Mujuru’s children neglected in UK

via Mujuru’s children neglected in UK – Southern Eye by John Nyashanu

GUARDIANS of two children fathered by the late retired army general Solomon Mujuru with a Harare woman, have claimed that the delay in distributing his estate has left them struggling to provide for themselves.

Mujuru died in a mysterious inferno at his farm in Beatrice in 2010, but his estate believed to be worth millions of dollars, is yet to be distributed  because of alleged infighting in the family.

Christian Mahachi, brother to the children’s mother Simbiso Chisirimunhu, who died in 2011, yesterday told our sister paper NewsDay that no assistance had been give to Mujuru’s children born out of wedlock since the Zanu PF politburo member’s death.

Mujuru and Chisirimunhu had two children, Tawanda Ruzambu Mujuru (19) and Tsitsi Mujuru (20).

Tawanda, who shared his middle name with his late father, is at Leicester College in the UK where he is studying Advanced Level while Tsitsi is reading mass communication at Surrey University.

“These children are still in school and they naturally need to be taken care of,” Mahachi said.

“Support for them stopped immediately after their father’s death and we are using our own meagre resources to ensure they go to school.

“This is very unfortunate for children of someone like General Mujuru,” Mahachi said.

He said efforts to engage his widow Vice-President Joice Mujuru for assistance had hit a brickwall.

“I have pursued all avenues possible to talk to her but without success.  When I went to her office just after my sister’s death in 2011, I was referred to the family lawyer Thakor Kewada who in turn referred me to the VP’s eldest daughter Kumbirai,” he added.

“At first Kumbirai appeared co-operative, but later went unreachable as she changed her mobile number.”

The late retired general’s elder brother Joel refused to shed light on the latest position regarding Mujuru’s estate and invited NewsDay to his farm in Goromonzi.

“I suggest you come down here so that we can talk about this issue,” he said.

The family lawyer Kewada also refused to give details.

“At the moment I cannot say much on this case as I am still waiting for the will to be brought to me so that we can start the process,” he said.

Minister of State in the VP’s office Sylvester Nguni was not reachable on his mobile phone, as were Mujuru’s eldest children Kumbirai, Nyasha and Chipo.

Mujuru was Zimbabwe’s most decorated army chief and widely perceived to be the kingmaker in Zanu PF’s intricate succession battles.

Mujuru, who made his wealth using his vast political networks, had interests in sectors like agriculture, stock and money markets, construction and mining, among others.



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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    kanyembwele 8 years ago

    is ther proof of th allegations

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    Jrr56 8 years ago

    Maybe they should study in Zimbabwe

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    Liberator 8 years ago

    This story is not even worth writing. There are a lot of poor Zimbabwean children without food and clothes.

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    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    What nonses is this , what is so special about the two kids , don’t you know that we are more concerned about the really Zimbabwean kids , your kids are now Britains , swallows your personal agendas , don’t we have schools in our own country .

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    MANDELA jnr 8 years ago

    go back to harare (sunshine city)..Kwaaaaa

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    Torai hupfumi 8 years ago

    Who is neglecting, who is suppose to look after them, during the time of their father s’ death where were they. Did they ever stayed together with other children, who sent them to UK is it the father after talking to amai mujuru or not.

    However they should learn to wait rather than rushing to papers and be published. If they get help will they go to papers and publish the story. Sekuru should try and be SEKURU not a babby. Rushing to papers and lawyers will not help but worsen the relationship of these children with thier relatives.

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      Rex Nhongo 8 years ago

      ‘SEKURU’ wants to chop the money ! l knew Simbiso Personally, she was very independent & didn’t rely on VaNHONGO’s dish outs ! So please please Mai Nhongo don’t pay attention to this ! Its matsotsi who want to reap where they didn’t sow !

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    Zimbo 8 years ago

    4 Words…. Go get a JOB!!!! Lots of students all over the world put themselves through university by have 1 maybe 2 jobs. These 2 were living on stolen money… Justice will be served. Why not come home and study at our “fantastic” universities and colleges? They used to be the best in Africa, until Mad Bob and his Chefs (your dad being one of them), decided to rape this beautiful country and steal all the wealth…. I hope you get kicked out of the UK!!!!

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    Rex Nhongo 8 years ago

    SIMBISO WAS A BRITISH CITIZEN ! I KNEW HER VERY WELL & SHE WAS ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF HERSELF WITHOUT ‘VaNHONGO’s Assistance’ ! Her children a WELL ENTITLED TO BRITISH GOVERNMENT BENEFITS & STUDENT LOANS ! Leave Mai Nhongo who worked hard both personally & for the freedom of this country to enjoy what she sowed ! CHENGERAI !

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    Mr Mahachi; I do hope that you read this. Your story is similar to the very sad story of the relationship that exists between the Mandela Foundation and some of the late Mandela’s children.

    I think it is a very bad idea for you to try to engage with: the estate of the deceased, lawyers, the media or other children of the deceased. They are very unlikely to help you.

    Rather, you need to be talking to responsible relatives of the deceased and to maiguru vevana.

    They will help you if they want to. if they are not interested, you will quickly know.

    Should the relatives of the deceased disown these children, and may God forbid, it is not the end of the world. It happens all the time. You will manage to brilliantly carry on with life as you have done since the day on which the responsible father died.

    May the Lord continue to bless you, Tawanda and Tsitsi, now and always.

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    He was avery very evil man. Deserved to suffer in fire. His illgotten wealth soon to be returned to the povo