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via Mutasa speaks on elections, sucession talk | The Herald December 3, 2013 by Lloyd Gumbo  

PRESIDENT Mugabe is constitutionally free to represent Zanu-PF at the 2018 national elections as he has just started serving his first term under the new Constitution, as such any talk of succession is premature, Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration, Cde Didymus Mutasa, has said.

He dismissed assertions in the private media that the just-ended provincial elections were about who would succeed President Mugabe.

Alpha Media Holdings and Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe titles have been awash with screaming headlines claiming the routine provincial polls were a contest between Zanu-PF Second Secretary and Vice President Cde Joice Mujuru and Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Emerson Mnangagwa.

“The thing to note is that Baba (President Mugabe) was elected for his first term under the new Constitution at the July 31 harmonised elections and the Constitution allows him to go for the second term,” Cde Mutasa said.

“How can you succeed someone who has just started serving his first term? We conduct provincial elections after every four years and then in the fifth year, we have Congress to elect the national leadership.

“The provincial elections are a constitutional requirement and not about succession as claimed by those papers. Tell those people who say the elections were about succession that Cde Mutasa says; ‘let not your imaginations be so wild’.

“The other problem is the public Press is not speaking about succession, yet Baba (President Mugabe) said it himself that speak about it. But it becomes a problem when you start saying he must be succeeded now when he has just started, ” he said.

On November 29, The Daily News led with a story titled; “Dog eat dog in Zanu-PF” and the following day, the same stable had a headline: “Mujuru to wipe out Mnangagwa”.

Yesterday, the same paper led with a story headlined; “Mujuru mauls Mnangagwa”.

NewsDay quipped with “Whitewash victory for VP Mujuru”.

Cde Mutasa said President Mugabe would be fit to stand for re-election at the 2018 national elections.

President Mugabe will be 94 years old in 2018 and the same sections of the Press have been claiming that he would be too old to govern.

But Cde Mutasa dismissed the claims.

“Does the Press determine his strength? Is it the Press that has taken him this far? If you read in the Bible, there are some people who went beyond 100 years but still ruled. Why can’t it be repeated?” he said.

On alleged factionalism in the party, Cde Mutasa said it was a creation of the media.

“If you ask both Amai Mujuru and Cde Mnangagwa, I doubt they will tell you, they lead factions. However, in any political organisation, you can never do away with factionalism because by definition, factionalism is a small group within a group. But they are not factions as it appears in the private Press.

“We in Zanu-PF, we don’t hide our things, if there was factionalism and there was need to succeed President Mugabe, we would be talking about it,” he said.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo concurred, saying his ministry did no subscribe to emotive notions that sought to polarise the media in particular and opinion in general by dividing it between public and private media.

“What we have in the country is one mainstream media with different owners and different editorial dispositions united by a common nationality and professional background,” he said.

“With this in mind, it is indeed true that some sections of the mainstream media have been reporting the Zanu-PF provincial elections as succession elections. It would be wrong to blame those sections of the media that are doing this because they are reporting what they are being told by some of our own comrades who have for reasons known only to them taken these elections in succession terms and who have been privately and even publicly celebrating or mourning the results on grounds that their succession candidate has either won or lost as the case maybe.

“I, therefore, don’t think anything will be gained by blaming or
attacking the media as that will be no better than attacking the messenger when the better thing to do is to listen to the message even if it is unpalatable or plain wrong. The media is doing its job by honestly reporting what it is being told.  After everything has been said and done those comrades who have taken the provincial elections as succession elections and who are either celebrating or mourning the results in those terms are frankly in contempt of the party its constitution, its ideology and they are being disrespectful of President Mugabe and Zanu PF members as well as the majority of the Zimbabwean electorate that elected him only four months ago with an unprecedented majority.

