Mujuru faction gains more ground

via Mujuru faction gains more ground – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 12, 2013 by John Nyashanu

THE Zanu PF faction believed to be led by Vice-President (VP) Joice Mujuru appears to be gaining more ground in Zanu PF’s intricate succession battle.

The VP appeared to be tightening her grip on power following yesterday’s victory by Luke Mushore, believed to belong to her faction, in the Mashonaland Central elections for the provincial chairmanship.

Mushore polled 12 905 votes beating former chairman Dick Mafios who garnered 12 424 votes to land the party’s top post in the province where Mujuru hails from.

Announcing the results at a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Zanu PF national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo called on all party contestants to accept the outcome, amid reports that other losing candidates in the Midlands and Manicaland province where other alleged Mujuru allies Jason Machaya and John Mvundura romped to victory last week were challenging the results.

“The party and President (Robert Mugabe) made it clear that elections in Midlands and Manicaland are behind us. People must learn to accept defeat . . . They (losers) want power and to have it at any cost which is not possible,” Gumbo said.

In the Midlands race, Machaya defeated Larry Mavhima, widely believed to be a close ally of Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, leader of the other Zanu PF faction.

In Manicaland, Mvundura won the Manicaland provincial chair last week, after Monica Mutsvangwa, believed to be from the Mnangagwa camp withdrew from the race, citing numerous electoral irregularities.

Gumbo said elections for Harare, Bulawayo, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Masvingo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South would be held on the weekend of November 23 and 24.

Already, Mnangagwa appears to have been dealt a heavy blow in Masvingo where his suspected ally and incumbent chairperson Lovemore Matuke was recently suspended for giving former Reserve Bank adviser Munyaradzi Kereke the greenlight to contest in the parliamentary elections on a Zanu PF ticket ahead of the party’s preferred candidate, Elias Musakwa.

Gumbo confirmed Matuke was unlikely to contest as he remained suspended.

He nevertheless refuted allegations of deep-rooted factionalism in Zanu PF, insisting the party was united.

“There are no divisions within the party. We have a hierarchy comprising President Mugabe as leader, Vice-President Mujuru, national chairman Simon Khaya-Moyo and secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa and we all follow their directions,” he said.



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    Jogo Bonita 9 years ago

    Chasara kuna Mnangagwa kuita kuna mai Mujuru zvaakaita kuna baba Mujuru ndiko kuti apinde panyanga.

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    Zanu-PF is allegedly politicising food aid by giving handouts only to party supporters as a form of gratitude for the party’s electoral victory.

    More than 2.2-million people, particularly in the southern parts of the country, are urgently in need of food.

    Independent surveys carried out by two civil society organisations, the Zimbabwe Peace Project and the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, reveal partisan distribution of food relief in Matabeleland North and South, the Midlands, some parts of Masvingo and Manicaland.

    Both reports chronicle incidents of a political nature in the affected areas, where officials are allegedly demanding party cards before food is distributed.

    Those perceived not to have voted for Zanu-PF were being punished by being denied aid, said the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition report.

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    Mnangagwa ia a proud Karanga, We love him just for being that. Ngwena is lying low at the moment but will come good at the right time. If it means one has to cease breathing it may be.

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      nyoka 9 years ago

      ur right iam not zanu pf suppoter, but with ngwena panyanga ndizvo.

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    Mike Nyathi 9 years ago

    The factions below Adolf Hitler battle it out. Himmler looks like he will succeed against Goebbels, but wait, here comes Hermann Goring. Who cares. Zanoid fascists go hang.

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    Ndlovu Kayisa 9 years ago

    lets rise above being tribalist. we need a wholesome leader a Zimbabwean not karanga, Ndebele, zezuru, samanyika. who ever it is should represent all. tribalism smells.

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      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      @Ndlovu Kayisa
      Please direct your “lets rise beyond being tribalist” exhortation to the Schonah people and not the rest of Zimbabwe because that is where the problem is in electing the political leadership of the country.

      In Mthwakazi we elect who ever as long as we believe he can fulfill our needs. I am not sure if the same can be said of the other parts of the country.

      You dont need to look very far, the current debates about leadership change in both MDC-T and ZANU PF prove my point. Of all the names that are being thrown around to replace the current leadership, not even one Mthwakazi politician is being mentioned. Even the current deputies such as Thokozani Khuphe are being cast aside.

      We are only hearing of Mudzuri, Chamisa, Biti, Mnangagwa, Mujuru etc. It does not matter that some of the names being mentioned are people who are currently junior to the Mthwakazi politicians in these parties – what qualifies them is that they are Schonah, thats all.

      Why do you think there has been such vicious attacks against Welshman Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa?

      Its simple, they have done the unthinkable, the unpardonable sin of trying to compete for the highest position in the land, which some people seem to believe is a preserve of the Schonah tribe only – to hell with and bugger what the constitution says!!

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      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      Ndlovu Kayisa, please stop wasting our time. We are wise and wide awake. Meaningless, useless calls for unity are meant for children, not adults!!

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    Mthwakazi 9 years ago

    These cowards who cant face Mugabe are a waste of time. Busy manouvering behind the scenes how will that help?

    Lingamagwala, iziphukuphuku nje. That guy will never step down and will never resign as long as you remain scared of him.

    He will die on that throne; given his state of health for a man of his age, he is likely to live beyond 100 years, mark my words!

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    If it is ZANU-PF democracy let it be given a chance,more free and fair than the National elections of 2013,where there was no voters roll.We hope all proper electoral procedures are being followed.Party members who are eligible to cast their votes must be registered and be existing.Why not invite friendly political parties in the region to come and observe these internal elections.If ZANU-PF conducts this internal election free and free in the true sense,then we can expect the 2018 to be better staged.Another test the party must pass is the holding of it’s party congress in 2014.If there is gross rigging in these internal elections,I advise the opposition parties not to participate in the 2018 National elections.We don’t want contested election results any more.If ZANU-PF declares it’s self a de facto one party state,then God bless Zimbabwe.

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    nyoka 9 years ago

    hakuna zimbabwe inotongwa nematoko, ivo vakaranga varidzi venyika varipo vana vakakurira mumadzimbahwe varipo nayave varozvi vanopfuka.

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    Boss MyAss 9 years ago

    Mujuru will save the nation.LOL.

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    msizeni silwelani 9 years ago

    The girl will lead but not cross the line before the man.