#mugabe summit boycott ‘worst form of sabotage’

Mugabe summit boycott ‘worst form of sabotage’ April 4, 2014 by MuckRaker

There has predictably been considerable contention around the issue of Zimbabwe’s attendance at the EU-Africa summit following the denial of a visa to Mrs Grace Mugabe.

Some sharp discourse has emerged from the battle for hearts and minds.

“It is 100% wrong for the President not to attend the meeting just because his wife is not invited,” MDC Matabeleland South chairperson Pilate Ndebele said. “He took an oath to represent the people of Zimbabwe, not his wife or family.
“The President should put his country and people first, to use the opportunity to improve relations between Zimbabwe and the EU, especially convincing investors to come and invest here.”

Perhaps the most astringent remarks came from MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora who said: “To hold Zimbabwe to ransom simply because (the First Lady) Grace Mugabe cannot attend the summit is the worst form of sabotage for one’s country.”

Indeed, but perhaps we are all missing a point here. The EU is very simply holding Zimbabwe to commitments made in 2002 when the Zanu PF government was accused of manipulating electoral procedures and using political violence.

This year according to press reports, Grace has seized property in Mazoe in a move which EU governments believe is damaging to business in Zimbabwe.

One of those businesses, Interfresh, is in dire straits as a result.

So in all seriousness, how can a president of a country boycott a crucial international summit because of a quarrel over his wife’s travel visa. Is Mugabe now hostage to Grace as Louis XVI was to Marie Antoinette?

If he is, he must read history about Marie’s disastrous influence on her husband’s rule. After all what did our shopaholic First Lady want to do in Brussels besides, of course, embarking on extravagant shopping sprees (a manifestation of compulsive buying disorder) and tasteless expenditures and consumption — as we saw at her daughter’s wedding — like Marie?

Destructive policies
At the same time, other farms and properties have been grabbed by President Robert Mugabe’s associates in pursuit of a policy that is both racially inspired and destructive. That is not a policy that is likely to endear the country to EU member states.

Reports in the Herald that President Jacob Zuma has “joined President Mugabe in shunning the EU–Africa summit in Brussels” is doubtful. Africa has a firm position that makes no provision for wives at the summit. It is amusing to hear the Zimbabwe state media refer to the “discredited” summit.

It wasn’t so “discredited” when Zimbabwe sought desperately to secure a visa for the “First Lady”.
We recall in 2003 Zimbabwe scrambling to get the Commonwealth to lift the terms imposed by the “white” members in 1991, but a wide cross-section of Club members said “No”.

History, it seems, is about to repeat itself. Mugabe must know it is procedure that spells much of the difference between rule by law and rule by whim or caprice.

Leadership crisis

The Sunday Times in Johannesburg carried an excellent lead-letter this week headed Africa’s sickness: Yes-men who prop up inept leaders. It is worth reproducing here.

“It is shocking how money was wasted building Nkandla for one man and his privileged family. I am surprised that President Jacob Zuma still has people who feel they cannot dump him as a leader when he has clearly failed to show good leadership skills. All he has done since he came to power is to look out for No 1.

“We, as Africans, will be known as failures if we continue to defend such leaders. I am surprised that nothing is said about the number of houses that were built there. I believe that the government’s duty was to build one secure house for him and the rest should have been his responsibility because he decided to have more than one wife.

“The problem with our African leaders is that they surround themselves with yes-men. This is dangerous for our continent. We need people who will not be afraid to speak the truth to leadership.

“We also have a problem with the politics of the stomach. People will not speak because they will lose their spot next to the king or president and thus have to go out and look for a job instead of enjoying the benefits of the gravy train.

“I wonder what history will say about those of us that have allowed this rot to reign in our countries.”
It is signed “Disgruntled African”.
Let’s hope Mugabe’s toadies saw this, or in fact, what do they have to say about it?
Zanu PF’s obsession

Prosecutor–general Johannes Tomana has been at pains to assure parliament that there was nothing wrong with supporting a party of his choice.

“No person in the country will be qualified to occupy an office if we start judging people on political lines,” he asserted. “It is my constitutional right to choose a party of my choice that persuades me with their policies and I choose Zanu PF and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Nothing wrong with that so long as he maintains a professional approach to his work and does not allow his partisan views to cloud his judgment. Can we say that is the case with him now?

It will be interesting to see if Zanu PF is successful in its latest call for the arrest of Morgan Tsvangirai. They are accusing him of making “subversive statements”. Was he making subversive statements or was he exercising his democratic right to denounce the ruling party’s record?

