#mugabe Hong Kong property mystery deepens

via Mugabes’ HK property mystery deepens 04/02/2014 NewZimbabwe

THE South African businessman rowing with President Robert Mugabe’s family over a $5 million luxury Hong Kong property has claimed that Zimbabwe owes him rentals of US$10,000 per month for the same building since June last year.

When he was quizzed about the building in 2009, Mugabe denied owning the apartment and said the family was only renting it for use his by his daughter, Bona, who was then studying in Hong Kong.

But South China Morning Post recently revealed that the Zimbabwe government had approached the High Court in Hong Kong claiming ownership of the building.

Deputy foreign affairs minister Christopher Mutsvangwa denied any government involvement with the court case, telling NewZimbabwe.com that “We have nothing of that sort in our office, and I cannot comment on that because I do not see anything foreign about that”.

But a Writ of Summons issued by the Hong Kong High Court on 27 January 2014 confirms the government is suing Taiwanese-born South African businessman Hsieh Ping Sung (better known as Jack Ping), demanding that he surrenders the building.

The case (Number HCA 167/2014) was filed by Hong Kong attorneys ONC Lawyers who however said the attorney handling the case was not available when reached for comment on Tuesday.

The property was originally bought for about HK$40 million (about $5 million) in 2008 by a property company, Cross Global, allegedly representing the Mugabes and Jack Ping, and then transferred to Ping two years later.

Now the government has approached the Hong Kong High Court seeking a declaration confirming that it is the 100 percent beneficial owner and that Cross Global only held it on trust.

In addition Zimbabwe wants the court to declare “that the transfer of the property between (Cross Global and Hsieh Ping Sung” on or about 29 January 2010 (was) void and has no legal effect.

“(And that Hsieh Ping Sung) do execute and deliver to (the government of Zimbabwe) conveyance of the property.”

Yet Ping is telling a different story from his South African base.

His lawyer, Mannie Wits, told SA-based Independent newspapers that Zimbabwe rented the flat from June last year, but allegedly failed to pay the deposit or rental of about R114 000 per month (about $10,200).

“We are now looking for the back rentals from the Zimbabwe government,” he said.Ping meanwhile, has “previous” with Mugabe’s wife, Grace.

The First Lady unsuccessfully tried to have him extradited from South Africa after a deal for the supply of trucks for the family’s dairy enterprise went sour.

Grace accused Ping of trying to fleece her of R7 million (about US$626,000) which was transferred via the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to one of his companies, Chantrea Trading, in South Africa, in August 2008.

The trucks were later delivered but a furious Grace ordered the arrest of four South African drivers Cassimjee Bilal, Henry Radebe, Samuel Risimati Baloyi and Sydney Masilo, who had been hired by Ping to deliver them.

The drivers spent six months in prison awaiting trial before they left Zimbabwe in 2011.


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    Daniel Berejena 9 years ago

    Zvaiwana gwarati kudya irere. How can Mugabe stop his corrupt ministers when he himself corrupt. Can he come out and explain to Zimbabweans the truth about this house which he initially said he was only renting for his daugther?

    MaGames enyu vaMugabe tave kuzooabata manje

    • comment-avatar
      Nintalan 9 years ago

      Good point Daniel. Now we are told that the rental agreement was with Zimbabwe, when Mugabe said (lied?) that it was a family arrangement.

      This bloke owns Zimbabwe, pure and simple. He uses it as his personal bank. He and Grace can have people arrested and jailed at will. People can’t say a word of criticism against him lest they get locked up.

      Zimbabwe is a feudal monarchy with a ingrained patronage system benefiting a few whilst the majority are merely peasants. Frankly it’s the same system that has fomented revolution throughout history.

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    These people are not even sophisticated. How are we so stupid as to be in their power?

  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 9 years ago

    The people of Zimbabwe are so weak and like jelly fish with no spines that’s why this half breed can steal and rape our country. We deserve this treatment because we are stupid and ignorant. Yet it fails me why we allow it – are there no ” men” in Zimbabwe to walk tall and show these people the door?

    • comment-avatar
      Zimbo 9 years ago

      Well said Mlimo!When are we going to stand up and confront this evil?

  • comment-avatar
    Mabhunumuchapera 9 years ago

    Heheheh zvinosekesawo mbavha yakahwanda.Muchati baba. Mari yose nengoda ndezvawo.

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    What is evident is that Mugabe owned that home from the word go. He bought it from money effectively stolen from the Zimbabwe people by means of the fictitious money exchange before the Zim dollar was eliminated. He would pay $Zim30 000 for a US dollar – when the black market rate was in the billions. He could accordingly buy the house with what say ten loafs of bread would have cost him in Zimbabwe.

    The theft was massive and this crook will not be affected by the present crusade against corruption. A few “small fish” will be caught in that net and severely punished – but the main crooks stealing hundreds of millions (Mugabe and his inner circle) will not be touched.

    The Zim Dollar will be back soon, since that would make it even easier to steal more through foreign exchange manipulation. And then there is the Diamond Cutting Business of Grace in Hong Kong.

    The poor people of Zimbabwe – what sins have they committed to suffer like they do?

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    adam jones 9 years ago

    Bona’s accommodation should not be paid by the tax payer. Her lotter father should pay from his own pocket. Mugabe should stop involving the Zimbabwe’s name in his dirty deals. There shall come a time when we will be taking back all these properties – that is when Zimbabwe will get involved. Not quite yet Bob. Sothana naJack wako muri 2. Matsotsi haagerane mdhara. Jack knows ku iwe wakaba mari yacho – so iye ndokuku birawo. Manje zvarwadza.

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    stobbs 9 years ago

    This is a classic case of a hyena questioning another hyena over the dissapearance of goats

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    die groot wyt aap 9 years ago

    yah maan that’s news

    Now Bona, the 3 time virgin with her Masters Degree in Banking and Finance has been swindled out of the money her father swindled from Zimbabwe.

    Whats not to love, and soon she will have the keys to your treasury.

    slaap lekker comrades, slaap lekker

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    Time Will Tell 9 years ago


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    murombo chikuve 9 years ago

    The saying “rinamanyanga hariputirwi” is all so true. We are witnessing corruption unfold right before our eyes. Who would have ever thought that we would all see the dirty dealings of the first family and cronies in the press? God is good and madziteteguru nemidzimu yeZimbabwe are crying out and making all these revelations for a purpose. The chickens are finally coming home to roost.

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    easily fooled 9 years ago

    Mlilo, do play with fire! Pisha toto. Zimbo, caution, there is no walking tall at Chikurubhi maximum

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    easily fooled 9 years ago

    Mlilo, do play with fire! Pisha toto. Zimbo, caution, there is no walking tall at Chikurubhi maximum. Ngwarainvarume