#mugabe opens ‘gem’ embassy in Dubai

via Mugabe opens ‘gem’ embassy in Dubai 07/04/2014 NewZimbabwe

Mugabe’s government has moved to set up an embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

The embassy, it would seem, will have no major diplomatic task to handle except to oversee the sale of the country’s diamond exports to the rich country, an international hub for diamond trade.

Mugabe flew off to Dubai Saturday to land support to the task as well as cut a few deals with the Arabs, as his government battles to revive an economy that could soon start failing to pay its workers.

“The visit will, among other things, see the finalisation of arrangements to open a Zimbabwean embassy in Dubai and the consolidation of consular services as well as marketing opportunities for Zimbabwean minerals,” acting secretary in the Information Ministry Regis Chikowore told State media weekend.

“In recent months, there has been a rapid growth in the volume of trade and business exchange visits between Zimbabwe and the United Arab Emirates.

“Dubai has emerged as one of the leading global diamond platforms with Dubai Diamond Exchange where the country’s diamonds were sold last month.

“The resumption of regular flights by Emirates Airlines between Dubai and Harare has generated significant business and tourist traffic, which has necessitated the need for Zimbabwe to establish consular services in Dubai.

“His Excellency is expected to inspect facilities that have been identified to host the Zimbabwean Embassy, which will offer both diplomatic and consular services.”

According to Chikowore, Mugabe’s visit will take a week.

Mugabe, 90, is hard pressed to find a quick solution to the country’s worsening economic situation as companies continue to shut down citing viability problems while offloading thousands onto the country’s jobless market.

Ever since diamonds were discovered in Chiadzwa 2006, Zimbabweans are yet to realise the full benefits of their country’s diamond endowment.


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    Mlimo 10 years ago

    All he went to do was to open up the lines of credit from the gem embassy to his account in singapore so the dollars never have to come back to Zimbabwe and be accounted for. This is another massive example of corruption. The diamonds will fly out directly to UAE and then be sold for cutting. The money will then go to his accounts. So that my stupid Zimbabwean friends is how you do it.

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      Roving Ambassador 10 years ago

      Bank the loot and have another steroid boost.
      Pasi neZanu.

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    Fanwell 10 years ago

    “Zimbabweans are yet to realise the full benefits of their country’s diamond endowment” . That is incorrect. Zimbabweans have realised nothing from the country’s diamond endowement.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 10 years ago

    Do we really need a diplomatic mission to sale diamonds. How can we open another mission when we are failing to pay our existing diplomats. We should actually be reducing our missions in line with our shrinking economy. By the way did Grace accompany Mugabe on this trip?

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    Parangeta 10 years ago

    Of course she went with the Looter in Chief.
    She needs more Dior, Gucci, Gaultiere fashions.

    For her big masculine feet, Manolo Blahnik and
    Christian Louboutin shoes, all paid for by us!

    M’Garbage and dis-Grace are filthy looters!