“He made subversive statements and the law must take its course,” Rugare Gumbo declared.

“Anyone who makes subversive statements should be punished,” he said.

Why is Zanu PF so obsessed with punishing people? Despite the new constitution, Zimbabwe remains a totalitarian state where people are not free to express their views. And then they simply can’t understand why President Mugabe and his wife have difficulty obtaining a visa to travel to Europe!

Mugabe got his visa in the end, but Grace didn’t because the EU states couldn’t understand what she planned to do with it besides shopping!
Tomana doesn’t seem to get it. The public complaints against him are not so much that he is Zanu PF, but that he is using public office to advance partisan interests through selective prosecution.
Cde Tomana, as a general rule, rabid partisanships are not good for public office. So try to be professional or at least pretend!

The price of electing corrupt and incompetent leaders

Our sister paper, the Southern Eye, on Wednesday carried a story on a Zanu PF legislator who wept in parliament over a stipend for war veterans.

Annastancia Ndlovu, who got into parliament through female proportional representation, became emotionally charged over the issue and briefly brought parliament to a standstill as she struggled to overcome her emotions.

Acting Speaker Melody Dziva later said this was a very emotional topic and that is why the MP has been deeply moved.

MPs are advocating for an upward review of the stipend.

This comes 16 years after war veterans bullied the government into paying them billions of Zimbabwean dollars in gratuities, which sent the dollar crashing, and the economy on a downward spiral.
Dziva later said: “This is very emotional topic and that is why the MP has been deeply moved.”

Zanu PF Bindura South MP Remigious Matangira also added his voice at the emotive issue saying his colleague was justified to cry.

“There is no way one would ot cry. She would cry because it touches our hearts. We have been selfish filling our bellies at the expense of our sons and daughters. Where did we get those things that make us rich? Did we have those things before Independence? We should look after those who gave us independence.”

At least Matangira is very honest in admitting Zanu PF MPs are “selfish” and “rich”.

To Ndlovu, we sympathise with you — crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then seriously deal with issues, especially when you belong to a party that has mismanaged and vandalised the economy. That’s the price of electing a failed nonagenarian and corrupt and incompetent leaders to run government. Stop crying and tell your leaders to fix the economy.


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    Zeezee 9 years ago

    Ban the wicked witch for life!

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    apolitical 9 years ago

    Its 100% correct that he should not have attended and all right thinking Zimbabweans will concede that point.
    Whilst the sanctions are illegal as they have never been approved by the UN. there is a huge matter of a human rights infringrement by the EU.
    we cannot bet example as the jourbnalist is obvioulsly not switched on punish the family of an accused prior to him even being foung guilty of anything – do we arrested woman and children because their husband stole??? Ita a very stupid and illegal attitude to taker and contrary to woman’s human rights internationally.
    Of course you will always have the uneducated like the journalist supporting that wives should be punished but they are what they are uneducated.
    Problem is that we have no human rights organisations in Zimbabwe.
    In order to be a human rights organization or human rights lawyer you have to be apolitical, impartial and completely independent.
    As they are funded by EU funds they are all in a conflict situation.
    Name one human rights organization that fits that category.
    Thus all right thinking Zimbabweans who support human rights and are unbiased will support womans rights to be independently judged and not the situationt that if one family member is accused the entire family are, as existed centuries ago prior to education and international laws.
    If we had one real human rights lawyer they would take this very real issue up.

    • comment-avatar
      Peter tosh 9 years ago

      Take it up yourself!

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      Fallenz 9 years ago


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      Rudadiso 9 years ago

      Apolitical, on what basis would you take up this issue? The summit was for heads of states and Grace is not one of them. Whilst you are at it, countries have every right to choose who should visit their countries and who shouldn’t. Do you recall how a visiting South African COSATU delegation that included Gwede Mantashe was driven to the border over night because the Zimbabwe government did not want them to stay in their country? We were told Zimbabwe was exercising its sovereign right. Why shouldn’t Europeans exercise their sovereign rights?

      Apolitical you are a disgrace.

      • comment-avatar
        apolitical 9 years ago

        Ill try to educate you some more, against the odds – a visiting delegation is far removed from an official meeting like that of the UN or AU. UN visitors may be refused as may be monitors but not when an official meeting is planned, someone else doesn’t get to do the invitations – does work that way.

