#mugabe’s Health Back in The Spotlight

via Mugabe’s Health Back in The Spotlight 18.02.2014 VOAZimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe’s health was back in the spotlight Tuesday after he left for Singapore prompting his spokesman George Charamba to again dispute reports the long-ruling leader is suffering from prostate cancer.

Charamba told Reuters news agency that Mr. Mugabe, who turns 91 years old on Friday, is visiting the Asian nation for a routine eye check-up, and that he will be back in time for his birthday festivities on Saturday.

Mr. Mugabe made several trips to Singapore last year and was there again in January. Although his handlers have pushed back hard against reports the president has cancer, the rumor has refused to go away.

Critics say Zimbabwe has some of the best eye specialists in the world and that there is no need for Mr. Mugabe to spend a lot of money seeking cure elsewhere.

“Look, before we even think of whether it’s not cheaper or wiser to pay for the doctors from Singapore to come and treat him in Zimbabwe, the truth is Zimbabwe has got some of the best eye surgeons in the world like Dr. Guramatunhu,” says political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya.

“There is no need for the president to be going that far just for an eye operation. It is absurd.”



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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    The reason for the trip is more likely to be his badly swollen legs and the fact that his feet are so swollen that they spill over his shoes. Heart and kidneys packing in. There is a God!!!

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    Mprang 8 years ago

    Whyy cant the old man rest? What is the secret???

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    The specialist blood transfer with his own blood which has been fixed with antigen to fight the cancer is only available in Singapore and the specialist doctor is there. If it is an eye operation it can only be his brown eye. There is nothing wrong with his own eyes. Maybe he’s just going to deposit some more dollars in Singapore who knows. By the way can anyone advise us where he stays when in Singapore?

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    William Doctor 8 years ago

    He’ll be dead soon for sure. I got the champagne ready.

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    Gukurahundi Charamba should stop talking nonsense.

    There is no human being who, at the age of 90 has no significant ailment. It might not be life threatening at this stage, but I dont believe you can be 100% fit at that age – it is impossible

    Again, it does not make sense to travel thousands of kilometres just for a cataract operation; we are not stupid.

    In any case, what exactly is the purpose of hiding someone’s illness. We all dont live forever, no matter what we might wish or think of ourselves. Death is the only and final equaliser on planet earth.

    Why cant he emulate the great Mandela, the man of the people? Right through his prison life, the whole world knew his ailments; even after his release, he never hid his health problems. All he asked for was to be allowed space for privacy.

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    Godonga 8 years ago

    Mugabe brought this misery to himself by sorrounding himself with parasites and weeds. The problem with parasites is that they depend on the host for survival and livelihood. The removal or death of a host is always fatal to the parasite.

    Shuld we be surprised therefore that these shameless pple want the President to die in office: such an undignified, restless, pensionless end to a collosal life. Its a shame!

    Shuld we be surprised that they know their fate is fatally in tango with Mugabe, even in this final death dance. And now RG neva even had tim to write “his memoirs”. Its a shame!

    Bayete Mzilikazi

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    mujibha 8 years ago

    I’m really happy to see mugabe, go/die, but what is going to happen after him? fellow zimbabwean we r going to witness civi war not from opposition but from zanu pf itself. the best thing for this oldman to do is sort out this mess of successor before he dies.

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    stobbs 8 years ago

    there goes another shipment,,,cataract? charamba meant to say carat

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    It’s been reported elsewhere that Treasury gives Mugabe $500,000 CASH, each time he leaves the country. He’s been on at least four trips so far this year. That’s another $2M that he’s stashed away. That’s why the annual allotment for his office increased so dramatically under Chinamasa’s 2014 budget. He personally gets several times more then the entire national annual expenditure for health and education combined!

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    Harper 8 years ago

    A high proportion of prostate cancer victims eventually die of other causes, so do not raise your hopes too high.
    Its a great con of dictators to give out false information about their health in the hope that would be assassins or usurpers are persuaded to delay their plans. Look at Fidel Castro.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Maybe he has another small house there and that’s why he comes back looking a bit refreshed. That and more Botox.

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    Cyprian 8 years ago

    Please kindly relief the nation of this health nonsense in the sense that only God can and l repeat only the creator knows and is in control not man so stop this concentrate on bread and butter issues facing the country join me in prayer against the curses facing the nation There is too much spirituality evil mostly and we ask God to bless in the coming and going and He alone can tell Mugabe’s life, God can give him 15 more as Hezekiah be very carefull