Mugabe speaks against infidelity

via Mugabe speaks against infidelity | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu  December 9, 2013 

President Robert Mugabe has yet again spoken strongly against men who commit adultery by starting extra marital affairs. Mugabe was speaking at the weekend at the wedding of former Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono’s daughter, which was attended by first lady Grace and other ZANU PF officials.

Ironically in the early 1990s Mugabe sired a child with his then secretary Grace when his first wife, Sally Mugabe, was dying from a kidney ailment.

Mugabe has previously slammed extra marital affairs which are known in Zimbabwe as ‘small houses’ often raising ridicule for ignoring his own record.

In May this year his ironic situation appeared to have been made known to him as he used a TV documentary interview to claim that Sally who died in 1992 was aware of his affair with Grace.

In the same interview Mugabe also claimed that Grace was already a divorcee when their relationship began, although it is widely believed that she was still married to Stanley Goreraza, an air force pilot who was later posted to China as a diplomat.

On Saturday Mugabe said the ‘small houses’ deserve to be destroyed because ‘should not exist’.

Praise Gono married Tshalakika Malaba in Borrowadale Harare where her father gave her a house as a gift. The Standard reported that the first family gave the newly-weds $10,000.



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    What an arrogant hypocrite. Cheating on his first wife with disgrace small house. Why is gono not doing hard Labour?

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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    Clowns et al!

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    Jogo Bonita 10 years ago

    Look who’s talking.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago

    REALLY! LOOK WHO IS TALKING! Bank robber recommending a job seeker for a bank job!!

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    Penga, shuwa!

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    IAN SMITH 8 years ago

    Bob you are not indigenous to Zimbabwe.

    Bobs father, Gabriel Matibili, was a carpenter from Nyasaland (later Malawi)

    Bob you committed adultery.

    In an interview with South African journalist Dali Tambo the 89 year old Zanu PF leader now claims he revealed his affair with Grace to Sally who “accepted the new relationship” before she died of a kidney failure in 1992.