“Having succession elections only after four months of the President’s election is in bad taste and is neither in the party’s interest nor in the national interest. And so people can say whatever they want and celebrate as much as they want but the bottom line which will be recorded by history is that what they are doing is wrong and will be ultimately rejected by the people who are 100 per cent behind President Mugabe and the party,” he said.

Zanu-PF provincial elections were concluded countrywide over the weekend ahead of the party’s 14th Annual National Peoples Conference scheduled for Chinhoyi mid next month.


  • comment-avatar
    ZimJim 10 years ago

    Yay! Its STILL “All down-hill”… To oblivion!

    I wonder how many of his 1980 voters will still be alive in 2018…

    THAT is something to think about, Bob & Mutasa… 😉

  • comment-avatar
    zim4u 10 years ago

    Kusanyara kutaura zvisina basa muridhodhi mutasa newewo brain dzako is too old bob shld be tired by now kugara achingorara pese pese all the time manje muchanyara one day

  • comment-avatar
    lawyer 10 years ago

    The comments from the minister are correct.
    journalists need to decide whether they are activists or journalists – they cant be both and then claim journalistic privilege.
    The public are tired of their rhetoric its time to get tough throw a few in jail – its the only way to achieve media ethics and protect the general public.
    Of course the journalists think in error they represent the public – they don’t need an election they just say because we are that superior race called journalists we can say what we like and are above the law because its our valued opinion.
    please jail a few to give the public a rest from this arrogance.

  • comment-avatar

    This guy called Mugabe BABA…don’t make me laugh Mr Minister. I don’t get the sence of a Minister suggesting that someone who will be almost a hundred years old can stand elections to contest as the president of a country. Healthy wise, mental condition,etc

    • comment-avatar
      lawyer 10 years ago

      Our president illustrates he can outclass you in spite of his age, never assume IQ is dependent on age – just look at you.

  • comment-avatar
    kiddnile 10 years ago

    There goes dwarf thief

  • comment-avatar
    Sibangilizwe Lethube 10 years ago

    This is directed to narrow minded so called lawyer. When is a journalist is called an activist? Is it when they report against zanu pf and mugabe. Your thinking is so dumb, how can you say mutasa is right when he says mugabe will stand for elections in 2018. At this present moment I would like to enroll you for a maths lesson so that you can be able to count mugabe ‘s years. The other thing is I will buy you a dictionary so that you can look for the meaning of journalist.

    • comment-avatar
      lawyer 10 years ago

      Sibangilizwe Lethube – I cant help it if you don’t regard yourself as an activist its a matter of education.
      Perhaps an English lesson would be appropriate for you.
      IF your entire conversation is political or anti one individual/orgsanisation then you are an activist.
      You cannot claim to be apolitical or unbiased – the ideal role of a journalist.
      If you support one side to the exclusion of reason, then common sense tells you sre not the person to give unbiased opinion and not in a position to be a journalist in the public domain.
      It were better that you simply say im an activist promoting propaganda.
      It actually has nothing at all to do with maths which is why its difficult for you to understand – you need a course in English or some language before you write.
      Youn are an activist because you cannot resist writing rubbish about age and politics – you believe there should be age restrictions on everything, however, modern society differs with you as once you are an adult you remain so. When you get there you will understand.

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    Lawyer must be one of the “half baked” from zim colleges in intellegence and definitely an “overcooked” zanoid… !!

    • comment-avatar
      adalandoinda 10 years ago

      NOTE FOR LAWYER.the comment by HON.MUTASA on the public press and its dissemination of the succession issue? do you agree with this position as it seems contradictory?
      The public press should stimulate debate about a position that is “apparently not vacant”.If the party has laid down rules and procedures for succession why the debate?
      Should the President run for a further term or retire gracefully handing the baton to his successor firmly not fumbling / dillydallying as the case currently stands?
      ZIMBABWE requires action NOW. This will cascade downwards in the party, government and investor sentiment(foreign and diaspora.)

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    VaMutsa vachiti tasaa nepfungwa dzese. Bvuma, bvumaiwe.