Mujuru is next: Gumbo

via Mujuru is next: Gumbo | The Zimbabwean by Edgar Gweshe 11.09.13

Despite the existence of two factions in Zanu (PF), party spokesman Rugare Gumbo is adamant that President Robert Mugabe’s succession is not up for debate.

“There is no succession crisis in the party,” Gumbo told The Zimbabwean. “There is no doubt in Zanu (PF) about the issue of succession. The party’s hierarchy is clear. We have the President, the Vice President, the National Chairman, the Secretary for Administration and that is the hierarchy that is followed by the party. Those below the hierarchy wishing to become President are just wasting their time.”

The two main factions in Zanu (PF) are headed by Vice President Joice Mujuru and Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa. In terms of the party’s constitution, Mujuru occupies the second highest position while Mnangagwa is ranked number 11. Gumbo said any talk of succession was inconsequential as the party’s hierarchy “leaves no doubt as to who will take over after Mugabe”.

That reference was an indirect indication that Mujuru, as the party’s vice president, could land the post without a challenge upon Mugabe’s departure from office.

In November last year, Mutasa told The Zimbabwean that Mujuru was set to replace Mugabe by virtue of the fact that she is his deputy.

Political analyst, Alexander Rusero, said that although Zanu (PF)’s hierarchy could help in resolving the succession issue in the party, it was premature to talk about the matter. Rusero said by contesting in another election at an advanced age of 89, Mugabe had demonstrated that he was unlikely to retire soon.

“You cannot talk about the succession of someone who has recently been elected. You cannot expect Mugabe to step down anytime soon. To me, it is a premature discussion and as long as that hierarchy is there, there will not be any succession issue to talk about,” said Rusero.

Another political analyst, Shakespeare Hamauswa, said that Zanu (PF) lacked a formula in terms of succession hence Mugabe’s continued stay in power when he should be handing over to one of his trusted party members.



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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Sekuru Mapenga 10 years ago

    Why are you talking about succession? Mugabe has just been re-elected by 60% of voters and he is after all only 89. … like Tjingababili says: Until death do us part…

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    mntanezimbabwe 10 years ago

    leave politics for politicians people. concentrate on your national duties and watch politicians play. Remember God is with us all.

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    NANSI LENDODA 10 years ago

    Indaba ikhona. Does the Congress or Politburo not the supreme body that MUST NOMINATE the First Secretary and President, who eventually become Preside of the country. githe ngibuze ,,, hayi ngithe ngili khumbuze zwangu

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    Bambanani Sizwesakithi 10 years ago

    Uma i unity ka 1987 ingeyeqiniso akunikwe u Simon Khaya Moyo emelele iZAPU yonale eyaginywayo sibone ukuthi yena uzophatha njani. Kungenjalo, kutsho ukuthi akukho ukubambana uma inkezo isalela nganxanye!
    Hayi bo! mayobhode inkezo……..

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    tonyme 9 years ago

    As the battle for succession continues it seems the drama is headed to a tragic end unless something is done real soon. Why should the nation be left to guessing games after 34 years of independence. The constitution should spell the process by which a person comes into the vacant position. It seems the danger of leaving the issue dangling in the air can amount to civil war because there are no guidelines and plenty of prospecting individual. Quite a few African countries Some countries have ended with civil wars because there was no enforcement of guidelines or they never existed in the first place. So before we can go too far the first establishment is to visit the current constitution and see what it says about who becomes what in case the presidency becomes vacant. All this guess work is not serving the country well and creating a lot of potholes where a lot of people are going to fall into unless the issue is addressed immediately.