New online investor relations portal launched

via New online investor relations portal launched – The Zimbabwe Independent September 20, 2013

A Zimbabwean initiative providing comprehensive on-line, non-regulatory investor information, African Securities News (Africansens), has been launched by the country’s leading on-line investor relations company, Big Law (Pvt) Ltd.

Through its “Investor Mailing List” and its website Africansens provides breaking news, comment, multi-media data, earnings and investor presentations on a consistent and immediate basis that enables Zimbabwean and other Africa-listed companies to showcase their investor information pro-actively and competitively.

Big Law’s CEO, Rob Stangroom, said the decision to create this new portal was done to complement the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) data portal launched earlier this year.

“Until now there has been a lack of consolidation of investor relations presentations and regulatory data. We provide the opportunity for investors to view analysts presentations and regulatory data from one online resource, with inclusive and reliable investor information,” he said. is linked to, the largest existing portal of African annual reports.

Traditionally, investor relations sites have tended to provide a more mundane financial reporting ritual but there is now an international trend for top listed companies to engage in precise and timeous investor news using innovative and resource efficient methods.

Complexity of financial reporting is unavoidable in such a sophisticated business environment, but much of this is created by sheer volume of disclosure and displays information in a user-friendly way, providing informative, concise and visually appealing data, as well as utilising social media.

The easy to navigate portal allows users to search by country, as well as different economic sectors and contains both video and audio presentations of CEOs and the latest ZSE posts.

Visitors are also able to sign up for The Investor Mailing List which contains a daily news summary with links to earnings releases, investor presentations, the latest annual reports, IPOs/new capital raisings, podcasts, videos and conference calls.

An aptly titled ‘investographics’ section also displays graphic snapshots of company earnings (NMB Bank is the first) that help users easily discern pertinent financial highlights at a glance.

“The Investor Mailing List will provide a channel through which leading brokers are able to publish their buy and/or sell recommendations”, said Stangroom.

Big Law collaborated with the ZSE on the stock exchange’s data portal that provides regulatory information, and now receives 29 000 hits a month from over 160 countries.