#mugabe unwittingly confirmed he had a hand in Tsvangirai’s ouster

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mugabe unwittingly confirmed he had a hand in Tsvangirai’s ouster by Luke Tamborinyoka 29 April 2014

Zanu-PF’s President Robert Mugabe recently unwittingly confirmed he had a hand in the shrill calls by the few, but well-oiled MDC rebels to unconstitutionally oust popular party leader, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Discussions in the townships and the villages, far away from the boardrooms and sleek offices of the few well-heeled conspiring to remove Tsvangirai outside a people’s process, have been about Mugabe’s unprecedented backing of the MDC renegades.

Clearly showing he had more information than all of us, Mugabe chorused the rebels’ cause and went further to tell us that they should be peacefully allowed to walk out and form their own political party.

For a Zanu-PF leader to back Tsvangirai’s ouster calls is like a well-known thief joining a few policemen calling for the removal of the officer-in-charge at a police station.

This obviously leaves bemused innocent citizens in the neighbourhood legitimately concluding that the rogue policemen calling for the hostile removal of their boss and the thieves are one; that, in fact, the shrill calls for “renewal” by the few officers at the police station were initiated and instigated by the criminal in the dark underworld.

The question in the villages and in the urban townships is: Why is Mugabe concerned by the goings-on in the MDC-T? Kurwadziwa  nei pahuku yemweni?  (Why concern yourself with other people’s affairs?)

Mugabe went further to tell us that the rebels want to form a party and they should peacefully be allowed to do so. He certainly has more information than all of us.

In short, Zanu-PF simply proved its paternity to this new political creature.

The objective of the plot to oust Tsvangirai is clear for all to see.

Zanu-PF knows that Mugabe is in the twilight of his career and chances are high that they might have a new candidate.

They also know that the Morgan Tsvangirai brand is too strong and has sufficiently embedded itself in the national psyche. Any new Zanu-PF Presidential candidate will have a tough time against Tsvangirai whenever the next election is held.

It is in the interest of Zanu-PF for the MDC-T to have a new candidate, a new brand so that both parties have new brands on the political market. In that case, the MDC-T will not have any head-start over Zanu-PF.

It is in that context that Mugabe’s backing of the rebels begins to make sense. Removing Tsvangirai at this juncture is very much in the Zanu-PF interest.

In any case, the MDC-T congress is the only platform for leadership renewal. Leaders can only be removed through an MDC-T congress. There is certainly no way leaders can be removed by a memorandum, a boardroom caucus or Zanu-PF. They cannot substitute that body called congress.

The people of Zimbabwe are watching. The discussions in the villages and in the urban townships are centred on the nexus between the MDC-T rebels and Zanu-PF (Hurukuro mazuva ano . . .)

In any case, it is ridiculous for a small group to say they have lost faith in the MDC-T and they are now forming a new political party called the MDC-T (eam). How ridiculous can we get!

But as Tsvangirai said in Mbare on Monday last week, why would Mugabe become a stakeholder in MDC-T issues? Surely, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho cannot be the one shouting louder than the Anfield faithfuls that Brendan Rodgers must go!

Itsitsi dzei mhou kuyamwisa mhuru isiri yayo? (Why cry more than the bereaved?)

Luke Tamborinyoka is the spokesperson for MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai. He writes here in his personal capacity.


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    emmanuel 9 years ago

    Luke you are so deranged and u so obsesed with zanu pf and mugabe.I thnk even if ur bedroom television set breaks down mugabe will be the culprit.
    You can never run away from the proverbial truth that morgan has failed.Bear in mind that a thieving spirit cannot be appeased by sacrifice.Sooner or later u will realize that u spent a lot of time flogging a dead horse.
    How can you claim to be a democratic party wen u can’t practise what u stand for!
    Am glad pple ddnt vote u into power,I can’t fathom the fact of ur leader refusing to leave now when he has only u his buffoons imagine if he had the millitary at hs disposal.

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      You know Emmanuel, Luke’s obsession sounds a bit like ZPF’s obsession. They are a very obsessed party about destroying their nation and clinging to power and always put a spoke in any wheel possible.

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    Nintalan 9 years ago

    I think this fellow is drawing a very long bow. I’ve heard nothing from Biti and co about leaving MDC and forming a new party, so how can a comment of that type by Mugabe ‘confirm’ that he is behind them.

    Biti and co are seeking to oust Tsvangirai from within, something that frequently happens in democratic parties. The winners of this struggle can then claim the leadership of the party, and the losers then choose to swallow their egos and support the leadership, or go a separate way.

    I think for Tsvangirai’s team to resort to this sort of claim that Biti and co are in cahoots with ZANU PF suggests they are behaving like ZANU PF themselves. More instructive perhaps if one is look at who Mugabe might favour is that the police we’re quite happy to let Tsvangirai’s supporters demonstrate outside Harvest House the other day, even when the road was being blocked.

    Now Tsvangirai has come out swinging, including threading to withdraw people from parliament. If this is the sort of leadership he is going to show, Mugabe will love to keep him as leader of the MDC. Morgan should have kept the matter in-house and looked to the MDC constitution for a solution, and quickly.

