses, churches, bars, homes, political and social gatherings, the chorus is the same — where is this government taking us to?

Mugabe must wake up and smell the coffee. The ministers in charge of key ministries are taking him down slowly and only decisive action will help rescue the people from this economic torture.



  • comment-avatar
    Reverend 4 years

    Mugabe has never walked the talk and he has no idea how to and is drunk with coruption, lies, slander and evil and will die the evil person he is.

  • comment-avatar
    Ruramai 4 years

    Is the editor seriously calling on a 90 year old to change its ways? Why would he chanfe a system which has served him so well?

  • comment-avatar
    Guvnor 4 years

    Statistically speaking it would be irrational to expect anything apart from the usual lacklustre and pathetic performance.

  • comment-avatar
    suziq 4 years

    blah blah blah Mugabe you have been singing to the church choir for way to long…you now at 90 yrs old you r old you can hardly speak shame on you…I think the new generation need to rise up and KILL

  • comment-avatar
    suziq 4 years

    kill you is what I wanted to say

  • comment-avatar
    Jono Austin 4 years

    Is this the best Zimbabwe can do?-a 90 year old President falling asleep in meetings, losing his train of thought, and so consumed by hatred that he is still killing those citizens that stand in his way. What a pathetic and shameful state of affairs. I take heart that soon he will come face to face with all those he murdered and for the first time in his life be held accountable by them.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 4 years

    Mugabe will be like Kumuzu. They will let him rule even when he becomes a vegetable which he very nearly is now. In the mean time it is a joy for me to see him humiliating himself all the time. Such a very proud man has nothing left except foolery.

  • comment-avatar
    NBS 4 years

    Head lines like, “Mugabe must walk the talk,” are utter rubbish. No! Mugabe must go! What are we Zimbabweans talking about? We talk like he has won all the past 34 years of elections fair and square. No! Mugabe must go! End of story. I do not wish any harm on him as “vengeance is Mine saith the Lord.” But he must just go! There are going to be a few shocks on judgement day. Those who go to church, claim to be born again, say endless rosary beads(a totally futile pastime) and then go out and act and speak like all hell has been let lose in them?????? Where is the fruit in keeping with repentance?

  • comment-avatar
    The Truth. 4 years

    Why now? Which talk has he ever walked in the past 35 years?
    Stop wasting our time!!

  • comment-avatar
    bruce koffe 4 years

    Mugabe is not the only person to address the problem facing the nation. The entire nation has a duty in as much as the entire nation was responsible for removing the colonial regime. Its clear that ZANU PF is the problem and people must work together to remove the oppression of ZANU PF. There is rampant corruption from police, cio, parastatals all in the name of ZANU PF, so the entire ZANU PF must be removed, that take the entire non ZANU PF force.

    • comment-avatar
      Reverend 4 years

      OK lets get it on the road….really you are right bruce, we all gotta cause these currpt people a problem and bring em down with Gods help…lets start praying!