Mugabe urges economic support for developing countries; denounces unilateral sanctions

via United Nations News Centre – Zimbabwe’s President urges economic support for developing countries; denounces unilateral sanctions 26 September 2013

The objectives of the United Nations Charter in the economic arena will remain unfulfilled unless Member States address challenges in the developing countries, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe today told the General Assembly high-level debate.

Speaking to the 68th session of the General Assembly which focuses on long-term development plans for the decades after the end in 2015 of the current cycle of the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), President Mugabe stressed that the means of implementation have so far been the weakest link in progressing on the eight MDGs.

“It must be understood that in addition to national efforts, substantial international support and an enabling international economic environment are essential if the MDGs are to be achieved by 2015, especially in Africa,” Mr. Mugabe told heads of State and Government and other high-level officials.

The President noted that Zimbabwe has made progress towards achieving universal access to primary education, combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

He cautioned, however, that the country lacks capacity, mainly financial, to address other areas, particularly those relating to the eradication of poverty and hunger, child mortality, universal access to maternal and reproductive health, environmental sustainability and access to potable water and sanitation.

“As a country, we are committed to undertake coordinated efforts to accelerate progress to complete the unfinished business of the MDGs,” Mr. Mugabe said, adding that any targets not achieved by 2015 should be integrated into the successor sustainable development agenda.

The General Debate, at which Mr. Mugabe spoke and which concludes on 1 October, is an opportunity for world leaders to present their views and comment on issues of individual national and international relevance.

Turning to the economic situation in his country, Mr. Mugabe strongly condemned the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union. “Shame, shame, shame, to the United States of America; shame, shame, shame to Britain and its allies,” he chastised. “Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans, so are its resources. Please remove your illegal and filthy sanctions from my peaceful country.”



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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      mucha 9 years ago

      I see that some of us are brainwashed by the Western world to believe that China is a poor country. Remember, it is the 2nd largest economy in the world, the fastest growing economy in the world by GDP. USA owes China over US$1.250 trillion in treasury bills, being the largest debtor to China in terms of foreign investment. China currently has more that US$3 trillion foreign reserves and that’s why the USA would rash there when they are in financial crisis.

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        Rudadiso 9 years ago

        Mucha, do you ever wonder why Mugabe chooses to surrender our national resources to a wealthy nation like China?

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    Observer 9 years ago

    Jurassic drivel from a jurassic ruler leading a jurassic cabinet. A human being with at least 3 neurons will not listen to this anymore in the 21st century as 99.9999999% of Zimbabweans are not affected or know of whats being talked about . This is now nauseating tautology that we started listening to this 13 years ago.

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    Mark Talbot 9 years ago

    No more money for SADC or the AU members from Canada until they clean up their acts please. Legitimizing the Zimbabwe election as anything but outright fraud is a criminal act. None of the conditions dictated by SADC for the election were implemented.

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    Zimbabwe has regressed since 2000 on every MDG and this all due to one evil and murderous dictator (along with his Nazi henchmen)

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    Tanda Fire 9 years ago

    Mucha(Muchaina) do you know that China is a member of the UN security council together with America and Britain,if China has Zimbabwe at heart she may ask her friends to remove sanctions and restrictive measures from Mugabe.but CHINA wants to full you ichitora all our wealth and finally dump you in everlasting poverty.Think about it

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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    Once there was a tremendous amount of foreign aid poured into helping the Mugabe government. Unfortunately, Bob and his crew took it personally… pun intended. Seriously, there has to be a full and just accounting for what happened to those funds that were intended to help the Zimbabwean people before any more can be released. But, Mugabe took the funds, then told the donors it was none of their business what he did with the money. Ain’t happening again, Bobby. Get over it.