Mugabe succession in ugly twist

via Mugabe succession in ugly twist November 8, 2013 by Blessed Mhlanga for NewsDay

Zanu PF factional fights have reportedly reached a crescendo in the Midlands province where five top party officials believed to be linked to politburo member Emmerson Mnangagwa have filed a $50 million criminal defamation lawsuit against provincial chairman and Midlands Provincial Affairs minister Jason Machaya — an alleged Vice-President Joice Mujuru ally.

Mnangagwa and Mujuru are believed to be leading two distinct Zanu PF factions fighting to succeed President Robert Mugabe, although both have publicly denied involvement in the alleged factions.

The latest development followed a recent petition by Douglas Kanengoni, Machaya’s chief elections agent, where he accused Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxillia, former provincial chairman July Moyo, Douglas Tapfuma, Gokwe-Kana MP Owen Ncube and Zhombe MP Mackenzie Ncube of attempting to rig the just-ended party provincial elections in favour of their faction’s preferred candidate Larry Mavhima.

In a 14-page petition, which was presented to the presiding officer Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti soon after the elections, Kanengoni demanded that the five be taken to a disciplinary hearing for alleged electoral fraud.

Irked by the allegations, the five Zanu PF officials led by their lawyer Valentine Mutatu wrote to Machaya on Tuesday demanding $50 million defamation charges, claiming that the allegations raised in Kanengoni’s petition had the potential of destroying their political careers.

“The contents of the document are malicious and false and bent on destroying the political life of our clients. When it (Kanengoni’s letter) was presented to Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, he proceeded to act on the basis of that document and excluded or suspended our clients from supervising or participating in any form in the electoral process,” read part of the letter served to Machaya by the Messenger of Court on Wednesday.

Mutatu claims that Kanengoni’s petition had the net effect of painting his clients as dishonest people bent on rigging elections.

“As a result of the false and malicious disinformation contained in the document, which was understood to mean that our clients are dishonest and are bent on rigging elections, our clients suffered damages,” Mutatu wrote in a letter filed as ref VM/327/9ec.

Zanu PF insiders told NewsDay yesterday that the lawsuit was likely to open a can of worms ahead of the party’s conference in Chinhoyi next month and general elections in 2018 when Mugabe was expected to have stepped down.



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    Chivulamapoti 9 years ago

    Good I hope Mugarbage is gone soon!

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    $50m? So is this what these Zanoids expect to make in the event that they are elected into office???? Mbavha dzevanhu!!!!!

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    Gandanga 9 years ago

    Those with legal Knowledge please help. How do we determine the value of defamation damages? I have known people who have been physically damaged and got compensation who dont even get $100. 00 a month. I think this shows how greedy our Leaders are. How do they come up with $50 million honestly. Zvava kutonyadzisa. MDC inochema neRigging tichiti inhema saka kana tava kuchema isu tega zvonzi chii?

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    Angel 9 years ago

    The potholed roads and dilapidated system the darkness at night due to lack of electricity and dilapidated infrastructure are all painful reminders of broken promises of a once promising land. This is a reminder to those whose children gave their lives for freedom and emancipation of the Zimbabweans that they died in vain.
    The Mercedes and Range Rovers that line the driveways of Harare’s northern suburbs are a reminder that the land has diamonds galore and those with the connections are enjoying the fruits of ZANU-PF party membership. The Indigenization program is working if you belong to the ‘right’ political party.

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    Austin Vuma 9 years ago

    Zanu without Mugabe is as good as dead! That’s what happens if there is no succession policy. Its matter of time.