Mutharika sworn in as new Malawi president

via Mutharika sworn in as new Malawi president 31/05/2014 by AFP

PETER Mutharika was sworn in on Saturday as Malawi’s new president after his arch-rival and predecessor Joyce Banda congratulated him and urged the country to move on from the disputed vote.

Mutharika, the brother of president Bingu wa Mutharika who died in office in 2012, appealed to the 11 other presidential candidates to “join me in rebuilding the country” after some – including Banda – contested the results.

Joining Vice President Saulos Chilima in taking the oath of office before a chief justice, Mutharika said he felt “very humbled” to stand as the fifth president of the southern African country.

“It’s obvious we are facing serious problems in this country. All of us together, let us build the country which is almost on the verge of collapse,” Mutharika said in his first speech since being declared president late on Friday.

Banda concedes defeat

Conceding defeat earlier on Saturday, Banda congratulated Mutharika for his “victory in a closely contested election,” according to a statement.

The results of the 20 May vote were announced on Friday minutes after the high court refused a last-ditch attempt to block their release and allow time for a recount.

The electoral commission said Mutharika took 36.4% of the votes cast against Banda’s 20.2%, with the commission chief Maxon Mbendera declaring Mutharika “president-elect”.

The results showed Banda beaten into third place by Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), who garnered 27.8%.
Party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila told AFP the MCP would challenge the results in court.

Banda, who became the country’s first female president in 2012, had sought to have the polls declared “null and void” on the grounds of “serious irregularities”.

But she made no mention of fraud as she issued a statement conceding defeat and urging the country to throw its weight behind Mutharika.

She said she wanted “to urge all Malawians to support the newly elected President Professor Mutharika and his Government as they take on this foundation of progress and endeavour to develop Malawi even further.”

Banda described the elections as “tense,” citing “isolated incidences of disturbances.” One person was killed when police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters demanding a recount in the southeastern town of Mangochi.

But she added that Malawians should move forward “as one nation, to remain united, to uphold the rule of law, and continue being peaceful and calm as we head into the next fifty years of Malawi’s future.”

Immunity from prosecution
Mutharika takes the reins of the country under the shadow of a treason charge.

The 74-year-old is accused of attempting to conceal his brother’s death in office two years ago in an attempt to prevent Banda – then vice-president – from assuming power.

Banda prevailed and took office as decreed by the constitution, booting the former foreign minister out of the administration.

Mutharika, a law professor and former cabinet minister, faces additional counts of inciting a mutiny and conspiracy to commit a felony, along with other officials.

The trial is still pending, but analysts say it is likely the case will be set aside as Malawi’s presidents enjoy immunity from prosecution as long as they are in office.

There is speculation that once Mutharika is in power he could turn the tables on Banda and have her charged with corruption over a $30m graft scandal dubbed “Cashgate”.

Banda has claimed credit for uncovering the fraud, which saw aid money siphoned into top government officials’ pockets. But critics, including Mutharika, say the funds went into her party’s election war-chest.



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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Beware. This idiot is a mugarbage clone. The aged despot rgm will waste more taxpayers funds to attend lavish ‘ celebrations ‘ in Malawi whose people are almost as poor as zimbos. Shame on you kleptomaniacal turds

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Bad to worse on and on. Who still believes that country can govern itself?

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    Sudden about-turn by Banda – smells of a deal. Probably a promise by Mutharika not to pursue corruption charges against her in return for her setting aside the rigging accusations and call for a re-count. As for Banda, so much for her dancing with ZANU PF and Nikuv. She probably fell into a sting operation.

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    Poor Malawi…. the poor are only going to get poorer!

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    fart happened to 2 month re cnt.

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    and no in neighbouring Zambia Bobs friend Michael Sata is ill. the report says he is due to be hospitalised abroad in a UK hospital. hre agin they never use the local hospitals! it further says that it could be the indifferences he is having with his wife who is rumoured to have ordered her aides to stay in Switzerland while she flew to the UK citing infidelity!