Mujuru ‘has presidency in her handbag’ – Lance Guma

via Mujuru ‘has presidency in her handbag’ — Nehanda Radio By Lance Guma DECEMBER 2, 2013  

Vice President Joice Mujuru effectively bagged the support of 9 out of 10 Zanu PF provinces in her long running battle with Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from President Robert Mugabe at the next elective party congress in December 2014.

In provincial elections held on Saturday, Mujuru loyalists took control of Harare, Bulawayo, Mashonaland East and West, Masvingo and Matabeleland South provinces in addition to the Midlands, Mashonaland Central and Manicaland provinces she tied up in the first batch of chaotic elections held last month.

So confident are some of her loyalists they are already claiming “the party presidency is now in her handbag.”

Last month elections held in the Midlands, Mashonaland Central and Manicaland provinces saw Mujuru loyalists Jason Machaya, Luke Mushore and John Mvundura respectively winning amid chaos and accusations of massive vote rigging from the rival camp led by Mnangagwa.

Efforts to conclude the elections in the remaining seven provinces collapsed last week as the fierce infighting spilled over into the state media with Information Minister Jonathan Moyo and his permanent secretary and Mugabe spokesman George Charamba taking sides with Mnangagwa.

On Saturday Zanu PF was attempting to repair the damage and conclude the elections without incident but again shortages of voting material and allegations of cooked up voters rolls were made by several losing candidates.

Five incumbent chairpersons retained their positions.

Four of these Ray Kaukonde (Mashonaland East), Amos Midzi (Harare), Andrew Langa (Matabeleland South), Professor Callistus Ndlovu (Bulawayo) belong to the Mujuru faction. Only Richard Moyo (Matabeleland North) supports Mnangagwa.

In Mashonaland West former fitness trainer turned politician Themba Mliswa garnered 9 185 votes in defeating businessman Philip Chiyangwa who managed 7 621 votes.

In Masvingo, Chiredzi South MP Callisto Gwanetsa romped to victory with 11 474 votes against Ailes Baloyi (7 362) from the Mnangagwa faction. Baloyi however complained the vote had been rigged.

“I do not accept the results because there were a lot of irregularities in the election process, for example there are some party structures in areas such as Gutu and Bikita that were arbitrarily disbanded, meaning that some people who were supposed to vote ended up not voting,” Baloyi claimed.

“The voter registers that were used in the elections were not the correct ones, they were tempered with and, therefore, I do not accept the outcome and I will soon be writing a letter to the national party leadership expressing why these results should not stand,’’ Baloyi added.

Its widely acknowledged that whoever controls the most Zanu PF provincial structures has an edge in terms of winning Zanu PF’s elective poll next year in December. Mugabe who will be approaching 91 years at that time is not likely to stand for re-election as party president.

This is how the power equation currently shapes up

  Province Chairperson Faction
1 Mash Central Luke Mushore Mujuru
2 Mash East Ray Kaukonde Mujuru
3 Mash West Themba Mliswa Mujuru
4 Harare Amos Midzi Mujuru
5 Bulawayo Callistus Ndlovu Mujuru
6 Manicaland John Mvundura Mujuru
7 Midlands Jason Machaya Mujuru
8 Mat South Andrew Langa Mujuru
9 Masvingo Callisto Gwanetsa Mujuru
10 Mat North Richard Moyo Mnangagwa


Below are the winners of the weekend provincial elections:


Provincial Chairman- Callistus Ndlovu

Women’s League- Evah Bipu

Youth League- Khumbulani Mpofu

Mashonaland East

Provincial Chairman- Ray Kaukonde

Women’s League- Aquelina Katsande

Youth League- Luckson Kandemiiri

Matabeleland South

Provincial Chairman- Andrew Langa

Women’s League- Alice Dube

Youth League- Washington Ngomo


Provincial Chairman- Amos Midzi

Women’s League- Angeline Matambanadzo

Youth League- Godfrey Gomwe

Matabeleland North

Provincial Chairman- Richard Moyo

Women’s League- Mediline Bhebhe

Youth League- Tamuka Nyoni


Provincial Chairman- Callisto Gwanetsa

Women’s League- Shyllet Uyoyo

Youth League- Oliver Huruva

Mashonaland West

Provincial Chairman – Themba Mliswa

Women’s League – Constance Shamu

Youth League – Vengi Musengi


  • comment-avatar
    Suzie 8 years ago

    Is there such thing as vote rigging in Zim??????

  • comment-avatar

    We saw it coming!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    masvukupete 8 years ago

    The private and public media should power on with this theory of Mujuru presidency. Maybe it will give her the confidence to really go for it. I support it 100%. Half a loaf is better than nothing.

  • comment-avatar
    Phibion 8 years ago

    The reference to “… presidency in her HANDBAG”, is sexist and discriminatory to women. The writer should have refrained from using such words especially during this week of activism against GBV

  • comment-avatar
    bruce 8 years ago

    Mujuru is a better compromise than Mnangagwa, but she also need to be careful due to the murderous machimery in ZANU PF, the way her husband died might be here end to since the persons who murdered him are unknown but strongly believed to be an inside job. Who knows if her competitor is involved and that death was meant to cow her from hubbering the presidential dream.

  • comment-avatar
    Ivor Payne 8 years ago

    The fact that people seem to think the massively corrupt Mujuru is the acceptable face of ZANU PF shows the depths to which Zimbabwe has sunk. Ironically, it is the Mnangagwa faction which has displayed some understanding of the concept of constitutionalism (within ZANU PF at least) by trying to adhere to the ZPF constitution and Mugabe and Mujuru, working in cahoots who have subverted the same.

  • comment-avatar 8 years ago

    congrats Amai!!

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    biend 8 years ago

    rigging made easy