NCA transforms into a political party

via NCA transforms into a political party | The Zimbabwean by Edgar Gweshe 28.09.13

The National Constitutional Assembly today unanimously agreed to transform into a political party as a way of intensifying its push for a people driven constitution in Zimbabwe.

Delegates from various provinces present at the congress said the MDC-T had failed in its attempt to bring change to Zimbabwe, hence the need for the NCA to take over and deliver according to the expectations of ordinary Zimbabweans.

NCA Chairperson, Lovemore Madhuku, said the formation of the political party was part of his organisation’s transformation process.

The congress was attended by MDC-T President, Job Sikhala and his party officials as well as former MDC-T member, Emmanuel Chiroto, who recently lost in the just ended elections after he contested, in addition to independent candidate as well as members from the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

Said Madhuku: “Transformation means that we open more gates to other people.To be a political party, you would need other people. If we opt for transformation, it means we should come up with a formula to deliver,” said Madhuku.

He said his party would be willing to accept into its structures, people rallying behind their cause.

Speaking on the sidelines of the congress, Sikhala said that chances of him working together with Madhuku were very high.

“As the MDC-99, we will go through our own processes as well and see whether we can work together with the NCA but I must tell you that the chances are 99 out of 100,” said Sikhala.

Chiroto confirmed that he had joined the new political party. “There is no doubt about that. We will be working with Madhuku and that is all I have to say for now,” said Chiroto



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    Pachokwadi 11 years ago

    The problem in our beloved country is, we all power hungy. Tinoda kuva panyanga. VaMugabe vofirapo. MDC yave nemaSurname: MDC-T, MDC-N and MDC-99. Same with ZAPU-2000 and ZAPU-BULL. ZANU broke from its Parent ZANU-NDONGA and later married ZAPU and took its husbands’ surname “PF”. Who knows we might have ZANU-CHATUNGWA and ZANU-RIGGERS. 🙂

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    Cde Hondo 11 years ago

    That’s very true Pachokwadi. You have said it right. Kuda nyanga idambudziko rema Zimba. Kana kunyuka kwaita ma church chaiko, inyaya yokuda nyanga yose iyoyi . It will never get us anywhere. Everyone wants to be on position of power. Political parties are mushrooming, churches are mushrooming all because Zimbos are power hungry. No one wants to be led by another.

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    Daniel Berejena 11 years ago

    My opinion is that Madhuku is being used by Zanu PF, given his close relationship with Zanu PF towards the 2013 elections, to the extent of being part of the Zanu PF Team to the SADC Summit on Zimbabwe in June. The strategy is to ensure that MDC-T is dead and buried.

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    Thembani 11 years ago

    Confusion continues.But anything is better than MDC T.

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    Macon Pane 11 years ago

    More division. ZANUPF has a strategy of sponsoring elements to split opposition. I think Hondo is correct that the desire for power provides the bait, and Daniel is right that some so quickly take it hook, line, and sinker. I read somewhere that fish have a 3-second memory, and ZANUPF are excellent fishermen.

    Fish are Dummies..!

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    imvi dzechembere 11 years ago

    Tinoona matako pakuyambuka, political party yasiyana nepressure group.

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    mafirakureva 11 years ago

    This thing of parties causing us to suffer for a long those leaders they enjoying life and general people dying and starving

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    Tozivepi 11 years ago

    Vaparidzi vawanda. Seems Zimbos are not learned. It’s these divisions that prolonged our suffering, but more still more divisions. Someone is benefiting from this. The truth is MDC T is gonna have pH of 7 if they are not careful. I foresee most of their members crossing to NCA. But the problem with NCA squares on Madhku and Sikhala’s behaviours. These guys are like hunga type of fish. Madhuku could make a very effective leader but sometimes he plays like a CIO??? I for one don’t care who leads as long as is a Zimbo. We want peace with everybody. That’s it.

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    shumba liverpool 11 years ago

    Madhuku and Sikhala to entice dissent within main stream MDC ah hameno.

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    Zwizi 11 years ago

    Now that Madhugu has joined the game, he must not start by blaming those who in the pitch but just play the game and show us by results so that people can see why he has decided to join at this time. is it that he has seen an opening if so he is supposed to be very careful because this is not a game of demonstrations and lies, but a truth game.

    In this game, especially in Zimbabwe over the last 33 years, some have failed to tell the truth and have resorted to violence, whilst some have failed to look and listen and have resorted to crying.


    Tell you what, in Zimbabwean politics, it is only and only until the philosophy that holds one party superior than the other, is totally and finally disbanded and until the there are no longer first class and second class citizens of Zimbabwe. Until the history of war and violence is of no more significance than the freedom we fought for and until that day, the dream of lasting peace and morality will be remaining by a pleasing elusion to be persuade but never attained. ANC party has to fight lock stoke and barrel to achieve the above, not start accusing the MDCs for having failed when they where there watching as if they where looking at a movie when everything was happening..

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    Zwizi 11 years ago

    Play the game silently. There are crocodiles in the river, they are waiting and have been waiting for long for such an opportunity. You do not have to alert them, for they are stealthy, they will eat with you by day and yet at night, they do what they can not during the day. NCA, be warned, be careful they will strike you left right and centre at night a you have to take care, you have to pass the test before criticizing others.

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    Pafunge 11 years ago

    The face of effective opposition in Zimbabwe is mdct. Disembarking from the mdct train by disgruntled members and crossing over to other parties past, present or future is not a split in the mdct as long as the grassroots and generalty of ZIMBABWEANS STAY WITH THE PARTY

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    UNIT K 11 years ago

    Welcome Madhuku we wish you plenty of good luck. Maingoti MDT zvakadai zvikazodai welcome to Zimbabwean Politics isn’t it we have elections in 2018 with ZANU PF we are going to ask you on election results Maduku NCA 1 seat ZANU PF 1000 000 then you will work up and smell the coffee kuti kuti kune inenzi rigging what did you expect MDT -T to do with rigging in place kuzoti ana Welshman Ncube thats the end of the game

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    Having realised that Zimbabweans are almost satisfied with their constitution, Madhuku found his source of cheap finance closed. Thus transforming his pressure group into a political party. Manje wairasa. To show that I homely know you: @ you promised to pay fees for your brothers and sister here at home but never paid a cent @you decampained Prosper and your father campained for him, he won. You tested the feeling of the peole at Rimbi area nyaradzo? I saw almost everyone there pointing at you in anger-seller of what they said a ‘struggle’. If we are to elect you a higher position in that party i will personally quit. Enough. Thanks

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      LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe 11 years ago

      Nodi. Unenge unenyaya iwe. Tipire tindzwe….kkikiki
      Madhuku has long turned this organisation into a vehicle to meet his self aggrindising behaviour.
      Zimbabwe and its political powers that cling to power: Ndabaningi Zanu Ndonga; Joshua Nkomo Zapu; Morgan Tsvangirai MDC-T; Welshman Ncube MDC-N.