Mujuru leads takeover race

via Mujuru leads takeover race – DailyNews Live by Thelma Chikwanha  4 NOVEMBER 2013

Vice president Joice Mujuru seems to have taken a lead in the battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe ahead of next year’s Zanu PF’s elective congress.

Mujuru is said to be battling Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa in a desperate bid to replace the 89-year-old Mugabe if he is incapacitated or retires.

There has been widespread speculation that despite winning the disputed July 31 polls, Mugabe plans to retire before the end of his term due to old age.

Although Zanu PF suspended provincial elections for eight provinces after reports of vote-rigging and intimidation, elections held in the Midlands and Manicaland provinces saw perceived Mujuru sympathisers winning.

Jason Machaya, who is believed to be aligned to the Mujuru faction, won the chairmanship for Midlands, a province considered to be Mnangagwa’s stronghold.

Mnangagwa comes from the Midlands.

Party insiders also say the Mujuru camp won the elections in Manicaland although results are yet to be announced because of in-fighting.

The insider who preferred anonymity told the Daily News that the Manicaland provincial committee had already decided to retain John Mvundura, a decision said to be supported by secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa.

Mutasa, who is also believed to be sympathetic to the Mujuru faction, is Mugabe’s close confidante.

In an interview with our sister publication the Daily News on Sunday, party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said members challenging party leadership were rebels who would fall by the wayside.

“We have some ambitious people who want to challenge party leadership but what is important is what is coming out of the elections. We only have one leader — Mugabe followed by vice president Mujuru and Simon Kaya Moyo, the party chairperson.”

“As far as we are concerned anyone outside that line-up is a rebel trying to create chaos,” Gumbo said.

His utterances come as politicians are now working overtime to win the battle of the provinces which play a pivotal role in the election of members of the presidium.

According to Zanu PF’s constitution, an endorsement for any of the presidium positions which includes the president, first and second vice president and national chairperson requires six out of 10 provinces.

Mujuru is also tipped to dominate elections in Matabeleland North, South, Bulawayo, Harare, Mashonaland Central and East provinces.

Analysts also said Mujuru will win a contest against Mnangagwa because of her strong social base compared to her succession rival.

Mujuru is also younger than Mnangagwa by far and will be in her early 60s in 2018.

But University of Zimbabwe Political Science lecturer Shakespeare Hamauswa says social base alone will not secure Mujuru’s position.

“Having a social base alone will not give anyone political power. Look at the case of the just-ended election, people expected Tsvangirai to win because he had a social base but that was not the case,” Hamauswa said.

In 2004, the Justice minister managed to secure massive support in Midlands, Manicaland, Masvingo, Matabeleland North, Bulawayo, Matabeleland South, and Mashonaland West, leaving Mujuru with

only Harare, Mashonaland East and Central.

Mujuru, however managed to clinch the vice presidency after a constitutional amendment which stated that a woman be included in the presidium.

Hamauswa said although Mnangagwa  was seemingly unpopular, he could still scheme his way into power.

“There are rules of power that a politician should apply and Mnangagwa is very good at that but at the same time, Mujuru has good advisors who seem to be doing a good job. Although Mujuru will not struggle to get support, she should not relax because one can always use one’s own craft to obtain power,” he said.

The stakes for Mujuru sweeping through to presidency have also become high following a constitutional provision which states that; “vacancy of the office of president must be filled by a nominee of the political party which the president represented when he or she stood for election”.



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    This Mnangagwa is not a shona man ,he is a Kalanga , therefore he was singing the song bukaranga diko kaya kwedu during the guguraunda crisis , this is his song which resulted the death of the Ndebele people , so he must go hang himself , Mujuru is the future leader for ZANU ,who will then unfortunately loose against MDC T in 2018 .

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      gabarinocheka mugabe 9 years ago

      saka mujuru ange asiri mu zanupf mazuva e gukurahundi here , khaya moio must fill in he is far better than the two of them

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    Just letdog eat dog till…

  • comment-avatar 9 years ago

    Mujuru makes sense. She is sensible and a mother. These others no no NO. I am neither MDC nor ZANU PF, but i advocate departure from radical nihilism to democracy. Mujuru seems to fare better there. No hard evidence of this, but that’s what Zimbabweans feel. Viva Sanity VIVA!!!

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    Khaya Moyo doesn’t have the qualities apart from kneeling down for Mugabe , Khaya Moyo/Joshua Nkomo , i don’t know what do you think ? Can ZANU PF support such surnames .

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    Shame 9 years ago

    @ Khabo

    What is the difference between a Shona and a Karanga? Kindly asist, I am lost when you sa Mnangagwa is not Shona but Karanga. Can you also further differentiate a Shona from a Kalanga? and a Shona from a Nambya.What of a Shona from a Korekore, or a Shona from a Zezuru.And a Shona from a Manyika. What would be the difference because it seems the language sterms are the same.Or better still just explain what a Shona is. I am confused now, and am left with this impression that Karanga is something very alien-maybe more related to the Pioneer column than Dzimbahwe. Ngibetshel’ kathesi.

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      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      A Khalanga is a Mthwakazi. A Nambya is a Mthwakazi. Evenb TshiVenda as spoken in South Africa’s Thohoyandou has some words similar to the general Shona languagee, but those who call themesleves Shona cannot understand the TshiVenda langauge. Khalanga, Nambya, Venda, Sotho, Setswana all have some words that sound Zulu/Ndebele etc. Thats jus how African languages are.

      So those who keep claiming us as Shona must understand and accept that we are not Shona and we refuse to be categorised Shona. All African languages have similarities, so stop claiming us!!

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    Shona is the core of the language.It has got dialects like Karanga, Ndau, Zezuru ,Korekore.The Kalanga are believed to be part of the Shona taken by Ndebele raids to Matebeleland and they then changed their language to align it with Ndebele.Thats why Karanga is like Shona, differences come in L instead of R.The Karanga people spread into Mozambique,Mutapa state, that’s why the Shona language stretches into Beira ,though with variations in acsent .By and large Shona ndo dzinde, mapazi oti Zezuru,Karanga ,Korekore etc.On Mnangagwa, its amystery.His father owned a farm in Zambia and he died n was buried there.I still have to meet greater part of his clan but as I speak he holds Zambian citizenship and Zimbabwean.Saka pavaiti Mawere had dual citizenship,Mawere knew his weapon,hnce they quickly rested the case

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      Tjingababili 9 years ago


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      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      Sto writing rubbish here. All African languages have similarities, stop this Shona obsession with colonising other Zimbabwean languages. Besides, how can Khalanga be like Shona when there is no language called Shona. What you call Shona is Zezuru. Go back in history and show me a language in 1900 called Shona – you wont find any.

      Shona as a language does not exist, but chiZezuru does. White Missionaries imposed Zezuru on the Manyika, the Karanga and others and called it Shona, as a way of uniting these languages that sounded similar.

      In Mthwakazi, they mere grouped everyone under Ndebele. This made it easier for them to deal with the whole African population from a colonial and religious point of view.

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    Mthwakazi 9 years ago

    Wasting time indeed, there is no take over that will take place any time soon. The gukurahundi is here to stay and he aint going nowhere.

    He will not resign and will again stand in the 2018 elections. Those vying for his position in ZANU PF are wasting their time. The only way ZANU PF can deal with this problem is to confront it head on – confront the gukurahundi and stop pussyfooting!!