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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Mugabe unwittingly!!! There is nothing like that.MDC keeps falling into Mugabe’s traps. Unwittingly!!!

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    What will happen right here on this website is those that work with Apolitical and his crew will sow confusion.Luke Tamborinyoka you carry on with what you do and we will do what we do. I said a long time ago that we are also in there. See what happens in the next week or two. You will see some very NAKED PEOPLE.

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    Qiniso 9 years ago

    uLuke bakiti.
    I said this before and I am saying it again….

    Those who lose elections should be given a chance. And those who lose elections for the 2nd time should have learnt from the 1st lose.

    When you lose elections for the third time, you should resign, failure to do that you should be forced out. Three strikes, and you are out

    Yes you just confirmed that your boss have been ousted.
    “mugabe unwittingly confirmed he had a hand in Tsvangirai’s ouster” You said it Luke, not me…

    In fact you should be thanking Mugabe for giving your boss not only one wife but 2 zanu women as well as a house.

    You’re the top surrogate of Tsvangison. How did he meet those women? In Craigslit, POF or in a bar? I bet he met them at a Zanu function…you c, you and your boss are in bed with Mugabe.

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    Chaka 9 years ago

    So, there it is. We were all correct. Zimbos beware.

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    Luke, ZanuPF have a hand in everything in Zimbabwe. They have been controlling what happens in MDC-T since day one. During the GNU it became abundantly clear that they had a hold over Tsvangirai. They duped him with countless women. Dizzy Lizie’s pillow assignment is now complete and she has flown the nest. I don’t blame her.

    Only a fool would take the country into a NIKUVed election without inspecting the voters roll or ensuring that reforms, road maps ensured a level playing field. To top it all, why is you master STILL residing in his double dipped palace?

    Luke, I am pleased you are seeing the light at last, although obtusely misguided as you sing for your supper. You need to take off your rose tinted glasses and smell the coffee. Look a little more deeply at the fool you are supporting and who are his handlers really are. You are clearly backing a member flip flopper who thinks the party is his property.

    The Zimbabwe electorate want change and supporting such a fool ensures ZANUPF rule is perpetuated. WAKE UP MAN!

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      3poop 9 years ago

      nzou that house is a zim govt house it does not belong to Zanupf.

      • comment-avatar

        It is a Zim government house but Morgan is not a part of government any longer or am I missing something?

    • comment-avatar

      Sad but true! May God expose and expose and expose!

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    Loveness 9 years ago

    Luke i like the way u hit.check how they react.these renewal team are now spending most of their time commenting while we going for rallies.truth hurts.

    • comment-avatar
      Tendai Sangi 9 years ago

      Truth is truth, Sekuru really believed he would win an election his party did not view the Voters roll, stupid! Marriage to ZANU woman ? That was dumb and he lost 19.5% supporters. All in all he got played by Jongwe in the GNU, but was so busy indulging did not see it, Biti told him and he was told to stop being a hard liner. Btw did any one see the U tube clip of Sekuru in Germany, he went the wrong way and also stood on the wrong flag – the verdict, he ain’t ready to lead no country man….. Chew on that fellow Zimbos.

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    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    Save must carry on leading the party until freedom comes. Biti and company are dogs barking at an elephant. It will not be bothered. Tsvangirai is the people’s choice yesterday,today and tomorrow. Biti is known by criminals like the Gonos and now he thinks the common man who is struggling to feed his family will listen to his hallucinations. He will never lead the MDC. He must just firm his own party. Vamwe vakambozama asi zvikarema. Ask Ncube,Mutambara,Makoni and Dabengwa. Famba Tsvangirai!

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    All these guys in MDC are strong ZANU PF members including Tsvangirai. So opposition parties do not exist in Zimbabwe .

    • comment-avatar
      Tendai Sangi 9 years ago

      Really Wasu? Is this your disappointed self or you really believe that? Really, MT ZANU? I guess he also agreed for ZANU to kill his first wife as a loyal member! Stop the madness, we are all hurting with the split but it does not mean its the end, have faith.

  • comment-avatar
    Frankie Laine 9 years ago


    you are spot on. This is why Morgan calls Mugabe his father. Remember when Morgan was in hospital after the “accident” that claimed his late wife’s life. Mugabe visited him and Morgan said “Father, your daughter is dead” or words very close to that effect. Zimbabwe, please Wake Up!!

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    bruce koffe 9 years ago

    Biti has truly betrayed, it seems education and politics does not mix well. Initially it was Prof Jonathan Moyo joining Zanu PF and rejoining Zanu PF after being a strong critic, Munyaradzi Gwisai Prof Welshmen Ncube and Pro Arthur Mutambara,Job Skhala and now Biti. Any way the Dathan and Khora in the bible had to die or weeded away before crossing Jordan and finally settling in Cannan

  • comment-avatar
    Frankie Laine 9 years ago


    the tale of Zimbabwe is reversed to that of the promised land as portrayed in the Bible. Zimbabwe was the promised land in 1980. It is now the wilderness and where is the promised land now and more importantly who will lead the people there? Any takers?

