Mugabe snubs Tsvangirai

via Mugabe snubs Tsvangirai – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  4 DECEMBER 2013 

Ex-prime Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai faces the prospect of leaving office without a retirement package, following the scuttling of talks with President Robert Mugabe to define his benefits.

Government is also yet to assent to the evaluation of Tsvangirai’s Highlands mansion.

“The government has not evaluated the house and as such the onus solely lies on the government to play the ball,” Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson told the Daily News yesterday.

“They have to come and evaluate the house and then give Tsvangirai the right of (first) refusal.”

With Mugabe keeping Tsvangirai at bay, scuttling discussions on the Highlands mansion, which the former Prime Minister is currently staying in, frustration seems to be setting in.

The former premier is currently living in suspense, as government has not made it clear whether it intends to evict him out or sell the house to him.

The house was bought by government for $750 000 and officials say it was renovated for $1.5 million.

A team from the Public Works ministry visited the residence two months back in a chilling stop-over.

Efforts to get a comment from George Charamba, Mugabe’s spokesman, were futile yesterday.

Official sources say hawks in Zanu PF are pushing for an order directing that Tsvangirai vacates the official residence.

Tamborinyoka told the Daily News yesterday that government has not communicated anything to his boss regarding the house.

“Tsvangirai is still staying at the official residence,” Tamborinyoka said. “We have not received any communication from the government and therefore I cannot tell you what is going to happen concerning the house.

“But according to the law, Tsvangirai has the first right of refusal if the government intends to sell the house.”

Tamborinyoka said government has not even evaluated the house.

Asked if Mugabe was snubbing Tsvangirai, Tamborinyoka said the former premier was not desperate for a meeting with Mugabe but only wanted government to evaluate the property.

“Why would he want to meet Mugabe?” Tamborinyoka said.

“About the house, it is very clear that it has to be evaluated and he must be given first right of refusal and so I don’t see any reason why he must meet with the president.”

Sources say Tsvangirai was infuriated when government fired about 100 civil servants who served in his office during the inclusive government.

“On the retrenched staff, those were employed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and Tsvangirai has got nothing to do with PSC,” Tamborinyoka said.

Nathaniel Manheru, a State media newspaper columnist, last month suggested that Tsvangirai stood to benefit personally if he accepted Zanu PF’s electoral victory, which he has rejected as a fraud.

“Here is one about-turn which levies not an iota of a cost on him personally, on his party or his white benefactors. Yet it will restore him dignity, open new possibilities of engaging the winner in national spirit, for national gain. Yes, for personal gain. Even his supporters will gain too,” wrote Manheru.

“His former ministers, including his deputy, want assistance from the Zanu PF government, as indeed does he too. But the bind is a simple one: how do you engage a government you don’t recognise?

Once he recognises the obvious victory of Zanu PF, he leads his defeated supporters into becoming strong MDCs who are good, loyal citizens of the country.”



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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    I accept Zanu Pf victory on his behalf so let us now benefit. It is Tsvangirai snubbing Mugabe. Tsvngirai can go and live in Budiriro without any problem but a stolen election will remain a problem for Mugabe

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    Sonofngwazi 10 years ago


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    John Thomas 10 years ago

    If Tsv wants to show us he is not in it for the gravy this is another chance.

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    Khaya'bonina 10 years ago

    The truth will never be diverted , ZANU PF rigged the elections and they must not buy Tsvangirarai to accept this as a victory . The reason for Tsvangirai to benefit is not based on their dwarf minds , the major reason is that Tsvangarai contributed a lot during the inclusive government . If we are really democratic then we must practise it better , this kind of intimidation will lead me to loose hope and then turn arround to be a bushman again seeking for the freedom that we deserve . Yes we survived in the bushes , eating wild fruits umpumbulu, umqokolo, amathunduluka etc , do we have the freedom today , do we still deserve the title that we were Freedom fighters . ZANU PF , must not mess up what we fought for , we cried tears out without options seeing our comrades dying and getting exposed to vultures , they never received discent burial , how do we reward those people who brutaly lost their lifes .Well time is coming , those messing arround our beautiful country their trial day to answer questions is coming , it would be another chimurenga without guns , but we will be stinging them badly . Mugabe has never been wrong , these oxen surrounding him have failed to be true leaders , they kept him on the seat for so many years solely to achieve their goals , all along they had be telling him what to do , even now at his age they can’t see the abuse they are causing to him , God will work it out , i had been wrong to blame Mugabe all along , the snakes are those surrounding him .

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      B.Mathe 10 years ago

      Well said Khaya. It really hurts if i was related to that old man i was going to something about it. The old man is now being used like a ZOMBIE.

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    Joel Nyamamhini 10 years ago

    Another misleading headline. I don`t see in this article, where Mugabe snubbed Tsvangirai.

    • comment-avatar
      Kubota Binga 10 years ago

      Agreed, extremely misleading headline, usual on this site

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    munzwa 10 years ago

    didn’t bob refuse morgan state house. Who owns the palace that bob lives in, why is he not in state house or the old governors house?

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    Chanhuhwa Chidembo 10 years ago

    Tsvangirai shld benefit from the hse not by choice of Zanupf woodlums bt by virtue of being an ex premier. The unfortunate thing is zanupf has never lived a life of ex presidium member because they all die in office with the exception of Canaan Banana, so its sounds strange. ministers and MPs take wt them cars as part of exit package why then is it an issue when it comes to Tsvangirai. think mhani mazanupf

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    Is it not easier for Tsvangirai to vacate the house and avoid the embarrassment…you will be shamed when they chuck out of the mansion and then you claim you are a victim. Vacate the state house and avoid us the embarrasment

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    papa zulu 10 years ago

    Nathaniel Manheru’s sentiments remind me of the biblical story where in the desert our Lord was tempted by Lucifer.’Just do this and that then I shall give you all the kingdom of the earth’.All fake

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    Mthwakazi 10 years ago

    I did mention some time back that gukurawundi Mugabe might have all those prison degrees; wear western suits, ties and cufflings; speak polished English etc – this notwithstanding the man is very, very primitive.