      • comment-avatar
        apolitical 9 years ago

        @Rudadiso -The disgrace is the one who refuses to acknowledge a human rights infringement yet shouts human rights against others.
        Double standards is the disgrace not I.
        On a casual visit, sovereign rights may be invoked but not against an official meeting of a organization where you do not even possess the right if personal invitation.
        Would it be acceptable, and I feel it justified in the circumstances, to send the wives of local EU delegates back to the EU saying they are not necessary to the delegates work. If your answer is in the negative, then you start to understand one of the issues.

        • comment-avatar
          Rudadiso 9 years ago

          Apolitical, the EU is not the UN, that is why Grace does accompany Mugabe when he goes for the UN general assembly meetings. This summit was voluntarily initiated by the EU who had every right to choose delegates because they were paying for it.

          You need to grow out of your pettiness. At the end of the day African countries ignored Mugabe because they put their countries’ interests ahead of their own, while Mugabe continued to sulk like the 9 year old he claimed to be. As has happened often under this lunatic of a president, Zimbabwe lost out.

          • comment-avatar
            apolitical 9 years ago

            It seems im one of the few adults here – those who believe human rights are pettiness need an education to assist them fitting in to society and civilization.
            Look how really stupid your comment was, look what it leads to.
            Complaint, something went missing from my house, think its the domestic worker, lets jail his wife until he returns this is allowed by Rudadiso’s thinking to say its not fair is pettiness really where is civilization headed.
            The 1000 dollar question of the day, if Zimbabwe sent all the EU wives back home saying they were not necessary to the delegates would this be allowed as well? If you think not, then, you have started to think about fairness and human rights – with a bit more thought you might make it back into civilisation.

        • comment-avatar
          Parangeta 9 years ago

          You’re an annoying fool, I wish you’d just shut up and go away!
          Your f*&#cking rambling don’t make any sense, as always!

      • comment-avatar

        Rudadiso don’t waste your time responding to “apo” the “african intellect”.He is clearly aligned to the likes of zanupisoff ,anc etc band of brothers.If they were so intelligent why is africa in such a mess with more money poured into it than any other continent. The motto with any dimwit african liberation struggle movement when their so called liberation arrives due to the same EU.USA or UK “UNBIASED” approach is “ME FIRST”.There has got to be a time when the world stops their benevolence towards this dark continent.

    • comment-avatar
      Chidumbu 9 years ago

      more stupid comments from Zanu’s B”@ch, you are so stupid that you think the West needs you more than you need them, Who’s county is on it’s knees thrusting out the begging bowl towards the west and east? so you cut off your nose to spite your face instead of grasping the opportunity to make things better for all Zimbabweans, @apolitical you are as much a disgrace as your idiot leader

      • comment-avatar
        apolitical 9 years ago

        @Chidumbu The disgrace is one who adopts double standards, you simply dont punish family members because you think a member of the family may have committed a crime – that went out centuries ago before we became civilized.
        It is not about who is bigger or wealthier than who its about very ordinary human rights adopted in the civilised world and infringing against same.
        You need to get civilized and understand that most of us have been educated to understand right and wrong.

        • comment-avatar
          Rudadiso 9 years ago

          What double standards are you talking about? The EU invited heads of states, NOT their spouses. The EU was paying for this summit. Get that?

          • comment-avatar
            apolitical 9 years ago

            @Rudadiso The AU is a different organization to the EU, if the EU pay its because they think they may score some exports but it does not give them the right to choose which member’s of the AU attend they reversed their decision on that because they realized they had to invite Mugabe so in frustration they refuse to allow his wife to travel getting into a far worse mess, discrimination laws will nail them to the wall try reading them before commenting there is an online booklet you can download. You cannot impose punishment of any kind on family members of any person in the EU. GET IT NOW!
            Its not political anymore its about human and civil rights, read and learn don’t guess!

        • comment-avatar
          Parangeta 9 years ago

          Except your filthy, simian, old, faggot leader M’Garbage!

        • comment-avatar

          apo are your disgrace herself??? there cannot be any other person you have such strong views for this excuse of a human .

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    ONYONYOO 9 years ago

    You see .. the better way would have been to send a minister of finance or minister responsible for foreign- (read alien) affairs just like Msholozi did.These aliens are saying ok we took money from you after we colonised your lands … so now come lets discuss how we payback all of you because we now have some surplus of alien currency you so badly need.. Koyi aa.. hino toda ku wunzawo madzimai ku meeting ikoko. Koyi awu nyayadzakadayi dzino da abantu besilisa and then we refuse to let our wives remain taking care of our chicken projects at home and the kitchen,,..We want women’s lib.MEN of Honour… Men who really need the reparations went there well in advance Bo president SATA jana.. Amadoda sibili left their batteries of ladyfolk and check this space and see how much Euros they will bring back for their battered economies..kilos of millions if not a couple billion. Okay ..a farthing here and a dime there but look Zimbabwe is very broke and that is why we are using Alien currencies.Haw’.. We should have used the summit to tell these guys straight in the face eyeball to eyeball . NEXT TIME AND space you disallow our ladies to attend then don’t talk of women’s lib, BASIC human rights etc like having your spouse after a hard day’s debating we will Refuse to engage you….

