No #mugabe, Zimbabwe more corrupt than Nigeria

via No Mugabe, Zimbabwe more corrupt than Nigeria, says Campbell | P.M. NEWS Nigeria April 20, 2014

Ambassador John Campbell, a great critic of Nigeria’s government has waded into the diplomatic spat between Nigeria and Zimbabwe, over President Robert Mugabe’s denigration of Nigeria as a corrupt country. Campbell, a blogger on the website of US Council on Foreign Relations, said contrary to the impression Mugabe created, Zimbabwe is worse than Nigeria as a corrupt nation.

Campbell relied on the Corruption Perception Index published by Transparency International to reach his conclusion. In the last edition, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe was rated 157, while Nigeria was rated 133.

Besides, the 70 year old Campbell, who was US ambassador to Nigeria between 2004 and 2007, described the controversy as needless distractions for the two countries.

Here is the full posting on his Africa In Transition Blog. It is entitled “Zimbabwe and Nigeria: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Corrupt of Them All?”

“Robert Mugabe, the poster boy for bad governance in Africa, said last month that Zimbabweans were behaving “like Nigerians” with respect to bribes and corruption. This, he implied, is not a good thing.

“The administration of Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan was apparently enraged. On April 11, the Nigerian Foreign Ministry called in the senior Zimbabwean envoy in Abuja to protest, characterizing Mugabe’s comments as “vitriolic and denigrating.” According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). The ministry’s statement continued, “not only does it not reflect the reality in our country, but to come from a sitting president of a brotherly country is most unkind and very dishonorable.”

“Transparency International’s well-regarded “Corruption Perception Index” lists Nigeria as 133 out of 175 countries, and Zimbabwe at 157. The country ranked one (Denmark and New Zealand tied) is considered the least corrupt, that listed 175 (Somalia, Afghanistan, and North Korea tied) as the most corrupt. So, Mugabe is wrong: Zimbabwe is more corrupt than Nigeria. Nigeria faces the Boko Haram insurrection in the north, ethnic and religious conflict in the Middle Belt, and the prospect of renewed insurgency in the oil patch. Zimbabwe remains an international pariah and faces unresolved succession issues.

“Nigeria may feel especially stung by Mugabe’s comments because it prides itself on the assistance it provided to southern African liberation movements in the days of apartheid in South Africa and Ian Smith’s white-ruled Rhodesia. But, perhaps it is also a useful distraction for both countries to quarrel over which is the more corrupt than to face their numerous other internal challenges.”



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Zimbabweans have been so snobbish to other Africans. In Zambia they remember all the insults we have made to them. When they see us laid so low as we are now they say we deserve what has happened and that we are worse than them. They are not lying.

    Mugabe typifies the arrogance of the Shona. He has no achievements behind him, yet he would look down on the Zambians, who have turned their country around, the Nigerians, the Jamacans, and recently the British.

    What has to happen here for reality to intrude into the mind of this destructive president of ours?

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      Ruramai 8 years ago

      John Thomas I do agree we have been snobbish and used to look down upon fellow Africans especially from Malaw, Zambia and Mozambique. We derisively laughed at the Zambian kwacha and now we don’t even have a national currency.

      Though I am not Shona, I disagree with you when you say Mugabe typifies the arrogance of the Shona. Sounds more like an anecdotal inference not born of research. Having worked in Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo and Chipinge, I came across some very arrogant Ndebeles, Karangas, Manyika and Ndau. In other words, every tribe has its fair share of the obnoxious and the arrogant. Across racial lines, the arrogance of the white people was only toned down by the tyrant Bob.

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      Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 8 years ago

      John Thomas
      You are right. The Zambians are also right except that they put every Zimbabwean in one basket.

      The problem in Zimbabwe is the Shona entity. It is the Shona people who are arroganant and have been arrogant, not only against neighbours; but also against fellow citizens. I know this from experience, since the 1980s.

      It is them who call neighbours name – “Mabrandaya; Achimwene; maNyasarande” etc, etc. Today they call Mugabe, “Malawian” why? all because he is now an embarassment to them; yet he was once upon a time their beloved son-of-the-soil in the 1970s and 1980s.

      Just google and read the “ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan”. Its a typical reflection of how Shona people view other Africans. They deserve all that has befallen them; they are worse than pigs and dogs.

      Remember the days of the Fronline States, when Zimbabwe chaired the SADC and Simba Makoni was the Executive Secretary of SADC?

      Remember the “isu Takadzidza” nonsense?

      All this, “we are the most educated in Africa…” always comes from the Shona – not from Matebeleland; not from Zim Asians; not from Zim Coloureds; not from Whites etc – just them Shonas.

      Its shame – how I so wish I was never born in that country or have never in any way been associated with that nation. Its a Shiit place and shiit keeps happening everywhere!!

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    ZIMBABWE – We pride ourselves as being top, really, on the African ladder… We feel that we have actually been advancing rather than going backwards.

    Robert Mugabe

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    obert 8 years ago

    What pepertuates corruption is that no one wants to talk about it. Its a pity that a very senior corruptee and corruptor like Mugabe thinks Nigeria is worse than Zim. But corruption must be talked about in Africa and the world. Nigeria must not be worked up about Mugabe’s statement, they should simply ask him to refer to the Transparency international report. That report is an enough answer to this demented idiot calling himself president of Zim. He is out of touch with everything in world to the point of believing that he is the best president in the world. Shame, shame , we say shame on you. Well, corruption is real in Africa and we must deal with it. No one should be angry when its mentioned that they are corrupt, this includes both zim and nigeria. To take ownership and responsibility, Africa should encourage local institutions to do what transparency international is doing. Those caught should be put in jail. May be mugabe can start by doing that as the list of offenders is publicly available.

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    Panda moyo 8 years ago

    If i met a 90 year old man in the street with a stiff gait n drooping eye n gnarled hands n he says i m corrupt,i would non even think twice about it ,i would just smile nsay grandpa.but if i see men who call themslves leaders of countries voting for a 90 yr old to lead the prestigious au n back that old man when he denigrates other organisations ,i become surprised when they get annoyed if he throws words at them.babemqakezela esona.

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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    Zanu p.f. should ululate and throw a party to celebrate their choice of a nonagenarian. They told us he was their best foot forward.

    And hey Panda Moyo you are so right. The AU, where Nigeria has considerable influence gave him the top spot. So, they too should enjoy the jabs he constantly throws around whenever he feels like it. Former president Obasanjo came to Zim and insulted us by endorsing an obviously rigged election. So there you are Africa enjoy your hero.

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      roving ambassador. 8 years ago

      The irony of it all, Mugabe payed Obassanjo for endorsement .

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    I think they deserve this treatment from a fellow African. I have one problem with African presidents they support even stupid things from stupid Africans. That’s why white people don’t take us serious .

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe is not only the most corrupt its a Shona tribalistic country which is so drunk and heavily obsessed about who came from where, of its own citizens.

    No debate about race and tribe in tyhat country goes without the “You go back to South Africa…”; or “…you go back to Europe…” rubbish being thrown around.

    Its a nation built on hate; total and absolute hatred of fellow human beings!!

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    Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 8 years ago

    This name of the country “ZIMBABWE” is one of the main causes of the tribal arrogance of the Shonas.

    This name has to be changed and the people of Zimbabwe need to fight to change it to a more inclusive name.

    I would rather we go back to the name RHODESIA, than sticking it out with this tribalistic name.

    I just dont know what had become of the old nationalists, that they agreed to such a tribalistically, one-sided name for our country.

    It is what gives the Shona people so much tibalistic arrogance!!