Mujuru closes in on succession battle

via Mujuru closes in on succession battle | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Monday, November 25, 2013

Vice President Joice Mujuru has taken a firm lead in the race to succeed President Robert Mugabe, after Saturday’s no-holds barred special Politburo meeting endorsed results in provincial elections held earlier this month.

However, the meeting acknowledged that polls in the Midlands, Manicaland and Mashonaland Central provinces were poorly organized.

The elections in the three provinces were won by allies linked to Mujuru, who is fighting a bitter battle with party stalwart Emmerson Mnangagwa to replace Mugabe in the event of his death or retirement.

The ZANU PF elections were rocked with chaos following accusations and counter-accusations that the candidates engaged in vote buying and rigging of the polls.

In the last week daggers were drawn against ZANU PF administration secretary Didymus Mutasa and party spokesman Rugare Gumbo, as the party’s faction led by Mnangagwa accused them of allegedly trying to manipulate the provincial elections to favourably position Mujuru.

Mnangagwa’s faction went into Saturday’s meeting seeking to have a re-run of the poll, citing irregularities during voting. But this was shot down after intense debate during the meeting, which lasted over six hours.

The meeting also agreed that elections in the remaining provinces will be held this weekend. Out of the seven provinces left, Mujuru needs the support of three provinces to ensure she stands a chance of succeeding the long serving Mugabe.

Any endorsement for a position in the ZANU PF presidium needs to garner the support of at least six out of the country’s 10 provinces. However Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, thought to be aligned to the Mnangagwa faction, issued a statement on Sunday dismissing the notion that the outcome of the meeting favoured one particular faction of the party.

‘It is neither true nor correct that the confirmation of the elections in Manicaland, Midlands and Mashonaland Central means that the Politburo endorsed a real or perceived faction against another real or perceived rival faction.

‘That assertion is nonsense. The Politburo is an organ of the party and not an organ of a faction. Any attempt to factionalise the Politburo is doomed to fail because it will be resisted by the ZANU PF membership which is solidly behind President Mugabe as the leader of the party, government and country,’ Moyo said.

Gumbo, who had been a victim of Moyo’s vitriolic statements in the state media told journalists after the meeting that all the bickering and complaints about election irregularities were now water under the bridge.

“The first decision was to reaffirm the provincial elections for Manicaland and Midlands and the second was the endorsement of the provincial election for Mashonaland Central,” Gumbo said.



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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    After successfully blocking the electoral defeat of 2008 and overseeing the rigging of 2013 the partnership of the Munangagwa faction and army/police/CIO complex has become too strong. So going forward, we are likely to see (in what is now all too familiar fashion) attempts to raise the other faction – so that nobody gets too big for their boots. The old man has become a pro at playing them off against each other….while appearing seemingly indispensable himself.

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    Rwendo, you are very right. But come to think of it, these people have no real agenda for the country. No vision. The Chinese are pillaging the nation left right and centre while they fight politics.

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    Liberator 8 years ago

    Mugabe played Mnangagwa. He used him. He promised him heaven on earth when things were tough on his side. He first used him in 1982 during gukurahundi and used him again in 2008 to do the coup with help of Thabo Mbeki. He also played him 2013 when ZANU rigged the election. Now that Mugabe’s safety is guaranteed, Mnangagwa is no longer relevant in current and future plans. The fool was used and flashed like a used condom. He is still resisting and keeps on popping on top of the water, but eventually he will go down the drain. He he de seka hako mwana wevhu.

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    sebedebe 8 years ago

    dont count the alligator grace sleeps namudhara and the new doc is pro mnangagwa too much dirty linen for the vp has been hanged in the public domain so fast and too soon.