    • comment-avatar
      Parangeta 9 years ago

      “To the victor go the spoils”, that is history’s mantra.
      There is not going to be reparation to anyone, anywhere!
      Did the Gokomere pay back the San, NO!
      Did the Gokomere payback the Zhizo, NO!
      Did the Kalananga payback the Rhozwi, NO!
      Did the Ndebele pay back the Mkorokori or the San, NO!
      Did the Shona pay back the Ndebele, NO!
      So the British will not pay back the present ‘Colonizers’, NO!

      Get over it, work and stop looking for ‘paybacks’, like M’Garbage.

  • comment-avatar
    Jono Austin 9 years ago

    Mugabe and the war vets are sell outs. Cannot the warvets work an honest day for themselves-no they demand money-they are a pathetic lot. They were cowering in the bushes whilst their comrades died.

  • comment-avatar
    Gomogranny 9 years ago

    Finally the EU diplomats are learning how to manipulate the likes of MUGARBBAGE. It took them a while to learn that they are dealing with a spoilt and arrogant little child. Refuse him a toy (wifey can’t come shopping with you) here and another one there so he throws tantrum and does not come to the party. WHICH IS WHAT YOU WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE….hah, hah…well done – AT LAST! Finally, mission accomplished.

    • comment-avatar
      apolitical 9 years ago

      All they accomplished is destroying a meeting which could have given investment opportunities to the EU, an organisation that needs us more than we need them. In much more debt than we are due to stupid political policies like this one.
      You may bring a girlfriend but not your wife – your girlfriend is unrelated, what an example of lack of common sense.

      • comment-avatar
        Rudadiso 9 years ago

        Apolitical, 50 out of 54 countries were represented at this summit. It is Zimbabwe which lost out. It is also Zimbabwe which is always extending its begging bowl to Europe.

        You are delusional if you think Europe needs Zimbabwe more than Zimbabwe needs Europe. If that had been the case then they would have pandered to childish Mugabe’s whims by allowing Grace to attend a summit in which she had absolutely no role to play.

      • comment-avatar
        Don Cox 9 years ago

        “a meeting which could have given investment opportunities to the EU”

        Only a lunatic would invest in Zimbabwe under the present regime. There are plenty of better places to invest.

        • comment-avatar
          apolitical 9 years ago

          @Don Cox That’s your opinion only, that’s why you have nothing and nothing to say.
          If the EU don’t need us why do they spend tax payers funds on local politics – why get involved?
          Sorry a bit about your mental ability to work that out.

      • comment-avatar
        Parangeta 9 years ago

        Change your stupid name, you are not ‘apolitical’, you are a boot-licking,
        dis-Grace worshiping, ZingZong Zanoid.
        As I said before, just shut up and fade away, you talk hogwash!

        The Eu doesn’t give a flying f*%ck about what Mugabe does or does not.
        They all know his days are numbered and then Tsvangarai will clean up the mess.

        If not dead, M’Garbage will be off to the Hague with Mnangagwa and Co.
        Ha! ha! ha! ha!
        dis-Grace will be stripped of her pillage and those ZPF thieves imprisoned!

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Absolutely amazing to read some of the comic responses… I think those guys have really begun to master the art of humor in “double talk”. Really pretty amusing… except their routines are a bit lengthy… kinda loses the punch line, don’t ya think. Probably need to keep their day job.

  • comment-avatar
    Jenandebvu 9 years ago

    Apolitical should be out his/she mind. Who appeared the victor after the boycott? Is it Mugabe, Zimbabwe or Grace? Chikerema said “each time Mugabe got angry, he would take his cattle separately n go far away into isolation”

    I m happy because his days are numbered. Change is in the air.

  • comment-avatar
    apolitical 9 years ago

    Only real fools think Europeans have sovereign rights over other individual organisations.

