Mutambara goes into hibernation

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mutambara goes into hibernation 06 November 2013

Former deputy PM Arthur Mutambara has declined to state his next move following the expiry of the government of national unity.

The former deputy premier also declined to comment on progress of his University of Zimbabwe (UZ) project.

The professor of robotics launched an ambitious $70 million UZ fund-raising project last year to help rejuvenate the university.

Mutambara was widely tipped to be appointed a minister by President Mugabe, after the former premier became a constant feature at Zanu-PF functions which were snubbed by opposition leaders.

Following his snubbing by Mugabe, Mutambara has gone into hibernation.



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    Africanson 9 years ago

    Professor accepting an invitation to join politics was a bad move. Politicians are liars and chancers. Look now, you have tainted your good standing. Please don’t go back there again.

  • comment-avatar
    mutakura 9 years ago

    Poor mutambara! Very naive and stupid

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Go back to the world of POWER points!

  • comment-avatar
    OSCAR 9 years ago

    We knew where you came from Professor, you and the rest of the motley crew which made up the now defunct MDC M/N. You were MBEKI’s boys! You were created to split the opposition which you did succesfully. However, we the people saw through you and the rest of your hangers on and that is why you never had and will never have any meaningful support. When Welshman kicked you out, you tried to flip flop to MUGABE, he just pulled you along by the nose and has now dumped you. Go back to you friend MBEKI maybe he will look after you. Maybe people should ask why you left Standard Bank in South Africa, I hear there were dark clouds on the horizon, the answer to that question will no doubt show the type of character you are.

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    Liberator 9 years ago

    Those are the results of political prostitution. Let it be a lesson to all other to be political hallots. Mutambara was used by Mbeki to destroyed MDC using the tribal weapon. Him and a bunch of his croonies form the splinter MDC to divide the votes. Mutambara is just an over zelous, naïve political stoogie who was being controlled by Mugabe. He was used by Mugabe and after Mugabe was done with him, he flushed him like a used condom. Go hang Mutambara you are a sellout who sold the freedom of Zimbabweans to Mugabe.

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    Jrr56 9 years ago

    Mutambara unfortunately thinks more of himself than he is. He danced from Rocket Scientist (dumped) to banker (left under a cloud) to politician (Naïve would be the kindest). He will probably join Zanu, they would like his bombastic attitude.

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    mbuzemnyama 9 years ago

    Mutambara is a brilliant scholar, but also a political moron. Shame two extremes joined at the centre by one person, almost surreal

  • comment-avatar
    B. Mboroma 9 years ago

    People of Zim, we must be mature when we make comments. AGO is no doubt on Zim’s greatest sons, who if we give him a chance he can contribute to the sustainable development of our country.

  • comment-avatar
    Wekari 9 years ago

    Ignore them prof, they are equally naive. The only person who is not naive is the president.

    • comment-avatar
      Chamutengure 9 years ago

      Professor is going to surface with a big bang. Shame on you detractors

      • comment-avatar

        Everyone has a right to an opinion. Prof Mutambara is obviously an astute scholar and much less so as a politician, so say his detractors.
        One hopes he would find his feet again in some national capacity in the not too distant future. I recall him being reported to have chaired some cabinet task force, commissioned to monitor ministerial performance. By all accounts he seemed to have performed well, or did he? Time will tell if he made a telling impression on the powers that be. Then again does that matter when liberation struggle credentials seem to be the order of the day ?

  • comment-avatar
    tinofiranyika 9 years ago

    excuse me His sympathizers open yo eyes n see, this gvnmnt is made up of academic misfortunes who are ther to enjoy the cucusses i shudder to think why the learned cant just embark on doing bzns like what mr strive z doing than to scramble fo dirty bzns. we ‘re waiting to see him reiterating either by having his own party or else but i think he z chasing the nightmares insteady no wonder why our continent z staggering

  • comment-avatar
    Pokoyo Gono 9 years ago

    Mtambara,sympathetic words fro m your patriotic followers will not help you,the plain truth is you are greedy,selfish and strive to get personal glory,money and everything that comes your way – all at the expense of the long suffering Zimbos.Learned as you are,you are not connected with national issues of concern.Now you have lost the game of gambling.You hop from one party to another and in desparation you are clinging to the enemy wagon.Are you a saviour or some other….Chipiwa munda undorima coffee kumakomo pedyo nokumusha uwane anokunyaradza.

  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 9 years ago

    Leave us to finish off the CSSHONAH TRIBALIST Tswangirayi. On that score, we will never rest until the job is done!!

    • comment-avatar
      Tendai Sangi 9 years ago

      Long live Tsvangirai, destined to be the republics real 2nd President after Jongwe (we don’t count the banana presidency )… We hope you will be a Chissano and lead Zim into prosperity, and not a Chiluba!