    Ian Smith took him out of the Zwimba bush, but no man on earth can ever take the Zwimba bush out of gukurahundi Mugabe; this is the problem.

    The gukurahundi thug is backward; he will always use state resources to get at his opponents and try to make them bend to his and his party’s wishes.

    Nevertheless, I have no sympathy for Tswangirayi for the situation he finds himself in. We told him to work hand in hand with Welshman Ncube and other progressive forces to help dislodge Mugabe, but he unfortunately chose teas and buscuits ahead of principle.

    Despite the MDC’s green team’s loss owing to the massive NIKUVING of the July 2013 elections, the party and its leader Welshman are having the last laugh.

    Tell us, where is Aurthur Mutambara? Where is Morgan Tswangirayi today?

    You see, all those people who worked hard hobnobbing with Mugabe trying to isolate Ncube are now in the wilderness. They, like condoms have been used and dumped.


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    Its Tsvangirai’s right by virtue of having being the Prime Minister. If Mugabe refuses fine! Because that’s what he is good at, but Tsvangirai iS not in anyway to blame.

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    chinoyi 10 years ago

    I think the point of this article has been lost,by looking at some of the comments. It is about MT living in his “official” prime ministers residence and a decision has not been made on if he can or cannot buy it. I really think everyone shouldd look at this from another pespective. We all know the election was rigged, no arguement about that and as a result MT is no longer part of government and is no longer Prime Minister. It it not right that he moves out and back to his own home to fight another day. In reality he has no right to stay in the house, pension paid or not. Look at it deeper, will he be another person that if and when he becomes President, will never leave state house!!!! If he was truely a honest man, he would have moved out and not remained in the house hoping to get it cheaply from the very governemnt he was fighting to remove. Think about this. Have we not got a dictator in the making?

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    kiddnile 10 years ago


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    chilimanzi 10 years ago

    There are more pressing issues than just a mere house .

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    Michael 10 years ago

    Did Clinton or Bush get possession of the White House on their departure from office???
    Did Hatcher or Blair get possession of No. 10 Downing Street on their departure from office???

    The answer is “NO” obviously.

    You people make me sick with your stupid comments. This type of mentality, that an ex-premier should retain a house that was purchased with state funds only promotes the corruption of our leaders. This same mentality will keep Africa in the dark ages.

    Tsvangirai deserves nothing more than a mud hut, he has failed us three times. He has failed us even when he had the power of the GPA on his side. With idiots like Tsvangirai trying to bring about democracy we will forever be ruled over by tyrannical dictators like Mugabe.

    #These are my thoughts, remember I am not a Zanu supporter, remember I am not a MDC supporter, but I am a voter and my vote counts.#

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      tinofiranyika 10 years ago

      ummm my friend yu began like a good thinker but lost on the way, yu never allowed yoself to go immensly into who actually betrays us Mugabe or Tsvangirai how many does zim held ballot and how did it went on. Meerly its all about dictatorship that we have tried with difficulty with Tsvangs rather thank him fo democratic endevours. What did yu expected him to do when even his vote was stolen???? Open yo eyes i dont blame yu rather its Mugabe just like the cornmen around the streets

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    Michael 10 years ago


    The only sensible comment so far. We are doomed if there are so few Zimbos who can think outside of the box.

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    Mthwakazi 10 years ago

    State resources should stay state resources – office bearers come and go; just as company resources stay company resources regardless of who is in a particular position. People dont leave companies with their company cars. The gukurahundi should also leave all state assets behind after he steps down.

    Gukurahundi Mugabe and his ZANU PF are responsible for this culture of office bearers leaving with state assets after the end of their term. The option that the asset should be sold and the current incumbent be given the first option to buy it should stop. This is why these guys waste millions of dollars each time new office bearers are appointed.

    Zimbabwe will never see any development with this kind of mentality!!

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 10 years ago


    Answer a simple question for me. Do you think it is right for the Ex-prime minister to occupy a house that does not belong to him, but belongs to the state (to the people of Zimbabwe)???

    He is no longer prime minister he should have shown the humility decency of a great man and moved out as soon the election result were declared, irrespective of whether the election were rigged or not.

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    Isu Zvedu 10 years ago

    Michael, I hear you. But Zanu PF is not the Zimbabwe Govt. It is the party that stole the elections. The govt owns properties. One of these properties is where MT resides. What is your beef about that? MT is not occupying your Shake Shake building. In Zimbabwe there are rules set by the govt. A premier job is like any other job with benefits and exit packages. Let the govt decide. You are being emotional about nothing. Your hatred of MT and one million dollar Zimbabwe house is quite misplaced. How about billions being looted and banked in offshore accounts during these illness trips. Why is it that zanoids aways succeed in weaving wool in some people’s eyes? Zvemamansions and property loot zvaana Chombo na Chiyangwa pasi tsve-e. Moti nanga nanga nemba imwe. Why?

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    Wel said Isu Zvedu

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    Rwendo 10 years ago

    Some very strange ideas. Are we in principle, to provide or build new official residences everytime there is a change of government?? Were Smith or Muzorewa given exit packages? Besides which, why should MT be rewarded for allowing himself and his party to be outwitted and tricked by his opponents, 3 times in a row.