    • comment-avatar

      apolitical I am really trying to understand what you are trying to say here. The problem is that you consistently contradict yourself, so your message gets confused. You started the week’s controversy by saying that the EU had no right to decide who gets invited. To the EU. To a summit they have organised and are paying for. I think perhaps you have now accepted that they do indeed have the prerogative to send out invitations to the EU-Africa summit that they are hosting, holding on their soil and paying for. Because now your tune has changed and it has become a “human rights” issue. Which is laughable. Obviously. Given the gross human rights violations that have been committed in this country. Especially against women. Never mind the murder, the rape, the starvation, the neglect, it’s now a human rights issue that a visa was denied. Hmmmmmm, ok, if you say so. Let’s put it to you like this. Say you gave your money to man and asked him to go and buy you a cow. That man takes your money, collects his wife and they go off for a night on the town with your money. The man buys his wife a lovely dress, they have a great dinner in a nice restaurant with some fine wine. When you call him the next day, on his new cellphone that he bought with your money, he tells you he is very sorry but he has spent your money on other more pressing things. You then hear from your wife that his wife has boasted about their night on the town and her new dress, paid for with your money. Would you not go to the police and lay a complaint against both husband and wife? So your point about “do we arrested woman and children because their husband stole”…. well, yes, surely responsibility is shared?

      As for your comment “send the wives of local EU delegates back to the EU saying they are not necessary to the delegates work”…. sorry to point out that they are already in the EU!? Don’t get the meaning of that at all.

      Your arguments just do not seem to hold any weight.

      • comment-avatar
        apolitical 9 years ago

        @BNThankfully human rights laws don’t agree, some of us are civilised, and many Africans have been taken to the Hague for implementing punishment and death against family members.
        You cannot hold another person responsible for another’s crime in any court of law in the world.
        Its all about justice and Human rights which you clearly need to have explained to you.
        From the outset I said it was not a political issue it was a human rights issue , read again slowly!
        Idont agree they have the right to invite who they like if they pay because they agree to fund the AU meeting which includes all members – EU also conceeded that point because they later changed their decision and invited Mugabe.
        So you are right I agree with the EU that they have to invite Mugabe and they stupidly embarrassed themselves by at first refusing to invite him.
        They cannot then bar his wife on the basis of sanctions as this becomes an enormous human rights issue and was done by possibly the same individual with little common sense who tried initially to bar Mugabe and failed out of simple spite.
        It will now be a case at the discrimination court in the EU which the EU government will lose and even possibly concede prior to argument as it is an obvious infringement of the discrimination laws, to all with a moderate education.

      • comment-avatar
        apolitical 9 years ago

        We have a local EU delegation because like some think they don’t need to do business here!!!
        My argument is sound yours needs looking at!

    • comment-avatar
      Rudadiso 9 years ago

      Apolitical, only idiots fail to realise that the summit went on without the nonagenarian called Robert Mugabe and he was not missed. He just became a laughing stock.

    • comment-avatar
      Parangeta 9 years ago

      They don’t have Sovereign Rights over Zimbabwe,
      but they do have, and will always have,
      “Rights of the British Gold Sovereign”!
      (cash, bullion, credit, loans) as long as ZPF rule, fool!

      Anyway Zimbabwe can’t be Sovereign with M’Garbage,
      he has sold us all to His Devil – ZPF!

  • comment-avatar

    Mugabe is enjoying his land within the resource blessed while the EU is annoyed for his absence.

    • comment-avatar
      Parangeta 9 years ago

      Another ZingZong, Zanoid idiot here,
      the EU celebrated when the old fool,
      with his Simian features and snoring, stayed away!

      Everyone is bored with the M’Garbage, the old codger,
      he’s overdue for that Infernal grave in Hell.

      I wish he wouldn’t keep us waiting!

  • comment-avatar
    Ndozvireva 9 years ago

    To hell all who support mugabe muchamama im coming

  • comment-avatar
    Zvichanaka 9 years ago

    Apolitical must have a very big mouth in real life. The man/woman speaks volumes of nonsense.

  • comment-avatar

    Ndozvireva, we don’t need your support, we are already in pretty haven.

    • comment-avatar
      Parangeta 9 years ago

      Pretty haven (heaven) ??????

      * scorched earth,
      * deforestation,
      * abandoned farms,
      * broken down roads,
      * railways and airways,
      * crumbing dams,
      * starving people,
      * schools closed,
      * electricity outages,
      * vegetable/fruit ban
      * 12 Billion debt,
      * factories rusting
      * diamonds stolen

      Yes, in your Zanoid, ChingChong mind, you have
      a pretty haven, where are you “under a rock”.

      Wake up you boot-licker!

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    Ha Ha Ha Ha ki ki ki Apolitical Ha Ha Ha Ha ki ki ki the biggest joke I have ever enjoyed.