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‘Mutasa ill’ – Mnangagwa

via ‘Mutasa ill’ – Mnangagwa | The Zimbabwe Mail 28 February 2014

Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa is ill, Leader of Government business in Parliament Minister Emerson Mnangagwa has said.

The Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister disclosed this during a question and answer session in the National Assembly on Wednesday after MDC-T Chief Whip Mr Innocent Gonese complained that there were issues Minister Mutasa had not responded to on the Order Paper since December 2013.

“The Honourable Minister of State for Presidential Affairs is indisposed and the need to answer questions here is a matter uppermost in his mind when he becomes well,” said Minister Mnangagwa.

“For now, I would wish that the honourable member (Mr Gonese) sympathises with a colleague who is indisposed.”
Mr Gonese – who is Mutare Central MP – asked Minister Mutasa on December 4, 2013 to outline to Parliament the annual budget of the Presidential Scholarship Fund and if the money could not be used to upgrade infrastructure at local universities in order to arrest capital outflows.

He also wanted the minister to explain why the fund was administered outside the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, and to disclose the names of beneficiaries since inception.

Mutasa South MP Cde Irene Zindi (Zanu-PF) on February 5, 2014 asked Minister Mutasa to avail to the National Assembly salaries, allowances and fees paid to the top management, board of directors and chief executives of  parastatals.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Mr Killian Mpingo risks being charged with contempt of Parliament for failing to attend a hearing where he was supposed to brief legislators on pertinent issues falling under his  brief.

Mr Mpingo failed to appear before the Senate Thematic Committee on Peace and Security yesterday and instead sent Civil Protection Unit director Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira, thereby angering committee members.

Committee chairperson Senator Damien Mumvuri (Zanu-PF) sent Mr Pawadzyira back, saying they wanted an accounting  officer.
“We might take this as a contempt of Parliament because we had specifically written to him. The issues we raised fall within his purview.

Mr Pawadyira was unable to respond to some of the issues when we invited him two weeks ago hence the decision to invite the accounting officer,” said Sen Mumvuri.

Issues the committee wanted Mr Mpingo to answer included the Harare City Council senior managers salary saga and the situation at Tokwe-Mukosi Dam where thousands of people were displaced by floods.

Council managers are awarding themselves hefty salaries while service delivery deteriorates. The committee also wanted to be briefed on how Government was dealing with families from the Tokwe-Mukosi area who received compensation for relocation to pave way for construction of the dam, but did not do so until they were forced to by flooding.

“It is quite a sizeable number of families who received compensation but did not leave, so we wanted an explanation on all these issues,” said Sen Mumvuri.

Mr Pawadyira said Mr Mpingo was attending another meeting.


  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 4 years

    Poor Didums. Will he be missed?

  • comment-avatar
    LUCY 4 years

    Does Epidydimis Mutasa not have a deputy? So this camp is closed till he gets well? Is this a joke?

  • comment-avatar

    there is no need for the ministry, the minister even of the party zanu. they have demonstrated that they are monumental failures!!!

  • comment-avatar
    senzachena 4 years

    If Mutasa is ill, which I doubt. I surely hope he is suffering great pain and I wish him a slow and agonising death (Not too slow). Then there will be one less piece of trash to worry about.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde Hondo 4 years

    Mutasa ill! I know this dude from way back during our time together during the liberation struggle. This is the man who talks so arrogantly about others as if he’ll go to hell on foot. He feels like he will never test death.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 4 years

    Lies ,lies and more lies.

  • comment-avatar
    Mena Bona 4 years

    Lies are the modus operandi of ZANU PF. They have been perfecting the art of sprouting lies for the last thirty three years.

  • comment-avatar

    Who are you to ask me questions? Today I’m sick and tomorrow I having my hair done. Zimbabweans can go to hell, they work for me said the king and his deputies.

  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 4 years

    Any misfortune that befalls a gukurahundi like Mutasa pleases my heart immensely!!!

  • comment-avatar
    RR 4 years

    Bye Bye Mutasa. Just a waste of the tax payers money.

  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 4 years

    Don’t wait just bury him in heros acre let him walk there to save the cost of a state funeral

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 4 years

    The zanu pf way no deputies even if one is there they not allowed to say anything in case beans are spilled

  • comment-avatar
    adam jones 4 years

    another one bites the dust soon

  • comment-avatar

    mutasa akuitei vanhu imi munongotuka wese wese chiiko ichocho haana kana problem munhu iyeye mutasa uyu muregereyi

  • comment-avatar
    Allen 4 years

    Give this man a whiff of diesel and he will be just fine.

  • comment-avatar
    kiddnile 4 years

    It’s naive to expect an answer from Didmus – the guy never had &will never have any brains- the state of any country is a true reflection of it’s leadership

  • comment-avatar
    ike 4 years

    Wish him well!

  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 4 years

    I await the death of this gukurahundi with bated breath!

  • comment-avatar
    vukani madoda 4 years

    I bet he was dancing to Kofi’s rhumba at Bona’s wedding.What a load of rubbish.This is basically an arrogant old man and one wonders why Mnanangagwa is trying to appease him seeing he belongs to the Mujuru faction anywhere-is he trying hoodwink people that he is a statesman-then the word statesman would surely be up for re-definition!

  • comment-avatar
    Tongoona 4 years

    Ike, I concur. I wish him well too. Whether ill or well it doesn’t make any difference. He must live to see the humiliating defeat of Zpf in 2018.