My life is in danger – Kereke

via My life is in danger — Kereke – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  14 JANUARY 2014

Munyaradzi Kereke, the Bikita West legislator, has sensationally claimed that people claiming to have been sent by Vice President Joice Mujuru and former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono tried to kill him.

The maverick businessman also claims Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) director-general Happyton Bonyongwe had hatched a plot to harm him.

The controversial  lawmaker also claims that Mujuru secretly held meetings with chiefs from Bikita and top Zanu PF officials just before the July 31 harmonised elections to scuttle his bid for Bikita West.

In a letter dated December 2, 2013 addressed to Mujuru, Kereke claims that gun-toting men threatened him and “uttered suggestive words allegedly purporting that these men were acting on the instructions of  Gono and yourself (Mujuru).”

“I am highlighting this to you so that you may be alert in case those thugs are abusing your name to tarnish your image,” Kereke said in the letter.

He alleged Mujuru convened a “kangaroo court” in order to scuttle his plans to stand as Zanu PF candidate during the July general elections.

Yesterday, Kereke told the Daily News that he could comment on the matter because it was subjudice.

Kereke claims that Mujuru met with Zanu PF heavyweights Simon Khaya Moyo and political commissar Webster Shamu together with chiefs from Bikita in order to discredit him ahead of elections.

Kereke claims to have stepped on the toes of political “gods” in government, who include Bonyongwe, the head of the country’s secret service.

In the letter, which is copied to President Robert Mugabe and police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri, Kereke claims when he reported Gono for allegedly selling state secrets to “hostile governments,”
Bonyongwe turned the tables on him.

“Instead (of investigating), Bonyongwe started to deploy his team on me, almost hunting me down, culminating in the direct declarations by the provincial intelligence officer for Masvingo, Ms Zindi and district intelligence officer for Bikita, Ms Huni, who both openly declared that ‘our superiors have said Kereke must be diffused.’

“General Bonyongwe is seeking to cripple me so that Dr Gono’s matters are not prosecuted as he fears this might cripple him,” Kereke said.

The Gono-Kereke legal feud has taken a nasty turn, bringing into the public a riveting political drama playing at the courts and threatening the very fabric of the state in general.

Kereke claims that Gono provided Bonyongwe “with millions of dollars from State funds at the Reserve Bank via a commercial bank through a company called Brinsky Investments (private) Limited for his own use.”
Gono denies the allegations and has sued Kereke for defamation.

Kereke claims Bonyongwe was in on the plot.

“I wrote to Bonyongwe several times and he ignored me, only responding through passing back to Gono and launching surreptitious and overt operations on me,” Kereke said in the letter.

“Zimbabwe was not liberated for fellow countrymen and women to torment each other through abuse of the machinery of the State.”

In the letter, Kereke tries to explain to Mujuru the doctrine of separation of powers and for good measure advises the vice president on the attributes of a good leader.

“Hon vice President, when we, the people you lead and govern feel that executive powers vested in our leaders have been turned into cannons of fire on the people, we feel very unsafe and constitutionally violated,” writes Kereke.

He warns Mujuru, widely seen as the frontrunner to succeed Mugabe, that acting against the people, “is politically ruinous to one’s ambitions.”

Efforts to obtain comment from the VP were futile yesterday.



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    Sonofngwazi 10 years ago


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    Stingray 10 years ago

    He who wrestles with a gorilla must be sure to have a dusty back so wrote some African writer whose name i cannot remember

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    …’Efforts to obtain comment from the VP were futile yesterday.’

    My guess is you did not go anywhere near this Woman’s offices for a comment. Be honest. Hand on heart did you?

    I thought as much!!

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    Rukweza 10 years ago

    Ugeza ngothuvi ukereke people who are advising him they are fooling him instead he should make sure his policy eye nyaradzo has matured

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    Dambudzo 10 years ago

    Vana Kereke chero ku ZUNDE hapana anoda kunzwa nezvenyu!!!!

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    mark longhurst 10 years ago

    u lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, and those znoids are full of them kereke, no pity for, u , u tried to steal and butter your bread before your constituants,also I don’t think Mujuru makes threats, ‘spillblood ‘ is a killer ,why are you still alive

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    Swagger Muchando 10 years ago

    Kereke if u don’t know let me tell you this “Zimbabwe is for zanu pf corrupt marons” they are making millions of dollars even though the country is in financial problems.
    Kereke you can’t stop these people if you carry on with this, the CIO will get your ass beat up, stabbed up an shot up.l don’t think you like your ass lame.

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    Garikayi Pasipanodya 10 years ago

    Bye Kereke R.I.P

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    mucha 10 years ago

    Kereke, don’t tell us your self-inflicted problem. You are a careless characters who dances with a lion and kissing the devil. Are you ZANU PF, MDC-T, independent or what? Everybody hates you, Gono, Mai Mujuru, MDC, CIO and maybe even members of your constituency.

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    Manyongori 10 years ago

    Aizve nhai Dr Kereke,manga musingazivi kuti ndiko kubasa kwezanu ikoko?Zanu pf has been abusing state resources against the people since 1980-Drs Nkomo,Dabengwa,General Masuku.Captain Nleya and many many more.So what’s so special about you zvokuti vanokurega kana vakuda?When you sup with the devil you must sure use a long spoon sir.This is the system we are fighting-impunity,unaccountability,corruption and all the evil vices in your party but when we do that we are called unpatriotic.Nhasi zviri kwenyu hino mochema nesu?Pedzeranai moga ikoko coz we couldn’t care less who survives or who bites the dust as this is the culture you are fighting so hard to protect!Hezvoko ndagumira pano ini wezhira!

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    Yes well!!! When a person sups with the devil you eventually get speared on his fork. May the Lord of justice and truth shine His light into all the dark corners of Zimbabwe and expose our rot for we are truly a nation of sinners and need to repent.

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    Mukanya 10 years ago

    When you play with mud KEREKE expect to be soiled as well!!

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    Mafirakureva 10 years ago

    Kereke, know this truth – that a snake charmer usually finally ends up dead of snake poison! You have been charming snakes (the regime) for a long time and that surely will be your demise – one way or another! What is also annoying about your shrill noising is that you expect sympathy from the citizens of whom you did not care a hoot when you were on the gravy train!

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    Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Those who cannot be counseled will not be helped Mr Kereke.Your party runs on those principles, therefore we are very happy when you eat one another, with us the oppressed as cheering spectators.

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    Kwedu kuna Zvobgo. 10 years ago

    Expose the evil wezhira. Don’t be silenced like dzi(ka)mai. Never give up, soldier. Your courage inspires. Ivo gwavo runovuya. Usavhunduka, the truth shall set us free!

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    Havanyani 10 years ago

    Looks like the poor guy has no sympathizers at all. I wonder what those who voted for him were voting against.

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    Zanu chiwororo!!

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    Rwendo 10 years ago

    Kereke na Gono. Sounds as nasty and vindictive as a divorce.

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    CONRAD 10 years ago

    Kereke. Tipevo shoma yawakapihwa. Ihondo yemarika iyi. Tipeiwo tidge. Murikunetsana nekuwanda kwemari?

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    Kereke you should be an elder in the church not standing as an independent. I don’t know if this applies to you comrade: ” don’t be deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever a man soweth the same he will reap” Gal 6 v 7. Still elder Kereke repent and be converted for there is life eternal after the bonyongwes of this present world. What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul. When looking for brethren to worship with look for those whose sole authority is the bible and bible alone. Avoid charlatans. Consider this seriously my fellow brother.