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    Mapingu 9 years ago

    Mr Tamborinyoka has got it completely wrong on this one. We all know, a driver never focuses only on his car and ignore all other cars around him; equally so, no acumen businessperson focuses on his/her enterprise and forgets what’s going own around him/her – particularly what one’s competitors are doing. So, is their any political party that is worth its salt that would focus simply on its self and survive? May that is what Tsvangirai, Tamborinyoka, etc., did in the recent past election – and what happened?? Havana kuziva chavakarohwa nacho.

    My point is whether Tamborinyoka or anyone else likes it or not the reality is whatever happens in MDC is for interest to to Mugabe & the whole of ZaNU PF for that matter; and the converse is also true. Whatever happens in ZANU PF is very important in informing tactics & strategies to be adopted by opposition parties – MDC_T included. Tamborinyoka should not run away from that – so yes to outwit your opponent you need to him/her very well. May MDC_T is very last election performance indicates that possible Tamborinyoka & may be many around Tsvangirai are oblivion of this common sense. But knowing your opponent very well (that is the internal dynamics of the opponent team) does not necessarily mean that you will be the one driving or championing those dynamics – may just be just sophisticated enough to read those dynamics not to cause them. Yes, Mugabe most likely knows very well of the internal dynamics playing in the MDC now but then that is not proof that it is him who is causing them. Want to believe that even Tamborinyoka & company know very well that there is also no peace within ZANU PF as we speak. But should they take the credit for cause that mayhem which is also playing itself in ZANU PF? What is key is the ability to translate those negative dynamics in you opponent’s court into opportunities for you. You don’t have to be the one creating them. Most likely that is what Mugabe is doing – simply turning MDC’s weaknesses into opportunities for ZANU PF. This does not mean Mugabe is creating them as LT would want all and sundry to believe.

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    African 9 years ago

    Problem No.1
    MDC-T , MDC-N … Do the parties belong to the owners of the initials?
    Problem No.2
    Failure to recognize the people, did you ever see a poster depicting the will of the people or just posters with so and so’ s face on it …

    • comment-avatar
      Straight Shooter 9 years ago

      Where in the world have you heard of MDC-N?

      Did you see an MDC-N in the 2008 elections ballot papers?

      I never saw any; all I saw was MDC, and another party known as MDC-T!!

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    Msizeni Silwelani 9 years ago

    Bruce, i have repeatedly mentioned that the academia/professor card has become the major force behind the formation of mini political parties.

    Biti having written a letter to parliament to the effect that no MDC member of parliament wolud be dismissed without his signatory, a court battle between Biti and Tsvangirai is looming and the Mutambara/Ncube scenario rewinds.

    Meanwhile Zimbabwe burns.

  • comment-avatar
    Tonde 9 years ago

    Let us not shift the blame to others, Tsvangirai failed and there is need for change. How can we have change if Tsvangirai does not believe in change? He is just there to clinch to power the same way he claims to fight for dictatorship and democracy. We need selfless servants who have their people at heart not all these power hungry individuals who want to personalise political parties. When people say MDC-T he thinks he owns it and he can do whatever he want with it.

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    So, in other words you are telling us that ZANU PF were correct when they claimed that their accusations of you being puppets of the west had been correct and justified all along, simply because a British MP openly backed the MDC-T and urged the British government to do the same??

    Really, you are funny. Anyone who is your oponent and wants to cause as much confusion as possible can claim anything. Is that strange to you?

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    When Mugabe took to defending Mutambara’s continued tenure as Deputy Prime Minister in the GNU, why didnt you see an evil hand in this, given that Mutambara had clearly accepted his defeat for the party leadership by Welshman Ncube in a properly constituted MDC Congress?

    Instead, your own Tswangirayi found nothing wrong with Mutambara’s continued tenue as Deputy Prime Minister.

    And because of this, should we now conclude that Tswangirayi also had a hand in Mutambara’s continued stay in the GNU Cabinet – since as it is apparent; this was clearly a divide and rule tactic on the MDC?

  • comment-avatar
    Qiniso 9 years ago

    This site is now notorious of suppressing some contributions.

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    I will remind you of some political history.The founder of ZANU was REV Ndabaningi Sithole,when it was formed in 1963.It was also a break-away from ZAPU whose president was the late DR Joshua Nkomo.Then,Rev Sithole was overthrown while he was in prison,by his fellow members.There was no congress when leadership was removed from Rev Sithole.Therefore don’t be surprised if Zanu-PF encourage the rebel Re-newal Term led by Mr Tendai Biti to remove Dr Morgan Tsvagaira from the leadership of the MDC-T.Mr Biti might be sposored in this project.

    • comment-avatar
      Mukanya 9 years ago

      True- Inkomoiyahlaba proceed with the historical background for the novices to understand.

  • comment-avatar
    Patriot 9 years ago

    I don’t see any reason people should criticise Biti for joining Ncube’s MDC & creating therein the party’s MDC- Team. Unless Biti had allegedly created some party named MDC-T-Team, Tsvangirai & co.could be logically concerned. Biti only forgot to resign from MDC -T, thats why he had of necessity to be chucked out.